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Travelers’ Choice: 25 Most Popular European Destinations of 2018

Trip Advisor recently announced the most popular European destinations to vacation at in 2018. This listing was derived from reviewer analysis from all over the world. It is not easy to pick a top travel destination from the star-studded Europe.

This therefore comes as a welcome relief to you planning to visit one of the popular European destinations.

From beachy Portuguese City Madeira to the mythical Venice, here are the 25 most popular European destinations this year.

  1. Moscow – Russia

Moscow - Russia
Moscow – Russia

The capital displays the sharp contrast between the historical and contemporary ages. Top highlights include Red Square, Lenin’s Mausoleum, The Kremlin and  St Basil’s Cathedral.

  1. Goreme – Turkey

Goreme - Turkey
Goreme – Turkey

Reviewers gave 24th position to the volcanic rock city in Turkey. The city is of course the home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site – The Goreme National Park. The vast park is,  famous for the chimney rocks and also houses spectacular historic churches. Similarly astonishing sites here include Zemi Valley and Goreme Acikhava Muzesi.

  1. Island of Malta – Malta


The largest Island in the Maltese archipelago is characterized with a bustling city life and historical edifices. These also include cathedrals, palaces and forts. Most notable though is the UNESCO-Class Hypogeum Temple Ruins.

  1. Dublin – Ireland

Dublin - Ireland
Dublin – Ireland

The home to the world-famous beer Guinness, Dublin moreover hosts other fun attractions for a whole family. So take your kids down to the Dublin Zoo and then the Phoenix Park before you adults later tour the fresh Guinness brewery for a refreshing pint, or two. You may further tour the Glasnevin Cemetery Museum, Chester Beatty Library and Kilmainham Gaol. Or maybe just head out for a shopping spree in the lively boutiques.

  1. Madeira – Portugal

Portuguese Island City of Madeira
Portuguese Island City of Madeira

Madeira is a part of the extensive Madeira Islands of Portugal. It offers fun sights like the Pico Arieiro, colorful gardens, religious sites and an amazing topography. You may hike to the summits of the Pico Ruivo and feel on top of the world. Or just feel the breeze beside the Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools. The Monte Cable Cars are always another fun option.

  1. Edinburgh – Scotland

Edinburgh - UK
Edinburgh – UK

Visually characterized by hills, Edinburgh is a cultural gem with art, music and theater festivals rocking the city annually. You may also head to a nearby pub and find your favorite Scotch whisky as you cheer on your favorite rugby or football team. Especially important though is the timeless Edinburgh Castle. No tour to the Scottish capital ends without a trip to the magnificent construction of old.

  1. Venice – Italy

Historical Venice - Italy
Historical Venice – Italy

Witness the true romantic ambiance of the historical Venice with a visit to the opera. Stocked with canals, gondolas, palaces and churches, you will not run short of ideas of attractions to experience. See a classical music performance or try a mouthwatering pastry at famous restaurants. Also visit the lovely art galleries and shop at the Piazza San Marco.

  1. Rhodes – Dodecanese, Greece

The Expansive Rhodes Islands
The Expansive Rhodes Islands

Rhodes is the largest of the twelve Dodecanese Islands. It is as well a medieval city with  magnificent resorts and beautiful small villages. From the vast breezy beaches, bars or ancient structures, you have an immense array of incredible attractions to choose from.

  1. Corsica – France

Rocky Corsica
Rocky Corsica

This vintage breezy French island is another member of the Popular European Destinations list. Experience the mountainous charm of the Corsican countryside aboard a winding train through the rustic villages. You could also hike around and to the top of the rocky mountains and feel the true Corsican laid-back vibe.

  1. Santorini – Cyclades Islands, Greece

Picture-perfect Santorini
Picture-perfect Santorini

With astonishing candy-colored houses, high cliffs and pristine white buildings, Santorini is a deserving member of the Popular European destinations list. The peaceful city is part of the Cyclades Island and offers intense views of  setting sun. Visit beautiful Oia and be a part of the sunset magic. Or maybe just roam the black sandy beaches or the streets of Imerovigli.

  1. Florence – Italy

Italy’s Florence

The unmatched Italian home to art and culture. Witness the jaw dropping works of the talented Michelangelo in the Basilica de Santa Croce. Most notable attraction in Florence is the Ponte Vecchio Bridge. Keep living in your fantasies when you grab the Tuscan cuisines that are so richly Florence. Finally, a blissful afternoon to the Piazza Santo Spirito shopping completes your trip

  1. Tenerife – Canary Islands, Spain

Tenerife - Spain
Tenerife – Spain

Home to Spain’s tallest peak,Tenerife offers an incredible amount of thrilling pastimes. If you are not climbing the tallest peak, then maybe you are driving through the Masca Valley. Or maybe just working your abs on the sands of the Los Gigantes. Furthermore encounter the beautiful parrots at the Loro Park.

  1. Majorca – Balearic Islands, Spain

Majorca - Spain
Majorca – Spain

None of the Popular European destinations quite compare to the Spanish locations when it comes to dreamy islands. Majorca is already, as well, a well-known spring-break destination offering splendid sights of sea lions and dolphins. Don’t miss out on the antique train traveling between Palma and Soller.

  1. Berlin – Germany

Picturesque Berlin
Picturesque Berlin

The fashion sense and the medieval architecture of the German capital are second to none. The history heads need to capture the views of the Berlin Wall; a scary reminder of postwar Germany. Also visit the Weltzeituhr Clock and dine at the historic Zur Letzten Instanz restaurant which once hosted Napoleon and Beethoven.

  1. Budapest – Hungary

Budapest - Hungary
Budapest – Hungary

With over 118 springs, the spa city offers an array of refreshing fresh water baths. Turkish Pool, Gellert Baths, Szechenyi Spa and Rudas Spa are only the few historical bath points we can mention. If you are not a fan of baths then maybe tour the Aquincum Museum, the Heroes Square and Statute Park. The 300-foot St. Stephen’s Basilica’s Dome caps your tour.

  1. Amsterdam – Netherlands

Medieval Amsterdam
Medieval Amsterdam

An impressive city of canals, bridges and colorful homes, Amsterdam also offers unforgettable houseboat stays. You also get to visit the Anne Frank House, RijkMuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the floating flower market. Or join the biking euphoria across the streets of Amsterdam.

  1. Lisbon – Portugal

Lisbon - Portugal
Lisbon – Portugal

How about a city with fun and historical museums in equal measure? Lisbon is full of museums that celebrate the rich history and culture of the capital. Don’t forget to tour the UNESCO World Heritage Site the Torre de Belem. Also notable are Padrao dos Descobrimentos and the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos.

  1. St. Petersburg – Russia

St Petersburg
St Petersburg

Culturally rich and the second largest city in Russia, St. Petersburg is home to magnificent architecture like the Winter Palace. Also get inside the unique art-life, lively nightlife and sumptuous dining -life of the largest country in the world’s cultural heartbeat. Visit the Kazan Cathedral, the Hermitage and the rambling Neva River Delta.

  1. Istanbul – Turkey

Blue Mosque - Istanbul
Blue Mosque – Istanbul

From the ancient Suleymaniye Mosque to the historic Kariye Museum, Istanbul houses some of the most breathtaking vintage architecture. The most notable destination though is the Blue Mosque, visible from almost all the corners of the City. Also remember the Egyptian and the Grand  Bazaars in your travel bucket list.

  1. Prague – Czech Republic

Primordial Prague
Primordial Prague

Home to probably the most fairytale features around, Prague offers a bucket-full of awe-inspiring choices for a complete tour expedition. Sightsee the expansive Prague Castle before wondering down the Old Town Square. Also enjoy sumptuous tastes of the Czech cuisines. Finally view the Old Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock before winding down in a historic bar of your choosing.

  1. Barcelona – Spain

Impressionistic Barcelona
Impressionistic Barcelona

Highlighted by the wonderful Church of the Sacred Family by the Catalan architectural genius Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona feels surreal to say the least. You also get to meet flamboyant guitarists along the streets of the regional capital of Cataluña. The Park Guell and the sidewalk café in Las Ramblas are also obvious draws.

  1. Crete – Greece

Calm Waters of Crete
Calm Waters of Crete

Get in the middle of the Olympian mythology with a visit to the birthplace of the Olympian King. You additionally get to tour the monasteries and fortresses of Rethymonon. Other ancient ruins like the Minoan ruins and Mt. Ida – where Zeus was born – must also be your top allures.

  1. Rome – Italy

History-rich Rome
History-rich Rome

What more can be said of the capital of the Roman empire? Let’s just say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and that you’ll need a more than a day to see the wonder of the Pope’s everlasting home. The Colosseum and Borghese Gallery must make your tour list, among the other historical wonders. Vatican City, anybody? Yes? We thought so!

  1. Paris – France

Paris - France
Paris – France

The Eiffel Tower lingers magically over the city and offers the very best views of the French capital. What else to see? Well let’s see: Musee d’Orsay, Notre Dame, Marche Biologique Raspail and the Moulin Rouge. Are you impressed yet? You may also decide to add the Arc de Triomphe to that already impressive tour list.

  1. London – Queen’s home tops the Popular European Destinations list

Queen’s home tops the Popular European Destinations list
Astute London

Get in the middle of the Changing of Guard at the Buckingham Palace, tour the Royal Opera house and trek down the Oxford Street for the perfect tour experience. The Sherlock Holmes lovers have the Sherlock Holmes Museum waiting to be explored too. Also remember to have a taste of the British cuisines and a delicious British Ale.



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