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Best Day Trip Destinations From Orlando

They stay and swim inside the Crystal River, which is just 90 minutes from Orlando. The tours are led by wildlife experts and it includes coming face to face with these huge marine creatures. Each of them is more than 1500 pounds in weight. The tour gives you a chance to snorkel and swim with these ...
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Top 10 Cities To Visit In Florida

As night comes, the streets of Key West get filled with open-air bars, pubs and restaurants.   Orlando . Orlando SeaWorld. Orlando is home to attractions like SeaWorld, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. Families come to see these attractions in huge numbers, especially during the holidays. However, the city can be visited all year round ...
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Ranking the 20 most Popular US tourist destinations of 2018

View the Art Institute, Millennium Park and Museum of Science and Industry in their contemporary edifices. Orlando – Florida . Orlando, Florida. Fresh from this year’s highly successful WWE showcase,WrestleMania, Orlando is still bustling from the after effects of the thrill ride. However, Orlando has already been the kingdom to all the magical adventures and spa ...
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13 Best Family Vacation Plans for Your Bucket List

Disney World – Orlando, Florida . From the magical Cinderella Castle to the park experience, Walt Disney World is a thing of childhood fantasies. And even better, it has been fantasy-land since our toddler ages and we adults won’t find it  hard fitting in – I mean who didn’t passionately follow the dreamland Cinderella stories!? Take ...
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Iconic Global Landmarks In Colored Lights

 By sheer architectural wonder or because of the tradition associated, these landmarks are major tourist destinations attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Due to their popularity, these landmarks are often used to convey messages and support towards various events, movements, and festivals. Here are the pictures of some iconic landmarks decked in colored lights.
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12 Attractions That You Just Cannot Miss In The USA

There are many restaurants, shops, as well as spas and fitness centers in the resort! Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, offers one of the most comprehensive vacation packages that one can ask for. Visit the magical place for a day, or stay overnight for a fairytale experience.   Glacier National Park . Glacier National ...