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11 Most Frightening Tourist Attractions

While most vacationers would prefer a comfortable luxury ship cruise or a relaxed poolside cocktail, a few others love their voyages just a little spiced up —”Frightening” is the word the rest of us would use.

These are  definitely not for the travelers wishing for peaceful stays at peaceful tour locations.They are for adrenaline junkies who will let it all out in order to have the most spellbinding moments of their lives.

If you are part of these lunatics, read on.

From the mesmerizing cliff sky-walk in China to the paralyzing CN Tower Edge-walk in Toronto, here are 11 of the craziest attractions in the world right now.

  1. Titlis Cliff Walk – Engelberg, Switzerland

While suspended 10,000 feet above sea level atop the highest elevation suspension in Europe, you could consider never looking down. The frightening walk on the cliff of Mount Titlis is a walloping 100-meter length and a mere 1-meter width. An attempt to look down the 10,000-feet will leave you dizzy and with the knee joints ready to collapse. You are in true sense hoisted above the Swiss Alps.

If you’re brave, you most definitely need to check this place out. But be sure even you will feel you stomach sink just a few inches.

  1. The Frightening Aiguille du Midi Skywalk – French Alps

How about an offer by Compagnie du Mont-Blac to “Step into the Void” at 3,900-metre altitudes? You can’t resist? Well, head over to the French Alps and get inside this high altitude glass-only room situated above the Aiguille du Midi.

Step Into the Void offers riveting views of the whole mountainous range of the French Alps. You can’t stop yourself looking down, but it’s not really going to help your situation that much. If you don’t get giddy up there, well then maybe you just never will.

  1. Coiling Dragon Cliff Skywalk – Zhangjiajie, China

If you think the name is scary enough, then know you are only starting. First of all the frightening sky-walk is made of glass clinging to the side of the Tianmen Mountain. The perfect chance to test your susceptibility to vertigo, simply try to capture the surrounding landscape below you. The coiling cliff is reminiscent of a slithering dragon, making up to 99 coils and that’s scary enough for me.

Moreover the Tianmen Mountain also boasts of frightening cable car lines that will take you on a 30-minute trip.

  1. CN Tower Edgewalk – Toronto, Canada

Ever felt like you are living life on the edge? No? Okay then you have your chance right here. Head to the very top of the CN Tower and stand on its edge while you lean forward a little. You are almost 1,200 feet above the ground and standing merely on the edge. You’re properly harnessed in safety straps, but these won’t hold back the wooziness from the incredible but distant sights beneath you though, be forewarned.

  1. Bungee Jumping at Bloukrans Bridge – South Africa

Standing at 710 feet above the Bloukrans River, Bloukrans Bridge is the 4th tallest bungee jumping site in the world. That’s some amazingly long descent that will have you running silly questions through your mind — like what the hell got you up there in the first place, or who takes your inheritance if that cord snaps! The less daring ones will resolve to scream it out on their way down, it’s all allowed anyway!

  1. Stratosphere Hotel – Las Vegas, Nevada

Which one of these sounds more appealing to you? A claw-like gigantic 64-foot extension off the top of a 900-foot tower swinging you helplessly in the air; or the X-Scream car that tilts over the city and dangles on the edge of the near 1,000 footer! The stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas stays true to the eccentric Las Vegas Spirit and offers both!

Get to test your sanity levels and your vertigo atop the Stratosphere Hotel’s frightening 900 foot self.

  1. Frightening Hike along Mount Huashan – Shaanxi Province, China

If the glass path of the Coiling Dragon Cliff Sky-walk seems safe enough, there is always the wooden planks and chains of Mount Huashan.

Hang perilously on the sides of the Mt. Huashan while harnessed on a chain threaded above the narrow wooden path. The hike takes you all the way up to a tea-house located 7,000 feet above the earth surface. Warning: don’t look down no matter how tempting.

  1. Glass-Bottom observation Window at Willis Tower – Chicago

Knowing for a fact you are standing on a thick glass window doesn’t do much to stop your head spinning from the frightening feeling of standing 1,400 feet above ground level.

The Sky-deck in Chicago offers some astonishing sights way down below, but only if you have the full guts. This height will really make your stomach stir in fear.

  1. Trolltunga Cliff – Hordaland County, Norway

Standing on a cliff is no big deal, right? But standing on the edge of a raw cliff with no railings to protect your fall, now that requires some serious guts! It’s rewarding however to know that the risk presents you the unspoiled views of spectacular cliffs and lake. The surrounding icy mountains are absolutely pristine to watch and photograph from the ledge.

  1. Alpspix Viewing platform – Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Viewing the breathtaking Hollental valleys below always comes at a price; a frightening 3,000 feet suspension above the valley itself. If you can keep your cool up there, then revel atop the world while witnessing the miracles of nature below. Alpspix is hoisted high above the ground and as such will test your lightheadedness to the very edge.

  1. Sky Tower – Auckland, New Zealand

Harnessing yourself on a bungee cord, enjoy the timeless thrills of bouncingbetween the earth and the 1,076-feet Tower’s tip. The experience is  as frightening as any other, if not much more. You may even increase the drop velocities of the bungee cord if you are just that level of insane.

Capture the thrills on tape to show your loved ones later. They just may decide to do the right thing and rush you to a psychiatrist before your situation gets out of hand.



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