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The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant
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Top 10 Unusual Restaurants in the World

Fine dining and eating out have become quite a hot trend these days. Especially for tourists, eating out comes with so many exciting propositions. You get a chance to taste some of the exquisite delicacies of a foreign land, meet new people and at the same time get a unique opportunity to experience the local flavors, tradition and cultural heritage of the location. It is for these reasons that eating out is becoming so increasingly popular among travel bugs.

Here is a list of top 10 unusual restaurants that are bound to blow your mind with  their sheer extraordinary location and offerings.


  1. Bird’s Nest Restaurant, Soneva Kirl Eco Resort, Thailand
Bird’s Nest Restaurant

Ever thought of dining in a bird’s nest? Well, this restaurant in Thailand offers you just that – an unforgettable culinary experience under a leafy canopy, 16 feet high from the ground. Let your imagination sore high as you experience the wide open horizon and boulder-covered shorelines lapped by gentle waves. The food here is a treat as you get to savor some of the finest creative delicacies of Thailand and Mediterranean fare. The beauty of the land, the natural ambiance of the spot and the aromatic food all come together to offer a treat to all of your senses.


  1. Checkers Downtown, LA, USA
Checkers Downtown

Swanky, state-of-art service and a wonderful panoramic view are the main attractions of Checkers Downtown. Located in the historic Hilton Checkers Los Angeles Hotel, this restaurant breathes of history and culture of old Los Angeles. The menu ranges from classic to contemporary with fresh ingredients and seasonal cooking. Spend a quiet evening in the outdoor patio with a glass of cocktail, or hang out in small groups for a classy dinner — the Checkers Downtown is the perfect place offering a relaxed and cozy dining experience.


  1. The Grotto, Rayavadee, Krabi, Thailand
The Grotto

Nestled in an ancient limestone cave on the picturesque Phranang Beach, The Grotto is undoubtedly one of the most romantic getaways in Thailand. Enjoy fresh and delicious food in a serene environment with soft sand underfoot and  open sea stretching ahead. The restaurant has an artistic décor with classy furniture that blends seamlessly with the natural environment. The restaurant, though a part of luxurious Rayavadee Resort, is open to all. The specialty dish is a seafood barbecue along with fine Thai and international cuisine including tuna tartare and French-rack Australian lamb. The restaurant also has an impressive wine, champagne and cocktail list to choose from. Enjoy a lovely meal while admiring a beautiful view to the sea.


  1. Huvafen Fushi, North Malé, Maldives
Huvafen Fushi

A Large clear lagoon stretching for  miles ahead, sparkling private pools and an exclusive dining experience – a unique combination awaits you as you set foot in this strikingly beautiful resort at Malé. This luxury private island resort houses 43 bungalows, each one having its own pool to ensure the privacy of the guests. There is a futuristic underwater spa providing world class service in a surprisingly relaxed environment. Dining here is a real experience as the restaurant serves a wide variety of food. The most popular are delicacies like wood-fired pizzas and gourmet seafood inspired by the watery settings. Enjoy your meal sitting right at the beach, on the lagoon or spend a casual evening at the interactive wine cellar course — the options for you are endless.


  1. Vista Restaurant, Koh Rong Archipelago, Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Vista Retaurant

The breathtakingly beautiful Vista Restaurant is a part of Song Saa Private Island hotel and is a delight for any nature lover. Spread over a stretch of pristine lakes with lush green forest in the horizon, the scenic beauty of this location is bound to revitalize your tired soul. The breezy restaurant is open-sided and situated right over the lake.  The food prepared by world class chefs will give you the authentic local Khmer flavor seamlessly blended with Western cuisine. Try fresh seafood dishes like fish amok or samlor koko. Wish to taste some of the handpicked wines? Ask for a tasting as you stretch your legs out in the lounge enjoying the brilliant sunset.


  1. Vertigo Restaurant & Moon Bar, Bangkok
Vertigo Restaurant & Moon Bar

True to its name, this restaurant will give you wings to fly so you can touch the moon. A part of the famous Banyan Tree Hotel, this grill-and-bar restaurant is set atop a roof terrace overlooking the breathtaking cityscape of Bangkok. The uniqueness of this dining place lies in its architecture. The terrace is 61 floors above the city. The unusually narrow and protruding deck stretched outside instantly gives you a feel of floating mid-air. The feeling is almost like being inside a spacecraft in the sky. The atmosphere is sophisticated but relaxed. Informally set, this grill-and-bar restaurant offers you lip-smacking seafood, super-juicy steaks and premium-quality drinks.


  1. The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar
The Rock Restaurant

Situated on a hard rock raised from the Indian Ocean on the Michanwi Pingwe Beach, The Rock restaurant offers one of the most romantic gateways for tourists. One can reach the restaurant walking, swimming, or by a canoe. The peaceful sandy beaches, the clear water and pleasant ocean breeze are the main attractions of the restaurant, not to forget its fresh and delicious seafood. The best part of The Rock is that this restaurant is a sponsor of Kichanga Foundation, an organization which works to improve the living conditions of the local Kichanga people. To sum up, excellent food, exquisite location and delectable food — that’s what The Rock is.


  1. Grotta Palazzese, Polignano, a Mare, Italy
Grotta Palazzese

Carved out of a limestone cliff, this unique and elegant restaurant has been hosting elegant dinners for Italian nobility since 18th century. The natural ambiance with a view over the blue Adriatic Sea will take you through time to the olden days. The restaurant is a natural sea cave that serves only during the summers, from May to October. The food is delectable and the wine list is long. Special dishes like tuna with burrata cheese or lobster ravioli will grace your plate. But before you drop by, don’t forget to make a reservation.


  1. The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Villa Escudero Resort, San Pablo City, Philippines
The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

Set in the lush Philippine ambiance, The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant will give you a fresh whiff of undiluted natural beauty and a watery thrill along with a very tasty Filipino meal. Visiting the restaurant feels like entering a tropical heaven, with a wild waterfall on one side and a lush green jungle on the other. The restaurant is furnished with rustic bamboo tables and the cuisine served is authentic dishes of the Philippines with a touch of vibrant local tradition. As you enjoy the meal, be prepared to get drenched as the tables are set right next to the Labassin Fall, a manmade water cascade. The touch of cold water in the hot and sultry climate of Philippines is simply heavenly! And if you are adventurous enough, hop into the water and give yourself a refreshing soak once you finish up your meal.


  1. Ithaa Restaurant, Alif Dhaal Atoll, Maldives
Ithaa Restaurant

Rated “the most beautiful restaurant in the world” by the New York Daily News, Ithaa is the world’s first all glass underwater restaurant, built 5 meters below the sea level. Only 14 guests can be accommodated in this small restaurant, and the construction will erode in another 10 years. So, first of all, you need to act fast to get an entry in this heavenly eating spot in Maldives. Ithaa means Mother of Pearl in the Maldivian language of Dihevi. The restaurant is a part of the famous Conrad Hotels & Resorts. The diners can enjoy contemporary European and Asian cuisine while experiencing an 180 degree panoramic view of the surrounding coral reefs and underwater life. One can indulge in lavish fare such as caviar or can opt for a lighter four-course menu.

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