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Top 12 Tourist Attractions of New York State


  1. Lake George
Lake George

Lake George is one of the most beautiful lakes not only in the US, but also in the world. Located amidst the Adirondack Mountains, it is a hub of outdoor activities for visitors. Some of the most popular ones include bird watching, boat riding, hiking, and biking. The greater Lake George area is no less when it comes to matching the beauty of the lake. Along with providing breathtaking scenery, it also has a lot of restaurants and shopping destinations. The local people are friendly and  welcoming. The accommodation options are varied and suit every kind of traveler. Lake George can be visited throughout the year. It is a place for water sports lovers, for families, and for nature lovers.


  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or simply The Met, is the largest art museum in the USA. With over 6.7 million visitors, the museum is the 4th-most-visited art museum in the world. It was established in 1870 and presently has a collection of over 2 million objects. The collection ranges from the ancient Egyptian civilization right up to the modern times. It is divided into several departments and categories, so it is best to get hold of a floor map from the reception before you start exploring. Other than some stunning historical sculpture, the museum is home to some precious artworks like the Self Portrait with Straw Hat by Van Gogh and The Card Players by Paul Cezanne.


  1. Bronx Zoo
Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo is the biggest zoo in the USA. It is located in the Bronx borough of New York City. Spread over 250 acres, this zoo consists of natural habitats and parklands. More than 4000 animals live inside the zoo, many of which are listed as endangered. The zoo is divided into regions like ‘Wild Asia’ and ‘African Plains.’ The Bronx Zoo was the first zoo in the world to display Proboscis monkeys. This is a species of monkey found in Southeast Asia. None of those monkeys are at the zoo anymore. The last two of the monkeys were sent to Singapore Zoo in 1996.


  1. Lake Placid
Lake Placid

Lake Placid is a scenic village that is located in upstate New York. This popular nature getaway is set in the Adirondack Mountains, about 50 miles southwest of the city of Plattsburg. Lake Placid, along with the neighboring Tupper Lake and Saranac Lake, make up the Tri-Lake region of New York. The region is very beautiful and a delight for winter sports lovers. It has hosted several major winter sports events including the 1980 Winter Olympics and 2000 Winter Goodwill Games. Visitors can engage in skiing – both Nordic and Alpine, fly fishing, hiking, and mountain biking. Lake Placid also has opportunities for mountain golf and gondola rides.


  1. Finger Lakes
Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes region is one of the popular nature attractions in the state of New York. It is a group of 11 slender lakes running from north to south, hence the name. These lakes are located in between the cities of Rochester and Syracuse. Lake Placid and its neighboring area is the largest wine producing region of the state, being home to over 100 vineyards and wineries. It also has many renowned academic institutions, the most notable being Cornell University. There are about a dozen museums in and around Lake Placid. There are also several opportunities for boating, hiking, hunting, fishing, and bird watching in Lake Placid.


  1. Thousand Islands
Boldt Castle in Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands is an archipelago of 1864 islands that is located about 100 miles north of Syracuse, right on the border of US and Canada. These islands are a very popular outdoor destination for their natural beauty as well as for several attractions in the forms of parks, castles, museums, and historic landmarks. Visitors can also engage in fishing, diving, swimming, hiking, and camping. Tours are available where you can visit multiple islands and get to know about their historical significance and attractions. According to some, the popular Thousand Island salad dressing has its origin in this region.


  1. Darien Lake
Darien Lake

Darien Lake is home to one of the biggest entertainment parks in the state of New York. It is an attraction for the whole family and can easily take the better part of your day. This theme park resort is home an amusement park, a water park, camping ground, and even on-site lodging. Fun attractions include 6 roller coasters along with several wet and dry rides for the kids and adults. It also has 5 theaters offering a stream of live entertainment shows.


  1. Empire State Building
Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is probably the first celebrity skyscraper in the world. It was constructed in 1931 and remained the tallest building in the world until the construction of the World Trade Center in 1970 in the same city. Presently, the building has a height of 1454 feet including the antenna. The building got its name from the nickname of New York – the Empire State. The building was built in an Art Deco style of architecture and became one of the most beloved icons of not only New York City, but of the US. It has 102 floors which are served by 73 elevators. This US National Historic Landmark has featured in many movies over the years.


  1. One World Trade Center
One World Trade Center

The One World Trade Center is the main building of the rebuilt World Trade Center complex. It was originally named the Freedom Tower and is located in Lower Manhattan. The building rises to a height of 1792 feet, making it the 6th tallest in the world, and the tallest in the Americas. It was completed in 2013. One World Trade Center has 104 floors and is serviced by 73 lifts and elevators. Although it has a square base, it has tops into a distinct looking 8 sided tower. There is a restaurant and an observation deck in the tower that is open to the public.


  1. Times Square and Central Park
Times Square

With over 40 million annual visitors each, Times Square and Central Park in New York are the 2 most visited attractions in the USA! Times Square is a commercial intersection in the Manhattan neighborhood of New York City. With its flashing billboards and famous neighborhoods like Broadway and Wall Street, Times Square has attained an iconic status. The New Year countdown celebration is also held at this site. Within walking distance from the Times Square is Central Park, with its 3.41 sq km of greenery amidst the jungle of Manhattan skyscrapers. The park was opened to the public in 1857 and has since featured in numerous movies and TV shows. Central Park is very beautifully landscaped with walkways, ponds, flowering trees, fountains, gardens, as well as a zoo. It is also sprinkled with many beautiful statues and sculptures.


  1. Niagara Falls
Aerial view of Niagara Falls with the US side on the background

No trip to Buffalo is complete without a visit to the Niagara Falls. Located in upstate New York, the Niagara Falls is undoubtedly the most famous waterfalls in the world. The best way to get to the Niagara Falls – which is about 25 miles away – is to drive or take a tour from the city of Buffalo. The Niagara Falls is made up of 3 falls – Horseshoe, American, and Bridal Veil – that are straddled between the border of USA and Canada. While some of the best views are reserved from the Canadian side, tourists on the American side can still have a feel of the power and beauty of the falls. For those who want to enjoy the view of the falls from a closer range can take a boat ride to the base of the falls.


  1. Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is not just an attraction but an iconic global landmark. It is located on Liberty Island on the New York Harbor. This 151 feet high copper statue was a gift from France to the USA in 1886. It was built by Gustavo Eiffel, the same man who built the Eiffel Tower. It represents Libertas, the Roman goddess, who is seen holding a torch in one hand and tablet with the date of the US Declaration of Independence on the other. The statue has greeted millions of immigrants who sailed to the US shores in the 19th and 20th centuries. You can visit the statue by taking a short ferry ride from the mainland. Visitors are allowed access inside the statue up to the crown but one has to buy the tickets through online pre-booking.

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