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Alaskan King Crab
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Unique Dishes From Alaska You Must Try

No matter wherever you visit on the face of earth, every place has its own local flavors and delicacies. Alaska is no different. Known for wilderness and the cold air coming from the tundra region, Alaskans  have some wilderness in their cuisine as well. Be it Reindeer dogs or Eskimo ice cream, Alaskans have their own signature dishes that are very different from the rest of the world. Here are the six best Alaskan delights for you to try.


  1. Reindeer Dogs
Reindeer Dogs

Do you love to explore bizarre food? Then it’s time to taste Reindeer Dogs. A popular street food in the Anchorage region of Alaska, Reindeer Dogs are gradually becoming popular across the country. The dogs are made from grilled Alaskan caribou and served with condiments that include grilled onions with coca cola topping, mustard and cream cheese. Reindeer or caribou has a similar taste to that of venison sausage and deer meat but is slightly less gamey. Sometimes a variation in taste is brought by making the dogs with a mix of caribou and beef or Alaska sausage and seafood. If the name is making you a bit apprehensive, then take heart that the reindeer do not look like Rudolph!


  1. Halibut Cheeks
Halibut Cheeks with Lemon

If you are an ardent seafood lover, Alaska is the place you should consider to visit. And once you are there, don’t forget to try out halibut cheeks. It’s a kind of fish commonly seen in various parts of the Atlantic Ocean. The halibut cheeks come from the part of the fish head that is situated between the eyes. The meat here is especially tender and sweet. It is low in sodium and has a high protein and mineral content. Have them pan fried, baked or grilled, halibut cheeks will forever keep you hooked. But make sure they are cooked well to avoid any type of infection.


  1. Salmon Treat
Salmon with Mushrooms

In Alaska you would find an abundance of seafood and nothing beats salmon. It has tremendous flavor, wonderful versatility and high nutritional value. Wherever you go in Alaska, inevitably you would find salmon on your plate. The rivers in Alaska are full with salmon. Most of the Alaskans prefer the old way of catching their own fish. Try your luck, or if you don’t want to invest much time for fishing, head out for a nice, cozy restaurant along the bank of a river and enjoy some fresh and delicious salmon preparations.


  1. Agutuk / Akutaq

A dessert can’t get more bizarre than this. Agutuk or Akutaq is an Alaskan style local ice cream that is certainly not for everyone. Made with a mix of reindeer fat, seal oil, snow and wild berries, this concoction helps to enhance energy and ability. This has been a traditional potion to keep the natives warm during the harsh winter season. Some forms of Agutuk also include moose, caribou and fish as main ingredients. If you can muster enough courage, try a spoonful – it will instantly fill you with renewed vigor and energy.


  1. Wildberry Cobbler
Wildberry Cobbler

If the thought of having seal oil & reindeer fat as dessert made you shudder, here is a more comforting sweet dish. A fruit filled dessert made with wild berries. Alaska is home to many types of berries and common ones include raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, but you can make this wonderful dessert using any fresh berries. Try to include some native berries like salmonberries, lingonberries and mossberries in your cobbler and make it truly Alaskan.


  1. Alaskan King Crab
Alaskan King Crab Legs

Huge crabs, the king of the Alaskan cuisine. Looking at them might send a shiver down your spine but it is one of the juiciest, sweetest crab meat you have ever tasted. Catching them is dangerous and fatality rate among fishermen is high. And that is what makes it a prized catch. No other shellfish will look more elegant on your plate, so stretch out your legs and indulge in the world’s most loved crabmeat.

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