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Amazon rainforest, Ecuador
Adventures Central and South America

Top Adventure Vacations Of South America

  1. Go whale watching at the Peninsula Valdes, Argentina
Peninsula Valdes

The Peninsula Valdes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is very rich in wildlife and is a protected area. The lagoons at the peninsula are the domain of whales, specifically the Southern Right Whale. They come to the surface of the water during the day and you can see them right in front of you. You can kayak along with them as they swim right next to you. You can also stay overnight at the peninsula. There are plenty of beaches with campsites. Camp on any of them and enjoy the natural beauty all around. The whale season starts around the middle of September and goes on till the middle of December. Visit the Peninsula Valdes during this period for incredible sightings of whales. You might also get to see baby whales!


  1. Trek the Ausangate Hiking Trail, Peru
Ausangate Hiking Trail

The Ausangate Hiking Trail isn’t as famous as the Machu Picchu trails. However, it is no less in adventure than those famed trails. Hike at the Ausangate Hiking Trail if you want to be far away from the crowd. Secluded trails like these are the perfect way of discovering nature. The trail takes you through several scenic landscapes, one of which is the ‘sacred mountains’ area. Locally known as ‘apu’, these mountains will make you stop and stare. There are all types of treks in the area depending on your preferences. Lodging and camping facilities are available at the community regions of Osefina and Chillica. The best time to visit the Ausangate Hiking Trail is between the months of June and September.


  1. Go paddling at Costa Verde, Brazil
Costa Verde

Costa Verde is a land of contrasts. There are forests as well as calm waters. The island is protected from the Atlantic by the ‘big island’ or the ‘Ilha Grande’. Costa Verde is extremely rich in wildlife and is a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The protected areas include the ‘Ecological Reserve of Cairucu and Juatinga’ and the ‘Site of Paraty’. The waters are so calm that it makes paddling a truly beautiful experience. There are also many tiny fishing villages, waterfalls, and beautiful beaches to explore. The best time to visit Costa Verde is between May and October.


  1. Bike at the La Ruta de Las Lagunas, Bolivia
Lagunas Route

The Lagunas Route or the ‘La Ruta de Las Lagunas’ is a road which takes you through several picturesque locations in southwestern Bolivia. It runs for a distance of almost 260 miles and is located between the regions of San Pedro de Atacama and Uyuni. Go cycling at the route to witness some stunning landscapes. There are towering volcanoes, lakes with clear blue water and lagoons with turquoise green water. There are also flamingos and salty lakes. The most common route taken by cyclist is toward the north, crossing the Arbol de Piedra and finally reaching north at San Juan, Salar de Uyuni and Laguna Hedionda. The best time to go for the cycle ride is during the summer months.


  1. Take off to Antarctica

How about dropping everything and just heading off to Antarctica? Here is your chance to explore unspoiled natural beauty at its very best. Go sailing for the Antarctic and witness pure wilderness. Navigate between icebergs and get to see birds like petrels and albatrosses. Many of them might just accompany you on your journey. Various sailing trips are available from South America to the Antarctic. Once you get to your destination, you can anchor at any of the sheltered bays. Then you can go ahead and see the cute penguins and explore the glaciers.  The best time to visit the Antarctic region is between December and March — the summer months in the southern hemisphere.


  1. Scuba dive at Malpelo Island, Colombia
Malpelo Island

Malpelo Island is sometimes referred to as the Mt. Everest of sharks. This is because it is packed with these creatures. There are also many other big fishes. While scuba diving at the Malpelo, you can see schools of hammerhead sharks circling around you. You can also see several silky and Galapagos sharks. Other than the sharks, you can also see giant manta rays and mola mola up close. All the scuba diving trips for Malpelo islands leave from Panama. Trips spanning a week or more are available. The best time to go diving at the Malpelo is the period between April and September. However, the weather can get pretty unpredictable at times.


  1. Kayak at the Futaleufu River, Argentina and Chile
Futaleufu River

The Futaleufu is easily one of the best rivers in the world. Located in Chile, it is one of the most suitable rivers for doing some white water kayaking. Even beginners can kayak at this beautiful river. If you do not have much of an experience, then you can learn at any of the kayaking schools. Other than the Futaleufu, kayaking trips are also available for Rio Espolon and Rio Azul. After finishing your trip each day, stay at camps near the river and enjoy delicious food. The best time to go is between the months of December and March.


  1. Hike at the Amazon rainforest, Ecuador
Amazon Rainforest

Imagine paddling down a river in the Amazon rainforest. Isn’t it the best way to discover a jungle at its fullest? On your way you get to hear calls of monkeys and birds. You also get to hear rustling of leaves and maybe the sound of an animal drinking water somewhere. Take a trip down the Ecuadorian Amazon Rivers. At least a weeks’ time is needed for exploring these jungles. You can stay overnight at eco lodges. Do not forget to see the ‘Yasuni National Park’ while you are at your trip. The best time for visiting the Amazon rainforest is from April to May and again from November to January.


  1. Hike at the Huayhuash, Peru

The Huayhuash is one of the most picturesque parts of the Peruvian Andes. Each day at the mountain shows you something new. You could see soaring peaks on one day and alpine meadows in the next. There are also glacial lagoons with bright blue water and the peak of ‘Jirishanca.’ The Jirishanca is well known because it looks as sharp as a needle. For the best experience, take a weeks’ trip along the area. The best time to go is between the months of June and September.

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