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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Norfolk

Take a whiff of fresh air at the Norfolk Botanical Garden

Norfolk Botanical Garden

The Norfolk Botanical Garden is a beautiful outdoor space located in downtown Norfolk. It’s a place for enjoying a walk, for taking in some fresh air and for admiring colorful flowers. Visit the garden on a summer day along with your kids. The garden features a large collection of rhododendrons and azaleas, along with several other trees. It has been expanded over the years and is looked after by volunteers. Don’t forget to take a boat tour while you are inside the garden! If you go during November, then you will be able to catch the ‘Dominion Garden of Lights.’ It is an annual festival which starts in late November and goes on until New Year’s Day.


  1. Gape at the collection at the Chrysler Museum of Art
Chrysler Museum of Art

The Chrysler Museum of Art is a rare museum. It is small but holds an inspirational collection. The antiquities and artworks are laid out inside a beautiful building. It is completely free to visit and is known to impress visitors who don’t even like art. The museum also holds one of the largest collections of glass in the US.  Other than this, the museum also holds collections of contemporary art, modern art, sculpture, ancient art, and photography. Just next door to the museum is the ‘Chrysler Museum Glass Studio,’ where you can see glass blowing demonstrations.


  1. Feel proud at the MacArthur Memorial
MacArthur Memorial

The MacArthur Memorial is named after Douglas MacArthur, who was a US General and the Chief of Staff of the United States Army. Along with honoring him, the memorial also honors the Americans who served in the two World Wars, the Spanish American War, the Korean War and the Civil War. Housed inside a historic courthouse, the complex consists of both the Visitor’s Center and the Memorial. The Memorial contains the tomb of Douglas MacArthur and also of his wife. The building also contains many displays and a gift shop.


  1. Meet magnificent animals at The Virginia Zoo
The Virginia Zoo

The Virginia Zoo is a favorite with the tourists and locals alike. Animals like lions, rhinos, elephants, orangutans, tigers, kangaroos and giraffes can be found here. The enclosures are well-lit and are large in size. There are boardwalks for watching some of these animals, like the giraffe, allowing you to come face-to-face with them. Visit the zoo in the morning when the weather is pleasant. After you finish touring the zoo, have a hearty meal at the on-site restaurant. Popular exhibits at the zoo include ‘Trail of the Tiger’ and ‘Okavango Delta.’


  1. Sail on the American Rover
American Rover

American Rover is a tall ship located near the Nauticus building. It offers cruises on the ‘Hampton Roads Harbor’ and the ‘Elizabeth River’ with magnificent views of Norfolk. The cruises usually have a narrator and they run anywhere between an hour and two hours. You can simply enjoy the ride or you can try your hand at sailing yourself. You can bring your own food on the cruise, or you can buy snacks and beverages. The cruises usually run from April to October. Sunset and afternoon cruises are the most popular with the visiting tourists.


  1. See the Hampton Roads Naval Museum
Hampton Roads Naval Museum

The Hampton Roads Naval Museum is an official museum of the US Navy and is located inside the Nauticus building. In spite of the location, it is run separately. You can see it on your way to Battleship Wisconsin. It’s a completely free museum and is worth a visit. It focuses on the navy’s role in Virginia from the Civil War to the Cold war. The displays include uniforms, model ships, and mines used against U-boats from Germany.


  1. Visit the Moses Myers House
Music Room in the Moses Myers House

The Moses Myers House was built in the late 18th century. It was one of the first homes in Norfolk to be made of brick. The building was significant because it was one of the first homes built right after the Revolutionary War. The owner of the building, Moses Myers, was one of the first Jewish residents of Norfolk. He was also one of the first millionaires in the US. The Myers family stayed in the building for 5 generations. Many of the items and furnishings used by them are on display at the house. Wander through the various rooms of the house and see the musical instruments and the desks that belonged to the family.


  1. Take a tour of the Battleship Wisconsin and the Nauticus Maritime Center
Battleship Wisconsin

Battleship Wisconsin is a decommissioned battleship which was used during World War 2. Now located at a downtown area of Norfolk, it is a popular tourist attraction. It is one of the largest ships for battle ever built by the US Navy. Located at the waterfront, it cuts quite an imposing figure. Launched in 1943 and used extensively during World War II, Battleship Wisconsin was active till the year 1991. Take a walk through the Nauticus building and have a look at the displays related to the ship. Then go over to the deck of the ship and take a self guided tour.


  1. Tour the Town Point Park
Town Point Park

Town Point Park is the waterfront entertainment center of Norfolk. It also serves as a place for events, concerts and festivals. Spread over 7 acres, the park is located besides the Elizabeth River. Every year it plays host to festivals like ‘Bayou Boogaloo’ and the ‘Norfolk Harborfest.’ The park is also home to the ‘Armed Forces Memorial’ and ‘The Homecoming.’ The memorial features letters written by soldiers to their home in the US. They are displayed on bronze plates and look like as if they have been strewn on the memorial.


  1. Explore the Hermitage Museum and Gardens
Hermitage Museum and Gardens

The Hermitage Museum & Gardens was home to the Sloane family. It was built during the early 20th century and is located besides the Lafayette River. The museum features one of the most nationally recognized collections of art in the US. It features a Visual Arts Studio, exhibition galleries and studios of working artists. The museum is surrounded by 12 acres of grounds and gardens. It is also a popular site for weddings and reception ceremonies.

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