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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Virginia Beach


  1. Climb up the Cape Henry Lighthouse
The new lighthouse and the Cape Henry Lighthouse (right)

The Cape Henry Lighthouse is a landmark of the Chesapeake Bay. Built in the late 18th century, it was the first ever lighthouse funded by the US government. You can climb up to the top of the lighthouse and see the beautiful views over the coast. You can also see another lighthouse, which was built in 1881, almost 90 years later. Both these lighthouses were declared as National Historic Landmarks.


  1. Explore the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center
Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

The Virginia Aquarium is a fun attraction for the whole family. Located at Owls Creek, it is surrounded with beautiful outdoor decks. It is home to many magnificent sea creatures like seals, sharks, otters, sea turtles and manta rays. It also holds some surprises, like a rare crocodile and few Komodo dragons. The aquarium is divided between two buildings which take over a large complex. The displays show the type of marine life Virginia has supported throughout the years. Other than the animals, the aquarium also features artificial dinosaurs which move and a see-through ‘Red Sea Tunnel’.


  1. See the historic Francis Land House
Francis Land House

Francis Land House is a historical house located in the Rose Hall district of Virginia Beach. It was the home of the Land family, who were one of the founders of the Princess Anne County. When the house was built, it was surrounded by farmland. The Land family lived in the house through 1805 to 1819. The architecture of the house is clearly Georgian, while the interiors are a little different. The furnishings are a mix of antiques and modern reproductions.


  1. Mix nature with history at the First Landing State Park
First Landing State Park

The First Landing State Park is where nature and history come together. It is a lovely park for a day out with family. Choose this park if you want to paddle a boat or go for a hike in the forest. It is also good for camping or simply for relaxing. The park is one of the sites where the first-ever English colonists reached about 400 years ago. Today, it serves as a recreational area for tourists and locals. The beach inside the park stretches for about 1.5 miles. The campsites are located behind the vegetation that covers the waterfront.


  1. Cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge–Tunnel
Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is a modern day man-made wonder. Other than a huge travel convenience, it is also a major tourist attraction. The tunnel connects Virginia Beach with the eastern shore of the state. It runs for about 18 miles and has won several awards for its engineering. The time to cross the tunnel is about half an hour. The southernmost island consists of a gift shop, a fishing pier and a restaurant overlooking the bay. Parking is available at the toll plazas located at the southern and the northern flanks.


  1. Feel the peace at Sandbridge Beach
Sandbridge Beach

The Sandbridge Beach is a quiet beach located towards the south of Resort Beach. Unlike the latter, the atmosphere at the Sandbridge Beach is completely relaxed and peaceful. It’s the perfect place for getting away from all sorts of mayhem. You can go for a walk or you can have a picnic right on the beach. The beach is wide with the same soft sand found at the Resort Beach. Other than being a relaxing place, it is also a hotspot of activities. You can go for a canoe or a kayak ride. Or you can rent a bike and cruise along the beach. Visitors can also try hiking and fishing at the Sandbridge Beach.


  1. See colorful birds at the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge
Sunset at the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge

The Back Bay Wildlife Refuge is located right behind Sandbridge Beach. Spread over a large area of 9000 acres, it consists of dunes, forests and marshes. The refuge provides a safe habitat to several migratory birds. Of course it also a very welcome retreat for people who want some quiet time. There are several walking paths which give you the opportunity of viewing the wildlife in that area.  You can see animals like muskrats, deer, bobcats and several types of birds. Another popular attraction, the False Cape State Park, can be easily accessed from here.


  1. Enjoy the Chesapeake Bay Beach
Chesapeake Bay Beach

The Chesapeake Bay Beach is located towards the south of Resort Beach. It is another popular beach and has a more subdued character. The water is calmer and so is the crowd. There are restrooms and showers for visitors. There are also several great dining options available. Bordering the beach is the Buckroe Beach, which offers extremely family friendly entertainment. It has shelters for picnics and contains a playground for kids. There are also paths for walking and for biking. The car parking is spacious and lifeguards are on duty through Memorial Day to Labor Day.


  1. Attain solitude at the False Cape State Park
A seal pup and its mother at the False Cape State Park

The False Cape State Park is located towards the south of Resort Beach. It is a relatively underdeveloped area and features a large undeveloped beach. It is also home to woodlands, marshes and dunes just like the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Several walking and biking trails are scattered through the park. You can access the park by foot or on a bike. There are a few walking trails leading up to the park. The lack of roads gives the park a remote feeling which many people seem to love! You may not find many people around and it may seem like having your own beach. The park is also home to seals which aren’t afraid of humans at all. Perfect place to go click-happy!


  1. Relax at the Virginia Beach Boardwalk and Resort Beach
Virginia Beach Boardwalk and Resort Beach

The Virginia Beach is a beautiful beach with plenty of action. Most tourists flock to the beach during the summer months to enjoy themselves. It is the most famous beach in the city and is also popularly known as the ‘Resort Beach.’ Located in front of a long series of hotels, it is a beautiful wide stretch of golden sand. It can get absolutely packed with people during summer, especially on the weekends. The wide boardwalk runs along the beach and is perfect for walking, biking, running and skateboarding. It is also ideal for simply hanging out. Settle at any one of the park benches and enjoy the waterfront. Or find a candy or a fudge shop and indulge yourself!

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