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Unique Dishes From Rhode Island You Must Try

 A sun-dried day, crystal-clear water to dive into or a buzzing nightlife – no matter what you search for, you will get it here in Rhode Island. This picturesque state has a rich history that will take you back to the days of the pilgrims and patriots. An impeccable natural beauty, great landscapes and contemporary atmosphere make Rhods Island a paradise for travelers. To top it all, Rhode Island has an unmatched cuisine culture. Nowhere in the world will you get the unique and exclusive foods as they offer in Rhode Island. So dive in and munch onward.


  1. Stuffies

Stuffies or stuffed quahog is an indigenous dish of Rhode Island. A quahog, also known as the hard clam, round clam or hard-shelled clam, is an edible marine mollusc native to the eastern shores of North and Central America. Rhode Island loves its shellfish and can gulp it down in any form – fried clam, clam bakes, clam chowder and clam anything available under the sun. A quahog is stuffed with a breading that contains chopped up quahogs, herbs, onions, celery, shreds of pepper and sometimes a special type of Portuguese sausage called chourico. Served with a wedge of lemon and a dash of Tabasco sauce, Stuffies are one culinary delight that will leave you craving more.


  1. Calamari

Rhode Island is known for its fresh seafood and you can’t go wrong with this gastronomic beauty. Calamari or fried squid is so popular and delicious that it has been designated as the official state appetizer. The calamari is dipped in a very thin batter and then lightly fried or sautéed into a crispy golden crust. Served with a seasoning of garlic-herb butter and hot cherry peppers, the Rhode Island calamari is different from its counterpart elsewhere since it is lighter and has a thinner crust. Most of the restaurants in RI serve calamari but if you want a gala serving, visit a fine-dining restaurant.


  1. Clam Cakes
Clam Cakes

This is a dish so tempting that you’ll feel your mouth watering just by looking at it. Crispy and golden brown outside and soft, light and spongy inside, clam cakes are perfect when you’re hungry. They are equally delightful as a snack, an appetizer and even a late night binge quencher. Clam cakes are basically like crab cakes – a fried dough ball stuffed up with clam inside instead of crab. Take a steamy bite and your mouth will be filled with deliciously soft minced clam. Sprinkle some lemon juice or keep a small bowl of Tabasco or tartar sauce for a quick dip and enjoy the heavenly taste, very authentic to Rhode Island.


  1. Pizza Strips
Pizza Strips

Think of homemade pizza and in all probability it will come close to Rhode Island’s pizza strips . In fact, Rhode Island savors its Pizza Strips and no party or celebration is complete without these saucy delights. It has a somewhat thick crust and slathered with copious amounts of fresh tomato sauce and oregano. Pizza Strips are reminiscent of what pizza was like in the good old days. Cheese is generally not present in traditional Pizza Strips though sometimes you can find a bit of Parmesan cheese sprinkled over. Pizza Strips usually come from the bakery and you will find them at every corner  with street food vendors doing a brisk business selling this fun and on-the-go food.


  1. Coffee Milk & Cabinets
Coffee Milk & Cabinet

Rhode Island has special foods, can drinks be left behind? Certainly not, and here we are with a RI special drink. Well, it’s easy to get confused at the name, but Coffee Milk has no relation to  coffee. It is actually a tall glass of milk with coffee syrup – much like chocolate milk. Cabinet is an ice cream-based beverage where ice cream, coffee syrup and milk are swirled in a blender. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find an authentic Cabinet but if you are an explorer, you might still find it at the traditional creameries in Rhode Island.


  1. Hot Wieners
Hot Wieners

Hot dogs in Rhode Island style. Also known as New York System, hot wieners are deeply rooted in the culinary tradition of Rhode Island and hold the same place as to what street tacos holds in Los Angeles. Traditional wieners are made of a veal and pork blend, giving the taste a completely different twist from what you get in a beef hot dog. Wieners are usually cut short, around four inches, and served on a steamy hot dog bun topped with celery, yellow mustard, onions and a seasoned meat sauce. No matter where you go in RI, you will inevitably find a food joint serving hot wieners and all you need to do is to grab three or four buns and tuck in.


  1. Doughboys

Think doughnut and you will come close to doughboys. A popular sweet dish and of course exclusive to Rhode Island, doughboys are a big square of flattened pizza dough that is deep fried, rolled in granulated sugar and served directly from the oven. Doughboys are generally available in all pizzerias of RI, you might also find them in seafood kiosks selling clam cakes and calamari. Though it is meant to satisfy your sweet tooth, but chomping on doughboys can really be addictive. So if you are planning to taste several types of food at one go, restrict your doughboy to a single piece.


  1. Johnnycakes
Johnnycakes with Orange Syrup

Call them Johnnycakes or Shawnee cakes, these cute, little pancake-like patties made with cornmeal are almost 24 hours staple of Rhode Islanders. They consume them all the time and in different ways. In the breakfast table, they come as pancakes, slathered with butter and syrup. During lunch or dinner, they act as a side dish along with rice or potatoes. They are even served as dessert with a copious amount of jam topping. It is unknown how Johnnycakes made their way in the gastronomic saga of RI but there’s no denying the fact that these thin, crisp and about 5-inch wide patties are ubiquitous.

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