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10 Popular Safari Parks in the U.S.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park, CA This safari park is home to many species of animals. To enjoy the park you can choose your safari program —  it has different facilities and animals to see. For example, you can choose to travel in a caravan safari. It is an open-air safari truck. It's not just for looking ...
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Beautiful Surf Hostels Around the World

Ocean Beach, San Diego, USA . photo by @cata_lastra & @sophieteaart. Ocean Beach has many fun activities for travelers. It is located near the beach and you can enjoy bonfires on the beach every night. Every Wednesday there is a farmer's market where you can buy some local food. Another great thing is the friendly staff ...
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Nicaragua – Nature Nirvana of Central America

The most popular beaches in Nicaragua include the Colorado Beach (Rivas), San Diego Beach (Managua), San Juan del Sur Beach (Rivas), Salinas Grandes (Leon), Casares (Carazo), Bluff Beach (RAAS), Corn Island, Las Penitas (Leon), and Waula Point Beach (RAAS).   Volcanoes in Nicaragua . One of the most popular attractions in Nicaragua are its volcanoes, some ...
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Top ‘Around-The-World’ Cruises

The journey starts from San Diego and then moves over to the South Pacific. From there the ship turns toward Australia, more precisely towards its eastern coast.  Then, the Voyager heads toward Hong Kong and Shanghai. The next stop is Seychelles and then Africa. It sets anchor for three nights at Cape Town in South Africa.
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10 Must-Visit Countries For Food Lovers

From Seattle to San Diego, from Philadelphia to Nashville, each corner of the USA has a distinct flavor and its signature dish. New York, the city that never sleeps, has a cosmopolitan ambiance with iconic bakeries and swanky coffee shops, whereas San Francisco will present you with a busy nightlife best enjoyed with a glass of ...