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West Coast Game Park
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West Coast Game Park – A Safari in the U.S

Bandon lies 80 miles south of Eugene and is the location of the West Coast Game Park, which is open visitors at different timings according to the season. The animals here are no less than ambassadors of their species; these include black bears, servals, ferrets, skunks, foxes, goats, and even snow leopards.

West Coast Game Park
West Coast Game Park

The best thing about this game park is that its location – continental United States. The park was created in 1968 and from its simple beginnings it has grown into an Oregon landmark. There are more than 450 animals here, some you can actually interact with. 75 exotic species are present here.

The park is a family run affair, and over the years, has become a great place for the perfect family outing. Young kids can imbibe values such as conservation of natural resources and learn more about the beautiful wildlife that shares this planet with us. Brian Tenney is in charge of the park. He inherited it from his parents Bob and Mary Tenney in 2009. The park is committed to protecting endangered species.

At the West Coast Game Park, you can not only view animals in their natural habitat but also pick up and cuddle a few. They are friendly. Feed the alpacas and raccoons. There aren’t many places that offer an opportunity like this.


Open 7 days a week!​

10:00am – 5:00pm

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