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Your Travel Hotlist: Top 10 Places You Should See for 2018

The first months of 2018 have come and gone, but there are more months you can spend seeing places around the world. There are still many countries across the globe waiting to be discovered, with natural wonders, cultures and cuisine that will definitely amaze you.

Here are 10 destinations that you might want to add in your travel plans for the rest of the year. All of these places have breathtaking views and friendly people, and going around will not burn a hole in your pocket.

  1. Canada

Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary as a country this 2018, so you can expect a year-long fun party when you visit this beautiful nation this year. You won’t run out of things to do here, from marveling at the majestic Niagara Falls to looking up at the iconic CN Tower. Going on a nature trip in this country is a must, with so many serene lakes, glaciers, forests and nature parks to choose from. The Rocky Mountains, the Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies should be on top of your list.

  1. Chile

Chile has a good mix of cultural and natural sites that have not been explored by most tourists yet. It is the land of the driest place of Earth—the Atacama Desert—where sunsets are stunning. At the other end of the spectrum are the cold slopes of the Andes, where you can ski and snowboard. There are also colorful and bohemian places like Valparaiso and San Pedro de Atacama. Of course, a visit to Chile would not be complete without going to the puzzling Easter Island.

  1. Scotland

Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is known around the world as the Festival City, and you can expect more jolly happenings this year as it marks its 70th anniversary bearing that title. Beyond the festivities, Scotland has a lot of other things to offer, including centuries-old castles, landscapes that are perfect for hiking, and a vibrant art scene that will surely fill up your senses.

  1. North Wales

Another place in the United Kingdom that is worth visiting is North Wales. Here, nature is the center of attention. There are so many vast lands here that are worthy to be explored. Visit the Welsh mountain region of Snowdonia to see mountains and glacial formations. Make sure you ride the Snowdon Mountain Railway to experience a scenic journey to the Welsh summit. Aside from these, there are many other spots for sightseeing, fishing and other activities like the Menai Strait, Penrhyn Castle and Cadair Idris.

  1. Finland

Finland is a treasure trove of beautiful structures from the past and the present. A must-visit destination here is Suomenlinna, a UNESCO-listed 18th-century sea fortress that will surely leave you in awe with its history and its beauty. There’s also the Temppeliaukio Church, a popular religious site excavated directly into solid rock. The capital city, Helsinki, also has other architectural wonders, including the Uspenski Cathedral and structures around the Senate Square.

  1. Myanmar

Known as The Golden Land, this once-closed country has become an up-and-coming Southeast Asian destination. Of particular interest here are sacred temples that are a feast for the eyes. The Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is particularly revered here, believed to be 2,500 years old and enshrining strands of Buddha’s hair. The 2,000 ancient Buddhist monuments spread across the city of Bagan are also particularly captivating, especially when viewed from a hot air balloon.

  1. Montenegro

If you want soul-stirring mountains in a place of serenity, head to this Balkan country. This destination is rich with rugged landscapes, medieval villages and a captivating coastline that are hard to resist. Visit the majestic Njegos Mausoleum in Lovcen National Park if  you want a fantastic bird’s eye view of the coastal town of Kotor, the Adriatic basin and the twisting bays of Boka Kotorska.

  1. South Africa 

The wealth of things to do and places to visit in this country never seems to run out. Across South Africa’s nine provinces are natural wonders that will surely leave you in awe. There’s the flat-topped Table Mountain overlooking the city of Cape Town, beautiful from afar and also providing breathtaking views from its summit. If you want a safari experience, head to the Kruger National Park, where there’s a high density of wild animals like lions, leopards, elephants and rhinos.

  1. Oman

Throughout the Middle East, there’s an overwhelming display of wealth and supremacy, but you won’t see that in Oman. What you will see, however, are sincere displays of its rich cultural heritage. Make sure you visit the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the Bahla Fort and the Royal Opera House in Muscat when you visit this country. There are also desert and mountainous areas that are worth exploring.

  1. Sri Lanka

The original travel bug, Venetian merchant Marco Polo, described Sri Lanka as the most beautiful island in the world, and to this day this description rings true. The raw beauty of this South Asian country is simply captivating. Go to Sigiriya, an ancient rock fortress, for some hiking or a painting session. Also don’t miss the opportunity to go to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, and the Welligama area to see the unique sight of residents fishing on stilts.

There’s still so much time and so many places you can see this year. What are you waiting for? Start planning your trips for the rest of 2018 today.

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