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Virginia State Capitol
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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Richmond

  1. Take a walk along the Canal Walk
Canal Walk

The Canal Walk is a walk along the ‘James River-Kanawha Canal’. It was built for connecting markets in the west to the harbors on the east. The 1.25-mile long canal is interspersed with paved promenades urging you to walk on. On the way you can see historic statues and markers narrating the history of Richmond. Located along the canal is the American Civil War Center and Brown’s Island. You can also go for a historical tour on the canal, lasting for 40 minutes.


  1. Relive history at the Church Hill Historic District
Church Hill Historic District

The Church Hill Historic District gives you a good idea about Richmond’s past. It is an accurate representation of what the city was like before the civil war happened. The district is dotted with attractions like St. John’s Episcopal Church and the State Capitol. Both of them were built in the 18th century. The church is the second-oldest church in Richmond. The district is also home to the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, or the ‘Old Stone House.’ It contains many of his personal items, documents and manuscripts.


  1. Go for a picnic at Maymont

Maymont was left to the city of Richmond by James Dooley and his wife Sallie. They built it in the late 19th century and lived there until 1925. The premises include a park which is spread over 100 acres. It also includes a collection of carriages, the mansion, a children’s farm, arboretum, and many gardens. The mansion acts as a museum and has been restored to its full glory. It is filled with several treasures the Dooleys collected over the years. The gardens are spectacular to look at and bring a sense of instant peace. After you finish touring the premises, you can picnic with your family at the neighboring Nature Center.


  1. Tour the White House of the Confederacy
White House of the Confederacy

The White House of the Confederacy was the home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis while the Civil War was going on. Now, it serves as the Museum of the Confederacy and houses a great collection of artifacts from the Civil War. The collection also includes several photos, flags and weapons used during the war. The house has hosted guests like Robert E. Lee, who was the commander of the Southern Army.


  1. See the Civil War Center at historic Tredegar Iron Works
Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar Iron Works

The Civil War Center was the first museum to interpret the effects and causes of the Civil War. It is one of the five buildings located in the premises of Tredegar Iron Works. The latter is located in the downtown area of Richmond along the James River. It has been named as a National Historic Landmark.


  1. Check out the collection at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is the envy of many museums located in big cities. This is mainly because it houses many historically important collections. The permanent collection of the museum includes works by artists like Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. Another highlight is the ‘Fischer Collection of Modernist works’ which has made the museum internationally renowned. Other important collections include works by South Asian and African artists.


  1. Explore the Maggie L. Walker National Historical Site
Maggie L. Walker National Historical Site

The Maggie L. Walker National Historical Site is a National Historic Landmark of America. It is located in the ‘Jackson Ward’ neighborhood of Richmond. The site was established for sharing the story of Maggie L Walker. She became the first-ever woman to become the president of a bank when she was appointed as the first president of the St. Luke Penny Savings Bank. The site was built by George W. Boyd and protects the home where Walker lived. Tours of the house are offered by rangers of the National Park Service. The highlight is of course the house itself and a Gothic style row-house made of Victorian bricks. The interiors of the house still contains original furniture used by Maggie L Walker.


  1. Visit the Valentine Museum and Richmond History Center
Valentine Museum and Richmond History Center

The Valentine Museum holds a collection of eclectic exhibits. The museum essentially tells the story of people who were behind the making of Virginia. In addition to this, it also houses the Edward V. Valentine Sculpture Studio. It is one of the only few American sculpture studios which have survived since the 19th century. There is also the Wickham House which is a great example of 19th-century architecture. It is especially known for some of the best interior decorations in the US. The house gives you an idea about how the wealthy Richmond families lived. You can also access the basement, where the slaves used to live and work.


  1. Relax at the Forest Hill Park
Forest Hill Park

Forest Hill Park is where you go for some recreation and relaxation. It has something for everyone. Spread over 105 acres, the park boasts of wetlands as well as open fields. There are many small lakes and streams which are filled with fish like bass and sunfish. The park was refurbished by the city and was restored as an amusement park. The Forest Hill Park also consists of a 3 mile long walking trail which is very popular with hikers. It is also a great place for birdwatchers, bikers and for dog walkers. The beautiful James River is located just 100 yards away from the park. The James River Park is located towards the north of the park and can be easily accessed from the Forest Hill Park.


  1. Admire the Virginia State Capitol
Virginia State Capitol

The Virginia State Capitol is an imposing building which was built in the 18th century. It was designed by Thomas Jefferson who styled it after a Roman temple named as Maison Carree. The Capitol building has been the site of many historical events. Some important events which took place here include the appointment of Robert E. Lee and the ratification of Virginia’s secession. There is a statue of George Washington in the building’s lobby. The Capitol sits on the Capitol Square, which is a spacious park. It is also the site of the Governor’s Mansion, which was built in 1824.

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