Sea Turtles at Maui Ocean Center.
Animals Hawaii Maui United States

Where to See Animals in Maui

Known as the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, this island is a perfect place for your holiday. The top things to do in Maui are sunset cruise, surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, and  animal watching. The water activities can be done at almost any beach in Maui. For you who are animal lovers, here are top 5 ...
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Cultural Experience Florida United States

12 Classic Florida Tourist Destinations You Should Definitely Experience

Florida beckons visitors with its sunshine, orange orchards, mangroves, world-class offshore fishing, historic monuments, delectable food, and many natural attractions. If you’re planning a Florida vacation, then consider these twelve destinations that encompass the best of what Florida has to offer. 12. Salvador Dali Museum . . Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg. The Salvador Dali Museum ...
san francisco
North America United States

Ranking the 20 most Popular US tourist destinations of 2018

And the featured destinations are just as inspiringly magnificent and astounding as you would expect. The research, based on a variety of parameters and collected comprehensively over the past year, shows the most highly rated destinations across the United States. Surprisingly such top spots as the Miami Beach and the beautiful rocky mountains of Aspen  narrowly ...
mario bar
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Special Pop-Up Bar for Super Mario Fans

Calling all Super Mario fans! This year a Mario-themed bar has been opened in Washington D.C. The bar brings the famous Super Mario to life. The bar's owner, Derek Brown, said this pop-up bar brings together some of his favorite things under one roof, including both classic cocktails and Mario nostalgia. Actually, the bar has two ...
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Top 10 Must-Visit Islands In USA

The image of visiting an island is quite something like this: It is so peaceful out there. The sun goes down quietly every evening while you are sitting on the beach. The waves of the sea are gently lapping at the shore, providing for a soothing environment. You want to get up and return to your ...
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Top Rooftop Bars in Las Vegas

Las Vegas nights can be real scintillating stuff. And what better way to commemorate those nights than to hold your wine glass aloft! Moreover, what could be more exciting than to lose yourself under an open sky? Here are the best rooftop bars which you must visit to get the real taste of the brilliant Las ...
Nevada Places To Retire

Best Places To Retire In Nevada

Although Nevada is best known for Las Vegas and the glitz and glamour of the casinos and hotels, the state is also home to many 55+ communities. Contradictory as it may seem, but Nevada is one of the best states to retire in the US. Breathtaking landscapes, affordable housing, low tax rates, opportunities for recreation, and ...
Grand Canyon
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Top Day Trips From Las Vegas

Death Valley National Park . Death Valley National Park. With an area of over 13,560 square kilometers, the Death Valley National Park is the largest national park in the US, outside of Alaska. It is also the driest and hottest of all the national parks. The region is about 120 miles northwest of the glitz and ...