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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Vienna

Vienna is often considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is the capital and the largest city of Austria. This historic city has been synonymous with arts and culture for many centuries. It is also a city of grand medieval architecture, dotted with stunning Baroque monuments and buildings. A trip ...
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Top 10 Best Places in Hungary

Gyor is located between Budapest and Vienna and offers beautiful old buildings. The main attraction is Gyor Old Town Area, where you can walk around and see beautiful old architechture. The other famous buildings are Pannonhalma Abbey and Benedictine Church. If you want to shop or go to restaurants, you can go to Gyor Plaza. It is ...
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Best Places to Try Beef in Chicago

A warm and friendly place, Patio Beef will make you feel full and content with their juicy Italian beef, Vienna Beef hot dogs, original gyros and thick milkshakes. Patio Beef also serves the best burgers and Italian sausages around. Looking for solid beef? Drop in to Patio Beef and taste the divine.   Edison Park - ...
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If You Are In Austria, Make Sure You Do Not Miss These Attractions

  Visiting Vienna No trip to Austria is complete without a visit to its capital — Vienna. Considered to be one of the cultural capitals of Central Europe, Vienna still stands as a symbol of aristocracy and grandeur, attracting over 4 million visitors every year. Its Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although ...
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Top 10 Family Holiday Destinations In Europe

Prater, Vienna, Austria . Prater. The Prater is an amusement park. Now, you may think that amusement parks are everywhere in the world, so what is so special about this one? Prater has some truly amazing rides which are not found anywhere else in the world. For example, it has a 117 meter flying swing! It ...
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25 Cities Viewed From Above

Vienna, Austria .   15. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil .   16. Varanasi, India .   17. Toronto, Canada .   18. Mexico City, Mexico .   19. São Paulo, Brazil . 20. Lima, Peru .   21. Buenos Aires, Argentina .   22. Jakarta, Indonesia .   23. Rome, Italy .   24. Istanbul, Turkey ...
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Romania – From Danube To Dracula!

The city has a rich legacy of music and theater, prompting the moniker Little Vienna. This major commercial center of the 18th century is today a popular tourist attraction for its beautiful architecture, year-round cultural activities, and a vibrant nightlife. Within Timisoara one can see most of the attractions on foot. The prominent attractions include Victory ...