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Top 5 Family-friendly Cruises

  1. Crystal Cruise
Crystal Cruise

Crystal Cruise is for the family. It provides a quintessential family experience, making it a natural choice when it comes to choosing a family-friendly cruise. The amenities on a Crystal Cruise ship are unmatched. Even though there are no special zones for kids, the line offers plenty of activities for them. They make sure no kid gets bored while they are on the ship. Fun activities like swimming in the ship’s pool are a favorite with kids. Another favorite activity for the kids is playing on a Sony Playstation. The parents can keep themselves occupied with the various hotels, restaurants, and spas while the kids participate in fun activities more suited towards their interests.


  1. Disney Cruise 
Disney Cruise

Nothing can go wrong when you have Mickey Mouse on board. It is not a surprise that Disney is a complete family-oriented cruise. The experience of a Disney cruise ship is more suited for young kids rather than young adults. It is highly likely that teenagers won’t find anything ‘cool’ on the ship. However, if you have a kid aged between five to twelve years, Disney is the choice you make. There is the Mickey’s Pool – which is meant only for kids. There is also Goofy’s Pool- which is for all family members. There is also watching movies at the Walt Disney Theatre. If you have a baby, you can also pre-order baby supplies even before you get on the ship.


  1. Princess Cruise
Princess Cruise

Princess Cruise is most efficient at offering fun and entertainment for both adults and kids. It is easy to plan a vacation with generations of families with this cruise line. Princess Cruises offer varied activities for kids on their ships. They offer activities which are age appropriate and also with the aim to keep the kids busy. The cruise line also offers educational activities like t-shirt printing and arts and crafts for teenagers. Scavenger hunts are also organized on the ship. For slightly older kids, the cruise line offers dance parties and karaoke. The cruise line boasts of a ‘Fun Zone’ which covers an area of 10,000 sq feet.


  1. Royal Caribbean
Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean offers the widest assortment of activities and programs for kids. These activities are meant for kids of all ages and not just pre-teens or teenagers. They have a massive ‘children’s area’ which covers an area of 22,000 sq feet. Teenagers have their own night club, known as the ‘Fuel’. Other popular activities include ice skating, mini golf, rollerblading and rock climbing. There are also indoor promenades and surf parks. Their Adventure Ocean program is one of the best kids’ programs in cruise lines.


  1. Carnival Cruise 
Carnival Cruise

With a name like Carnival, it can be easily expected that a journey on this cruise will be nothing short of the same. Carnival Cruise Lines boast a ‘Kids Area’ which is spread over 4200 sq feet. There are computer labs for the slightly geeky kids. There are also ‘soft play areas’ for kids who want to play ‘safe’. Toddlers can have a blast at the wading pool. On any given day, Carnival Cruise offers a vast array of activities for kids and their parents. They also offer baby-sitting services!

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