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Untouched Oman: 10 Reasons to Visit the Ascending Sultanate

Infused with attractive stretches of long coastlines and endless deserts with beautiful riverbed oases, Oman is a serious up-and-coming destination for luxury travelers.

The history-rich country is intertwined between Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the Persian Gulf. It is well placed for your excursions into the Middle East and the eastern Mediterranean.

From some of the most astonishing architecture to the fine sand dunes and the beautiful clear-water beaches, you will not lack a choice for favorite attractions in the oldest Arabic independent state.

Furthermore, the country’s tourism ministry is planning to make tourism a major income earner. That means extensive renovations of the tourist sites and resorts to meet and exceed international standards.

Visit any of these 12 locations – or probably all of them – in  welcoming Oman between October and April and feel the incomparable charm.

1. Visit Oman’s historic Qalhat 

A UNESCO world Heritage site, Qalhat  offers sightseers views of archaeological masterpieces standing since the 15th century. It is actually the last-standing of the comprehensively traceable archaeological harbor sites in the Arabian Peninsula.

Qalhat is thereby a cultural and historical hub perfecting the concept of ancient civilization. The ruins of the once busy harbor city are still present there for anyone that wants to indulge in the 16th century history of the town.

2. The Golden domes of Muttrah

Muttrah is home to incredible sky-scraping golden domes, testament to Oman’s architectural masterclass. You most definitely must visit and feel royal at one of these exquisite sky liners, some serving as luxury restaurants.

3. Tour the historical Nizwa Fort

Built in the 1650s by Sultan Bin Saif Al Y’aribi, Nizwa Fort is a large castle in the Niwa region of Oman. The structural genius work was initially meant for a military fortification and as such had a complex layout.

A guided tour through the powerful 400-year old tower is enough sightseeing to fill a day.  Further, you get to climb up the Castle’s 30-metre long, 36-metre diameter tower and get yourself refreshing views of the outstanding Oman terrain.

4. Muscat – Oman’s Capital

A pulsing modern-day port city and the capital of Oman, Muscat is still basking in the glorious historical undertones that trace way back to antiquity.

Most importantly, it is home to glittering soaks fixed alongside magnificent mosques and other ageless landmarks.

Probably the most important of them all though is the marbled Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. By far the most popular attraction of Muscat, the prodigiously carpeted mosque with a 50 meter dome is a magnificent piece.

Especially astounding is the Mosque’s extremely humongous size – can house up to 20, 000 worshipers. One of the best pieces of Islamic architectural hand-works as yet.

5. Sharqiya Desert – Oman’s unbelievable landscape

How about a guided tour through the beautiful Wahiba’s desert setting with the sun hot on your back? This challenging yet absolutely amazing adventure is definitely worth your while. You may pitch tents to camp in the windy, sandy landscape as you enjoy the views of some of nature’s unexplainable creations.

Alternatively, you could opt for the spectacle of the sand dunes and unpredictable terrain at dawn or at dusk. A sight to behold.

6. Summer heat

Fed up with the cold winters of Europe and America ! Well then, head closer to the sun at Oman’s deserts between May and October. With temperatures rising to highs of 129 degrees Fahrenheit, be sure you aren’t wearing all your layers when you step foot in Oman.

7. Bimmah Sinkhole

If wishing to swim in crystal-clear waters, then you may consider heading down to Hawiyat Najm Park’s Bimmah Sinkhole. Hence immerse yourself into the 30-metre deep turquoise-water limestone cenote and feel the mystical pull of the world’s most beautiful sinkhole.

8. Shatti Beach – off Oman’s Coastline

Shatti Beach is only but one of the several well-kept beaches off the extensive coastline of Oman. Feel the seaside thrill as you cool off from the excruciating desert heats and get into Oman’s cultural let-loose pastimes.

9. Incense Burner Giant Monument at Riyam Park – Muscat

The giant monument in Riyam is a glorious fantasy-like gigantic model of an incense burner. That’s just one reason to visit the already popular Riyam Park in Oman. It’s such a gorgeous reason, though. A timeless wonder of the up and coming tourist destination of Oman.

10. Daymaniyat Islands – Oman

The aerial view of the pristine island is even more heart-stopping. You can moreover enjoy your diving or snorkeling delights at the astonishing Oman beach. The turquoise sea water around is absolutely splendid.



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