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Zalipie – Beautiful Village Full of Flower Paintings

Are you wondering where this beautiful village is? Well, we will tell you about it. The village’s name is Zalipie. It is a small Polish village located in the southeast of Poland, and it’s covered in flower paintings. It’s started when somebody painted a flower on their ceiling in the 1800s. The stove and bad ventilation caused a soot mark. They tried to cover it up with flower painting. Then it continued as a tradition.

Today, every house, barn, and even bridge is covered in flowers. Since 1948, every spring there is a Painted Cottage Competition or Malowana Chata. The purpose was part of a movement to help Poland psychologically recover from the atrocities that the country suffered in World War II. This year, the competition will be held on June 17 and 18.

Each house in Zalipie is painted with colorful patterns.

But, you need to know that getting these colorful flower paintings isn’t easy.

According to Atlas Obscura, the women use brushes made out of cow hair and create the paint from cooking fat and dye.

Let’s see the design of the interior.

Even these black and white paintings are beautiful.

Nothing goes unpainted in this village. The well, the bridge, the dog house, and the bucket also covered with flowers.

The flower paintings have brightened up this village.

If you’re looking for a nice place for your short holiday, then this colorful village can be the perfect place.


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