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Top 10 Whitewater Rafting Destinations In The World

  1. Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Utah
Rafting on the Grand Canyon in the Colorado River

The Colorado River spans for over 226 miles. Because of its length and its powerful rapids, it is one the most coveted rafting destinations in the world. While rafting at the river, in the midst of all the water and wilderness, you may just feel very calm. Rafting on the river also gives a unique view of the Grand Canyon. Many have described their experience as exhilarating and beautiful. There are also plenty of ruins and beaches to feast your eyes on. The Colorado River begins at the Rocky Mountains and winds through some of the most spectacular destinations in the world. Some of them include the Canyonlands National Park, Cataract Canyon and Westwater Canyon.


  1. Ganges River, India
Rafting on the Alaknanda stretch of the Ganges

The Ganges is an iconic river worshiped by thousands in India. It is a glacial river and originates at the majestic Himalayas. There are stretches of calm water as well as Class V rapids along the Ganges. Rafting on the Ganges is best experienced between the months of October and June. While rafting at the river, you can see medieval Hindu temples and lush greenery along the shore. Rafting on the Ganges is often described as a ‘subtle art’ because of the challenges the river offers. Rafting down the various rapids and the many tributaries truly makes for a memorable experience.


  1. Zambezi River, Zimbabwe
Rafting on the Zambezi River

The Zambezi River is truly meant for all adrenaline junkies out there. It is a destination meant for seasoned rafters only. Almost half of the rapids of this river are categorized as Class IV. There are also massive swells and dramatic drops along the way. You also get to see animals like hippopotamuses and crocodiles up close. Zambezi River is also home to the dazzling Victoria Falls. The river is perfect for both one-day and multi day rafting trips. While you are rafting, you can camp on the beaches and feast your eyes on the surrounding scenery. The best time to go for rafting on the Zambezi River is between September and November.


  1. Futaleufu River, Chile
Rafting on the Futaleufu River

The name Futaleufu translates to big river. It is a glacial river originating at the Andes. In spite of its origin, the water is surprisingly calm enough at some sections making it suitable for new rafters. However, its Class IV rapids and sharp drops are meant for experienced rafters only. You can easily camp besides the river while rafting on it. If you want to try something different, then you can ride horses along the shore. Futaleufu is known as one of the most challenging rafting destinations in the world. Most rafters describe rafting through the Chilean Andes is ‘unparalleled’.


  1. Salmon River’s Middle Fork, Idaho
Rafting on Middle Fork

Middle Fork is one of the several tributaries of the Salmon River. It is often described as an ‘iconic whitewater rafting’ destination. Middle Fork offers drops from heights of almost 3000 feet and has over 100 rapids. As you make your way through the challenges, you get to see bears and moose on the shore. The river goes on for more than 100 miles. It covers diverse terrains like canyons, forests and grasslands. It is also home to some rare Native American history. Rafters enjoy their journey through a constant offering of history and natural habitat. Of course there are the rapids and the drops to keep you thrilled.


  1. North Johnstone River, Australia
Rafting on North Johnstone River

The North Johnstone is fed by very heavy rainfall during the monsoons. This is the reason why it serves up rapids belonging to Class IV and V. The river makes its way through rainforests and gorges and is only accessible through helicopters. Apart from the wild torrents of the river, you also get to experience the abundant wildlife in the area. The Australian rainforests surrounding the river are home to animals like bird spiders, water dragons and saltwater crocodiles.


  1. Magpie River, Canada
Rafting on Magpie River

Rafting on the Magpie River gets more difficult as you progress. The first rapids that you encounter are gentle enough. Even novice rafters can tackle those. But then comes the Magpie Falls with its Class V rapids! The Magpie is a remote river winding its way through gorges, lakes and waterfalls. This hotbed of rapids and wildlife has its origin at the Labrador Plateau. Rafting on the complete stretch of the river takes as long as five days. The journey takes you through several obstacles including the Magpie Canyon. Camping along the river provides you with an unparalleled view of the famed Northern Lights.


  1. White Nile, Uganda
Whitewater Rafting on White Nile

The White Nile is a tributary of the legendary Nile River. It makes its way through countries like Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan and Uganda. The best spot for rafting on the river is at a site known as Jinja. It is located where the river flows out of Lake Victoria. As it spills out of the lake, it transforms into rapids ranging from Class II to V. The White Nile is perfect for both experienced and new rafters. In addition to rafting and kayaking, you can also go for safaris in this region. Often described by the locals as the ‘source of excitement’, the White Nile is one of the best rafting destinations in Africa.


  1. Ottawa River, Canada
Rafting on Ottawa River

The Ottawa River runs through Ontario and Quebec. It is regarded as one of top rafting destinations in the world. The good thing about the river is that it is meant for rafters of all levels. The calm stretches and the warm water make for quality rafting for beginners. There are also faster sections of the river which provide the thrills and chills to advanced rafters. There is wildlife and wilderness surrounding the river, adding to the visual charm. The rapids are almost as big as those found on the Colorado River. Most rafters love the stretch between the middle and the main channels. Other preferred locations include the Hell’s Half Mile and McCoy’s Chute Rapid.


  1. Pacuare River, Costa Rica
Rafting on Pacuare River

The Pacuare River is a beautiful river flanked by a lush rainforest. It runs for almost 70 miles. The rapids on the river are all categorized as Class III to IV – suitable only for intermediate and experienced rafters. While rafting at the river, you may even get to see animals like monkeys and jaguars. There are also ocelots and many exotic birds. The Pacuare is also one of the most accessible rivers passing through some of the most diverse locations possible. There are high waterfalls as well as thick forest cover. All of this makes the Pacuare River one of the premier white water rafting destinations in the world. Multiple day trips are the best way to enjoy what this river has to offer.

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