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New Zealand: From The North to The South

Jacob Laukaitis is a traveler who has been traveling around the world for the past 3 and a half years. This year, he had the chance to explore one of the most beautiful countries in the world, New Zealand. His trip  started in Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand. In that city, he decided to buy a 1996 Mazda for his road trip around that country. From north to south, he visited some of the best places of New Zealand and captured perfect photos. Let’s enjoy the photos! 

The Northernmost Point became the first place before he went to South.

After that, he hiked the highest volcano in New Zealand. That place is also known as the film location of The Lord of The Rings.

The trip continued and he went to Tongariro crossing. It took him over 20 kilometers across mountains, valleys, and lakes. Very stunning, isn’t it?

For him, the real fun began when he went to the South Island. He visited the Abel Tasman National Park and hiked 70 kilometers across it in 2 days.

Next town was Wanaka. He said that it was the most beautiful town he visited throughout the whole trip.

On the last day, he decided to see and enjoy Wanaka from above. He jumped from a plane 4,500 meters above the ground.

The next destination: Queenstown. It is a little town located in the South.

He also visited the Fjordland National Park and trekked this beautiful lake.

After exploring the South, he went back to the North, of course stopping at places along the way.

He ended up at the foot of Mount Cook which is the highest and most dangerous mountain in New Zealand.
Though the Hobbiton was too touristy for him, he was very happy to have visited this place.

After all those adventures, he came back to Auckland to resell his car.

That’s how he finished his adventures. He would never forget that wonderful trip.

Photos: Jakob Laukaitis

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