Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University
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10 Top Places to Look Out For When You Visit Connecticut  

Connecticut is a mystic northeastern US state, straddling the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. The Constitution State blends coastal vibes with the remote villages in the inner small towns. It also houses historical seaport museums filled with once-famous ships and whale exhibits. Most notable is the world-famous Yale University. While it’s one of the world’s best ...
Cassie De Pecol

Cassie De Pecol, The First Woman Who Visited Each Country on Earth

Cassie De Pecol is a female traveler from Connecticut, US. She always dreamed of traveling to as many countries as possible and making the world a better place. To pursue her dream, she started to plan her trip around the world. Her goal was to become the first woman who traveled to all 193 sovereign countries, plus ...
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The Best Beer From Each of the 50 US States Revealed

in the latest listing. Whether it is the Firestone Walker’s XX Anniversary Ale of California or Colorado’s Nightmare on Brett, here are the best brew products you need to look out for in your state. Connecticut . Liberator. Connecticut’s Thomas Hooker Brewery at Bloomfield produces the richly done Liberator. It’s key highlight flavors include caramel as ...
National Museum of the United States Air Force
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Top Tourist Attractions of Ohio

The park opened in 1870, making it the 2nd-oldest amusement park in the US, behind Lake Compounce in Connecticut. Cedar Point has a record 71 rides, which includes 16 roller coasters, earning it the nickname Roller Coaster Capital of the World.  5 of these roller coasters are over 200 feet, the only park in the world ...