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Top 18 Astounding Holi Photos That Will Lure You to India

Holi –also known as the festival of colors – is an annual festival held in India and Nepal to signify the victory of good above evil. During Holi the participants throw powdered paint at one another creating a rainbow of all the blinding colors around.

In the Braj region of India, where the Hindu deity Krishna grew up, the festival is celebrated until Rangpanchmi in commemoration of the divine love of Radha for Krishna. The festivities officially usher in spring, with Holi celebrated as a festival of love.

The psychedelic festival is now not only prevalent in its home of India but all over the earth. You should not be so surprised to see  Londoners painted in spectra of hues at Wembley. As a matter of fact in case you missed the real Holi of this year in March, then book a ticket to attend a knock-off  in Wembley this July.

Dates of celebration:

2017 date Monday, 13 March
2018 date Friday, 2 March
2019 date Thursday, 21 March

Just to entice you toward this paint-throwing extravaganza, here are the top 20 photos from the previous Festivals of love .

There’s no better place to celebrate Holi than its true origin – India.

It all goes down each spring…

Holi Festival

Book your flight to the second most populous country on earth and get right in the middle of the fun-ride. Expect to get at least this colorful!

Better still, Holi is a worldwide affair

Worldwide Celebrations of Holi

Majorly recognized with India, the festival of Colors is however also celebrated in other places of the globe. Key among these is the summer event at Wembley. Not to forget the renowned one in Nepal.

The love affair brings all classes of people together

Holi festivities unite everyone under the paint.

Not forgetting the leaders of tomorrow…

Holi For Kids

Even these very young members of the world are not left behind.

…Or the elders

Even the older citizens are put right inside the coloring business.

Throwing and blowing paint around

They throw all the available colors of dusty paints around. Others even decide to blow them away. The ground paint termed as the ‘gulal’.

While others also throw liquid paints


These straight of the paint tins. Just let it all out on the next person you meet on the corridor.

And they all make for amazing viewing

The spectrum of colors is such a spectacle to watch, more so when it’s covering all the people.

Kids even get cheeky while at it

They may decide to unleash water balloons upon the adults’ from off their balconies.

What’s for sure though, you’ll definitely be ‘painty’

Everyone will in the long run be covered in the flying paints from all corners. Don’t take out clothing you can’t risk getting dirty!

The air as well gets

thick with paint

The powdery paint clouds the whole atmosphere/

Streets aren’t spared either

The paint splashes fall all over the streets, too.

Nor are the walls

Cleaning the walls the next day is no mean feat.

Remember what it all is about though…

Indian Rich Culture

Holi is not only a mere business of mindless splatter of paint and the beauty that comes off of it.

A historic religious celebration

Holi celebrates legends

The event is held to honor the legends of Holika and Prahalad as well as the legendary Krishna. The locals believe these greats ensured good triumphed over evil.

It is a fertility and spring festival as well

It was actually originally a prayer day for the heavens to grant good harvests and avert famine.



And so there is also Holi singing and dancing

Locals shake their body parts to the rhythms of dhokal and lovely folk songs; the old and the young alike.

And at the end, you are entirely  smeared in paint

You look like you got yourself completely immersed in a tank of multicolored paint.


Images Via Business Insider

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