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Toronto Explored – 12 World Famous Attractions in the City

Toronto, the largest city in Canada, is home to some of the country’s most beloved landmarks. The sights and sounds of Toronto enlighten and entertain tourists. If you’re planning to visit Toronto, then this guide will help you decide on the places to check out in the city center, the entertainment district, the distillery district, and other places.

1. CN Tower

Once the tallest freestanding structure in the world, the 553-meter CN Tower is easily one of Canada’s most recognized landmarks. It tops the list of most popular tourist spots in the city. Wherever you may be in the city, you only have to lift your gaze upward and you’ll see the CN Tower. The tower offers panoramic views of the city and Lake Ontario. Dining in restaurants while perched hundreds of meters above downtown Toronto is an experience of a lifetime. On sunny, cloudless days you can see as far as New York State.

Official site: http://www.cntower.ca/intro.html

2. Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is one of North America’s most respected museums and is renowned for its displays. If you’re in luck, you may get a chance to enjoy an international exhibition being held while you happen to be in the city. The ROM consists of an old and a new wing, and between the two you can see artifacts from all over the world.

Official site: http://www.rom.on.ca/en

3. Rogers Centre

The Rogers Centre, a stone’s throw away from the CN Tower, is a huge sports arena that also hosts music concerts. If you’re a music aficionado, you may want to time your visit to Toronto so that you can catch a concert here. The retractable domed roof is pulled back when the weather is bright and sunny. Guided tours of the Rogers Centre are a great way to learn about how such a massive facility functions. This stadium was completed in 1989, and since then has given Toronto residents bragging rights over the citizens of Montreal, who take a lot of pride in the Olympic Stadium in their city.

Official site: http://www.rogerscentre.com/

4. Art Gallery of Ontario

Even if you’re not an art aficionado, a visit to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) should be on your to-do list when you visit Toronto. The gallery is to the western side of the City Center and hosts interesting exhibits all through the year. You can browse through works of artists from Europe, Africa, Oceania, and of course Canada.

Official site: http://www.ago.net/

5. Casa Loma

The Casa Loma reminds one of castles as they must’ve been in the Middle Ages. Surrounded by well-maintained gardens that stretch over five acres, Casa Loma attracts because it recreates medieval European grandeur in North America. The castle was commissioned by Sir Henry Pellat. Today, it is a museum. It has everything you’d expect from a castle, including towers, hidden passageways, a secret escape tunnel, and stables.

Official site: http://www.casaloma.org/

6. Toronto Zoo

The zoo is a favorite with kids and adults. It is located on the Red River and is home to thousands of creatures. There are multiple sections here, and each section houses animals from a particular part of the world. The pandas are particularly popular and attract tourists. The North American section is home to bison, grizzly bears, and other fauna from the continent.

Official site: http://www.torontozoo.com/

7. St. Lawrence Market

The St. Lawrence Hall, built in 1850, is the site of the market where you can spend pleasant hours browsing food items, flowers, and assorted curios. The market has an atmosphere all its own, very different from that of supermarkets. The old building retains its charms, evident in the grand staircase and a huge chandelier that is still powered by gas.

Official site: http://www.stlawrencemarket.com/

8. Entertainment District

The Entertainment District offers myriad entertainment options, and there’s always something or other happening here. Canada’s Walk of Fame is a good place to gaze at the names of high-achievers honored here. Check out King Street with its many sights, flavors, and shops. Catch concerts at the Royal Alexandra Theatre; the building is a National Historic Landmark. The Toronto Railway Museum and Air Canada Centre also are worth a visit.

Official site: http://torontoed.com/

9. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is one of the three massive aquariums owned and managed by Ripley’s Entertainment. The aquarium holds more than 13,500 specimens from more than 450 species, both freshwater and saltwater. The giant wal through tunnel is the main attraction of this facility, which maintains aquatic habitats representing different parts of the world.

Official site: https://www.ripleyaquariums.com/canada/

10. City Hall

The City Hall was constructed in 1965 and owes its design to architect Viljo Revell. It is located on the Nathan Philips Square and consists of two arching buildings, 20 stories and 27 stories, respectively. The cupola-domed central structure, along with the curved supporting structures, create an arresting visual. The pond on the premises freezes over in winter and skaters converge on it to have fun.

11. Eaton Center

Adjectives such as “huge” and “cavernous” can scarcely do justice to the Eaton Center in the Central Business District. This shopping center was established in 1869 and has since then being growing. Today, it houses stuff to satisfy the cravings of the most demanding shopper, and is one of the best places while away some free time. This underground and overground shopping complex has its own subway station.

Official site: https://www.cfshops.com/toronto-eaton-centre.html

12. Distillery District

The Distillery District has a character uniquely its own. Old boutiques, well-maintained boulevards, and trendy shopping come together to create beautiful vibes in this restored historic district. Come during the day or after sundown, and this place will bring a smile to your face. The area is located east of downtown Toronto. It is spread over more than 13 acres and has more than 40 heritage constructions worth checking out.

Official site: http://www.thedistillerydistrict.com/

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