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The Top 12 Affluent US Steakhouses Worth Every Penny

All you carnivores wishing for the most sumptuous of chops in the most famous (but expensive) US steakhouses are well covered here.

We list here 12 of the most expensive and highest-rated chophouses across the USA. Some names appearing here have been around for quite some time and the legacy they’ve built cannot be matched. Others are relatively new in town but are already renowned for their impeccable steaks.

Based chiefly on the ratings by their customers, these steakhouses are ranked on a score out of a maximum of 10.

You must note however (again) that you will most likely part with some serious bucks to steak at one of these chophouses.

  1. Manny’s Steakhouse – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Located at 826 South Marquette Avenue, Manny’s Steakhouse offers a typical old-school New York Steakhouse feel. You are inside inside a dark wood and leather furnished interiors and presented with a three-month aged mouthwatering rib-eye. This VIP bone-in beefsteak comes to you for a cool $88.95 of your budget.

The flavor of this baby is just too deep to call too rich. Plus legend has it that it cures impotence! No wonder Manny’s Steakhouse is rated a strong 9.03 over a complete 10.

  1. Metropolitan Grill – Seattle, Washington

With a rating of 9.04, Metropolitan Grill offers you the ultimate steak experience the American way. Activate you salivary glands with a mere sight of the thick delectable American Wagyu, served alongside potatoes customized to your appetites.

Metropolitan Grill is found at 820 2nd avenue in Seattle and claims the crown for the best steaks in town.

  1. Craft – Los Angeles, California

Lying 0.05 points above Metropolitan Grill, Craft crafts your steaks just the way you want them; simple and classic. The spacious airy interiors with dark, masculine core feeds your ego as you revel in the magic of the vintage flat iron and rib-eye steaks.

Head down to 10100 Constellation Boulevard in LA, chop-chop!

  1. The Capital Grille – Denver, Colorado

Located at 1450 Larimer Street in Denver, The Capital Grille Steakhouse seems to building a really strong name in Colorado.  It has, as a matter of fact, become a local favorite and ‘the best place to eat steak in town’ with its artfully crafted Gorgonzola and black truffle crust.

The upscale steakhouse is part of the Darden Restaurants chain and additionally offers sumptuous dining options and a vintage martini.

It’s rated a sky-high 9.11. Worth your time, most definitely.

  1. Abe & Louie’s – Boston, Massachusetts

With an upbeat atmosphere and top-class services, Boston’s classic steakhouse offers an array of irresistible steak choices. Best among all is the Steak Benedict, a thick, yummy and colorful chop that comes with potatoes, mignon and bearnaise. Absolutely delightful!

No wonder this classy of steakhouses at 793 Boylston Street is rated by addicts at an incredible 9.13.

  1. Butcher & Singer – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

With astonishing dining room lined with pristine table clothes and leather booths, Butcher & Singer attracts steak lovers from far and wide. You get to feed your immense appetites with lip-smacking filet mignon as well as dry aged porterhouse.

The steakhouse is rated 9.2 and is most definitely deserving of your attention (thank me later!)

  1. House of Prime Rib – San Francisco, California

The biggest trick to steakhouses and other cookeries is the presentation, right? Well then no other steakhouses around  do presentation quite like the House of Prime Rib.

The highly thriving steakhouse is modeled in a traditional English style. You get the simple but profound methods of the old-school English chop center right in the center of California.

Have your grilled steak carved right in front of you and chose how you like it best.

Rating: 9.21

  1. Gibson’s Bar & Steakhouse – Chicago, Illinois

Rated a high 9.22, Gibson’s is the place to be in Chicago. Not only for the smooth beers and wines but most importantly for a bite of some of the most splendid steaks in Illinois. The “institution in the city” offers appetizing range of beef slices for all your desires.

Gibson’s bar & Steakhouse is located at 1028 North Rush Street, consider noting that in your to-do list when you stopover in Chicago.

  1. Taste of Texas – Houston, Texas

Hey cowboy, how do you like your Angus beef? Head down to the Houston attraction and have your certified beef from well-bred Angus spiced with the best sauces. From  lemon pepper to blue cheese butter or sizzling garlic, they will serve any of your favorites, just say the word.

The topmost steakhouse in Texas is rated an astonishing 9.3.

  1. Pappas Bros. Steakhouses – Dallas, Texas

Another magical chop center from Texas, Pappas Bros. Steakhouse serves you dripping wet steaks that certainly activates your taste buds. Since it has its own first-class butchers, you are served with the most knowledgeable staff picked all the way from the Midwest.

The steaks are dry-aged for up to 28 days before they are majestically presented before you.

The top-class Steakhouse down at 10477 Lombardy Lane is rated 9.31.

  1. Keens Steakhouses – Manhattan, New York

Well, it’s now safe to say Manhattan is not just good with number.! The legendary steakhouse in the middle of Herald Square is most definitely a place you want to step foot inside. Not only is the century-old chop place reputable for the big names it has served, it’s also pretty good doing it.

Pour the bucks and grab the Chateaubriand Steak for $120, which comes with three different sauces. Keens is not just the pioneer of steakhouses in New York, it’s actually their godfather.

Rating: 9.35

  1. Bones – Atlanta, Georgia

And the winner is…

Bones Steakhouse in Atlanta has had nearly a 40-year head-start over other steakhouses in making of sophisticated steaks. And boy, it has used its time well. The blend of superior quality steaks and a matching atmosphere makes you feel a little out-of-place.

Enjoy the old-school Atlanta steaks at a fantastic atmosphere and you will go back for more again, and again. Furthermore you can mingle with fellow revelers as you grab one or two of the finest beers in town.

Rating: 9.36




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