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Top ‘Around-The-World’ Cruises

Imagine traveling around the world on a single ship! Imagine traveling to all four corners of the world, without having the hassle of multiple bookings, airport security and the likes. Imagine completely avoiding the troubles of multiple connecting flights, missing luggage and layovers.

An around the world cruise makes all of these come true and more, with their on-board hospitality and entertainment. You get to enjoy a pleasurable vacation without any stress or worry. Going on one such cruise can fulfill your dream of seeing the world at one go.


Cruise West: Spirit of Oceanus (335 nights)

Cruise West: Spirit of Oceanus


Inside Spirit of Oceanus


Inside Spirit of Oceanus

Cruise West: Spirit of Oceanus is often referred to as the ‘father of around the world cruise’. It leaves from Singapore every year on March 6th. The ship is usually always completely packed. It starts its journey toward India, Egypt and Oman. After visiting these three countries, it takes off for the Mediterranean. The next stop is Scandinavia, after which the ship heads towards the Panama Coast. The third last stop of the journey is the South Pacific and the second last is the Spice Islands. After completing the full journey, the ship returns to Singapore.



Regent Seven Seas: Voyager (119 Nights)

Regent Seven Seas: Voyager


Suite of Regent Seven Seas: Voyager


Regent Seven Seas: Voyager

The Regent Seven Seas: Voyager is not as big as the Spirit of Oceanus, but it offers a full-fledged trip around the world. The journey starts from San Diego and then moves over to the South Pacific. From there the ship turns toward Australia, more precisely towards its eastern coast.  Then, the Voyager heads toward Hong Kong and Shanghai. The next stop is Seychelles and then Africa. It sets anchor for three nights at Cape Town in South Africa. Finally, you get to spend some time at the Caribbean before finishing off the journey at Florida.



Cunard: Queen Mary 2 (101 Nights)

Queen Mary 2
Queen Mary 2
Cunard: Queen Mary 2


Inside Cunard: Queen Mary 2


Britannia Restaurant in Cunard: Queen Mary 2

Cunard is the cruise line which started the concept of ‘around the world’ cruises. The cruise ship, Queen Mary 2, starts the journey from the iconic New York City and heads toward Southampton. The next stops are Egypt and the Mediterranean. Then the Queen Mary 2 heads toward Hong Kong and Shanghai, followed by Tokyo. South Pacific and Australia are next. The next stop is South Africa. Then the ship spends a full day in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), before heading off to Fort Lauderdale and Barbados. After completing the journey, the ship heads back to New York City.


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