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Visit These Amazing UK places in One Week

Whether it is the rich centuries-old culture, the vibrant night life, the delicious cuisine or the artistry in London, the revitalization of Cardiff in Wales or even the inspirational and historic Edinburgh, you will never lack a reason to plan an itinerary through the three primary countries of the UK. How does an 8-day, $1400 exploratory tour sound? Expensive? Tiring? Well stay with me and you could just change your mind pretty quick.
Arriving in Heathrow terminal 5 at around midday and the whole area is bursting with life. There is a stream of humanity stretching well beyond my sight can capture. A travel van is waiting for my instructions as soon as I’m past the exit door.
My first destination for the 3-day stay is definitely the British Museum for chance to view the Rosetta stone, the ancient Anglo-Saxon treasures, and remains of the ancient Egyptian Mummies. The over 90 UK galleries with well beyond eight millions of artifacts are spread all over the 807, 000 sq. ft. genius futuristic architectural piece of work. I just can’t admire enough  the historical wealth presented right before me. Later in the night I get a chance to enjoy the animated London nightlife and the original  UK cuisine.

Day two in London and my to-do list is as full as usual. Starting from the Buckingham Palace,  I’m privileged to enjoy the pomp and color of the changing Guard ceremony. But the royal tour was only but beginning. An audio tour of the lavish and magnificent royal rooms previously meant for ceremonial events (I’m so lucky to have gone through this one) follows soon after. I would later take a view of the Westminster Abbey, the Gothic building started way back in the 13th Century by Henry II and housing the Collegiate Church of St. Peter.

Day three and the peak of my England escapades. But not without a good old big-bus tour through the streets of London  from the top of the double-Decker bus. This offers a priceless view of the River Thames, The Tower of London as well as the St Paul’s Cathedral. Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Downton Abbey and Bath finally wind up my stay in London. Roll on to Cardiff.
We head down to Cardiff via a train ride and the whole journey is simply unbelievable. Forests, waterfalls and the terrains are a sight to behold. In Cardiff there’s no time to waste. Fascinating and revitalized, the Welsh capital —as well as Wales as a whole — offered me a view of  memorable and legendary pieces of architecture that are definitely worth your time. I went from the mountains of west Wales to the horse rides along the Caswell beach in Peninsula, as well as some woodland time at Nefyn Golf Course. Later I would enjoy the sunset at Tenby beach in Pembrokeshire. I had to stay overnight here surely!

Early the next day and I set sights back to the capital. The awe-inspiring landscape  captured my imagination. The city looks so much like an 18th Century metropolis with modern updates that make it a contrasting and extraordinarily captivating view. The city is quieter compared to London, but don’t let that make you confuse it for a dormant flat-out boring city, no way; the rich historical heritage, culture as well as poetic paintings compensate perfectly for the its quiet nature and makes it just as fascinating.

The following day is well spent still visiting some of the over 600 castles across the port nation. I then book the next day’s flight to the next destination; Edinburgh.

The ever-inspiring Edinburgh will surely be the last UK destination in the marathon and physically draining past 6 days (oh, make that eight) and we have to finish it in some style. Scotland offers more fairy tale castles, abbeys, several picturesque villages, mind-bogging landscapes and fascinating worldwide recognized cities. Edinburgh is actually already considered one of the world’s most charming cities. The prospect of living in all these, even for just the three days was absolutely breathtaking.

Edinburgh Castle, Highland Lochs, Hadrian’s Wall, the Royal Yacht Britannia were among the agenda for my last day’s big bus hop-on hop-off tour through the fascinating town of Edinburgh. My time was up though and had to heed to home’s call.
This is truly a tour you just can’t miss at least once in your lifetime, trust me it is. The UK definitely derives its unity and strength from the cultural diversity and the rich historic heritage stretching from as long ago as a millennium.

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