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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Roanoke

  1. Navigate the trails at Mill Mountain Park
Mill Mountain Star at the Mill Mountain Park

The Mill Mountain Park is the ideal attraction for outdoor enthusiasts. Spread over 568 acres, it consists of many multi-purpose trails. These trails run for a collective distance of 10 miles and are meant for walking, biking, and hiking. One of the most popular trails is the Mill Mountain Star Trail which runs for 3.5 miles. It takes you to the Mill Mountain, which is the highest point in Roanoke. There is also the Star Trail located just off Riverland Road. Then there is the Watch Tower Trail which is famous for its views.  Bring your camera and take a photo of the legendary Mill Mountain Star. It’s a landmark which was actually built as a temporary decoration for Christmas in 1949!


  1. Bike at the Carvins Cove Natural Reserve
Carvins Cove Natural Reserve

The Carvins Cove Natural Reserve is a haven for bikers. It has more than 60 miles of biking trails. These trails surround a reservoir which is spread over 600 acres. The reserve is the largest municipal park in America and is spread over 13,000 acres. Do not forget to visit Just The Right Gear, which is a cycling shop near the Bennett Springs entrance. The other entrances are known as Timber View and Marina. You can buy trail maps from the shop and navigate the park yourself. You can also rent high-end biking gears and bikes.


  1. Gape at Miniature Graceland
Miniature Graceland

Miniature Graceland is an ode to Elvis Presley. Built by his biggest fans, Don and Kim Epperly, it’s a miniature replica of his home in Memphis. It is located at the yard of a residential house and is a unique spot to visit. Standing three feet tall, it is a very impressive replica of the King’s home. Tourists come in buses to visit the spot. The miniature structures include the house Elvis was born in, performance halls and the Elvis Presley Car Museum.


  1. Cruise along the Roanoke Valley Greenways
Roanoke Valley Greenways

The Roanoke Valley Greenways is a well maintained network of trails connected with each other. These trails enable you to experience the city on a more personal level. You can bike along the various trails and take in all the sights. There are trails which run right besides the Roanoke River. On some trails, you can spot animals like geese, herons and deer. You can start your tour from the Vic Thomas Park and navigate your way along the greenway.


  1. See the Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway goes through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Spanning across 470 miles, it gives you the opportunity to see some of the best views of the mountains. The parkway is looked after by the National Park Service. You can take the parkway through the Roanoke Valley and make your way to the Skyline Drive. Or you can head toward the Grandfather Mountain and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The parkway is located only 10 minutes away from Roanoke. One of the most photographed spot in the parkway is the Mabry Mill. It enjoys an iconic status.


  1. Climb the McAfee Knob
McAfee Knob

McAfee Knob offers stunning panoramic views of the mountains and valleys which surround it. It is famous for its ledge. Most tourists include McAfee Knob as a must-see while they are on a trip to Virginia. It has been described as a spectacular hiking spot by USA Today Travel. Located at almost 3200 feet, it is one of the most photographed spots in Roanoke. It’s a good idea to visit the place with family and kids. It is often deserted and it is not a good idea to go there alone.


  1. See the Bottom Creek Gorge
Bottom Creek Gorge

The Bottom Creek Gorge is a popular spot for nature lovers, bird watchers and photographers. Located 20 miles away from Roanoke, it is one of the most visited sites in Virginia. It also feeds the Roanoke River and consists of several trails. Then there is the beautiful landscape, the hardwood forests and the 2nd highest waterfall in Virginia. You may want to navigate the Red Trail which is the longest of all the trails. It provides the best vantage point for capturing the beautiful waterfall. Another great trail is the Yellow Trail, where you can spot owls, turkeys and other birds.


  1. Visit Roanoke City Market
Roanoke City Market

The City Market at Roanoke is nothing short of historic. It is an entertainment destination throughout the year. The shops at the market sell flowers, food, cheese and meat. There are also several boutiques. The market has four entrances and all of them are tiled with mosaics. Pay attention to the mosaics, as they tell a little history about the market. Don’t forget to visit the Fork in the Market, which sells the best burgers in Roanoke.


  1. Fish at the Smith Mountain Lake
Smith Mountain Lake

The Smith Mountain Lake is one of the most popular lakes in Virginia. It has earned the nickname Jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Popularly known as SML, it has a very impressive population of bass. As a visitor, you can go for full- or half-day charters. The local guide service is known as the Rodbender Striper Guide Service or as the SML Fishing Charter. They provide everything from gears to expertise required for fishing. Other than the bass, the lake is also home to bluegills and crappies.


  1. See the many attractions at the Center in the Square
Center in the Square

The Center in the Square is a cultural center of seven stories.  It provides support for several educational and cultural organizations. The most popular attraction at the center is the coral reef aquarium. It is home to 150 corals and 250 fish. The center also consists of non-profit science organizations and cultural arts centers.  There is the Mill Mountain Theatre, the Harrison Museum of African American Culture, the Science Museum of Western Virginia and the History Museum of Western Virginia. There is also the Museum of African American Culture and the Rooftop Garden. You may have to visit the center more than once to be able to visit all of them.

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