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Mount Bromo

Top Adventure Vacations Across The Globe

  1. Visit the remote Spitting Caves at Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii
Spitting Caves

Not many people who travel to Hawaii visit the Spitting Caves. Perhaps that is why adventure lovers are drawn in hordes to these caves. The Spitting Caves are located next to a quiet locality at Honolulu. These caves are scattered with cliffs of different colors. All of these cliffs seem to be dropping inside the ocean. Lots of cliff divers dare to jump from the top into the water below. It can be quite dangerous because the underwater currents are quite strong. Visit the Spitting Caves if you truly want the taste of a dangerous adventure. Don’t forget to carry your best pair of sturdy and comfortable shoes.


  1. Hike at the Narrows, Zion National Park, USA
The Narrows

With a name like that, it surely sounds dangerous enough. The Narrows has been picked as the 5th best hiking trail in America by National Geographic. Hiking on the Narrows is truly an exclusive experience because of the surroundings. There is the River Virgin, which runs through the cliffs. The river is shallow so you can easily wade through it while hiking. Completing the trail can take up to a day’s time. If by any chance you don’t get to complete it within a day, then you can camp at the area. There are 12 camping sites you can choose from. Be sure to carry a hiking stick and comfortable shoes.


  1. Summer and winter adventures at the Oulanka National Park, Finland
Oulanka National Park

The Oulanka National Park is spread across a huge area. Covered with natural beauty, the park is home to a several species of endangered animals and plants. As you go inside the park, you can see reindeer grazing inside the forests. The park can be visited throughout the year. During winter months, it is covered under inches of snow and is hardly visible. Popular activities at the park include skiing on the icy surface during winter. Popular activities during summer include cycling, hiking, canoeing. Even picking mushrooms and berries is quite popular. Visit the park because of its incredible biodiversity and because of the unspoiled nature.


  1. Make horse riding adventurous at Molokai, Hawaii

Riding on a horse hardly sounds adventurous. However, riding on a horse at the Molokai is a different experience altogether. The island is home to tall cliffs going up to almost 1700 feet. Imagine horseback riding among these steep cliffs. You can choose to ride on a horse or a mule. Whichever animal you take, a totally adventurous ride is guaranteed. The trail spans across an area of about 3 miles and offers sweeping views of the ocean and the island. There are constant twists and turns. Of course there is also the balancing of the ride continuously on the cliffs. Horseback riding at Molokai is certainly not for the faint-hearted.


  1. Kayaking in Geirangerfjorden, Norway
Kayaking at Geirangerfjord

The Geirangerfjorden is a part of the Storfjord. It’s spread across an area of nearly 10 square miles. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a protected region. The Geirangerfjorden is home to dangerously high cliffs and lush green valleys. There are also numerous waterfalls plunging down from great heights. Kayaking at the Geirangerfjorden allows you to explore the area from many angles.


  1. Go rafting on the Zanskar, Ladakh, India
Zanskar Rafting

The Zanskar is known to be a turbulent river. Originating at a plateau, the river carves its way through the western Himalayas. Then it drops into a constant loop of rapids before entering Zanskar. Rafting on the Zanskar is a memorable yet adventurous outing. The average time is about three hours and you have to constantly battle rapids. The rafting season is from the months of June to September. The best time to take a rafting trip on the Zanskar is in the month of July. This is when the river is at its peak owing to a glacial stream.


  1. Challenge yourself at the Bike Death Road, Bolivia
Death Road Biking

This one is for all the bikers. Known as the most dangerous in the world, the Bike Death Road forces you to challenge yourself. Some bikers describe the experience as ‘unnerving’ and ‘unbelievable’. The rides start from a high altitude plain known as La Paz and gradually take you towards the mountains. The route is spread across a total of 64 kilometers. Most of the action takes place on a narrow, winding mountain road. Take breaks on your way to admire the surrounding landscape and scenery. Finish your ride at the ‘La Senda Verde Ecotourism Resort.’ This resort is also a refuge for rescued wildlife. You can return on the same day or stay back at Coroico or even at the resort.


  1. Hike the Maze District at Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Maze District at Canyonlands National Park

Nothing can be more bewildering than hiking at the Maze. Known as one of the most dangerous hikes in the world, the Maze is located at Canyonlands National Park. Hiking through the Maze is a very physically strenuous experience. The pathways are truly like a maze and are often poorly marked. There are numerous sandstone walls which you have to climb over. The temperature often rises above 100 degrees F. Much of the Canyonlands National Park is still being developed. In spite of the underdevelopment, the Maze is becoming increasingly popular among hikers. It gets especially difficult to get a permit during fall and spring.


  1. See volcano erupt up close at Mount Bromo, Java Island, Indonesia
Mount Bromo

Every human wishes that he or she can fly. Maybe you can make that dream come true at Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is an active volcano attracting many adventurers and tourists every year. Skydiving teams also come here for indulging in some risky adventures. Most divers are known to visit the ‘Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park’ for starting their missions. Some divers love to jump out of the plane right above the crater. Some divers have even taken the risk of diving out from the plane right when Bromo has erupted! Locally, the Bromo is regarded as a sacred site. Lots of locals are known to sacrifice animals for the mountain’s pleasure. Some of them also devote food to the volcano.

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