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Top 14 Tourist Attractions of Kuala Lumpur

With over 12 million annual visitors, Kuala Lumpur is one of the top 10 most-visited cities in the world. It is the capital and largest city of Malaysia. This major metropolis is a financial and cultural hub of South East Asia with a rich history. Tourists are presented with a wide array of attractions to choose from. It is a city that will appeal to youth as well as to senior travelers. Kuala Lumpur can be visited anytime of the year for its warm and sunny weather. Here is our pick of some of the top attractions Kuala Lumpur has to offer.


  1. Bank Negara Malaysia Museum & Art Gallery
Bank Negara Malaysia Museum & Art Gallery

The Bank Negara Malaysia Museum & Art Gallery is one of the most interesting attractions in the city of Kuala Lumpur. This museum-cum-art gallery focuses on the economic and financial history of the country and has various displays that explain the evolution of the financial system in the region. There are 6 galleries, namely the Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery, Children’s Gallery, Numismatics Gallery, Islamic Finance Gallery, Economic Gallery, and the Art Gallery. The museum is open daily and has free admission.


  1. Islamic Arts Museum
Islamic Arts Museum

The Islamic Arts Museum is one of the must-visit attractions when visiting Kuala Lumpur. It is located within walking distance from many other attractions like the Bird Park and National Mosque. The Islamic Arts Museum is the largest of its kind in southeast Asia and displays some of the finest artifacts from the Islamic world. The nearly 7000 items include fine carpets, pottery, calligraphy, and jewelry, to name a few. It was opened to the public in 1998 and is housed in a building that is itself an attraction for its architectural beauty.


  1. KL Butterfly Park
KL Butterfly Park

The KL Butterfly Park, or Taman Rama Rama Kuala Lumpur to the locals, is a large butterfly zoo. It is located very close to the KL Bird park and is easily accessible through the Pasar Seni metro station. The park has a collection of over 5000 butterflies belonging to various species, along with a variety of plants and ferns that act as hosts to them. There is an information zone for those who want further details about the butterflies. The park also has a souvenir store.


  1. KL Bird Park
KL Bird Park

The KL Bird Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, attracting nearly a quarter of a million visitors every year. It has over 3000 birds belonging to nearly 200 different species, 90 percent of which are local and the rest imported from foreign locales. The Bird Park is a part of the Lake Gardens which was established in 1888; however, the Bird Park itself  was established in 1991. Spread over 20 acres, this public aviary is one of the largest covered bird parks in the world.


10. Masjid Negara

Masjid Negara

Inspired by the Grand Mosque of Mecca, the Masjid Negara, or, National Mosque of Malaysia, is the main place of Islamic worship in the city of Kuala Lumpur. This mosque was built in 1965 and spreads over 13 acres. The mosque can be identified from a distance through its 73 m high minaret. An interesting part of its design is the umbrella-type blue-tiled roof,  which has 18 points — signifying the 5 pillars of Islam plus the 13 states  of the country. The mosque is set amidst a beautifully landscaped garden and can accommodate 15,000 worshipers at once.


  1. Merdeka Square
Merdeka Square

The Merdeka Square is one of the most prominent city landmarks in Kuala Lumpur. This historic square is where the Malayan flag was hoisted in 1957 to proclaim independence from colonial rule. It was originally the cricket field of the Selangor Club. The square is the venue of the National Day Parade and various public events and concerts. The beautiful Moghul-styled building on the side of the Merdeka Square is the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, which once served as the Supreme Court and is presently the office of the Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Arts. The 95 m high flagpole in this square with the Malaysian flag is the tallest flagpole in the world.


  1. Istana Negara
Istana Negara

The Royal Museum has been set up in the Istana Negara, or Royal Palace, which is located just east of the KL Sentral train station. It was the official residence of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, or the Supreme King of Malaysia, between 1957 and 2011. This majestic mansion, set on a hilltop, was originally built in 1928 as the residence of Chan Wing — a Chinese millionaire. The palace compound is not open to the public and is used for state ceremonies and events. However, the  public does have access to certain parts of the Royal Museum from where you can take pictures of this grand mansion.


  1. Istana Budaya
Istana Budaya

The Istana Budaya, or, the Palace of Culture, is a popular theater that was established in 1999. Located next to the National Art gallery, the Istana Budaya, has over the years established itself as one of the premier venues for all types of theater — classical, musical, and operetta. It has hosted many domestic and international performances. This state-of-the-art theater is rated as one of the best in the world. It has a seating capacity of 1412 and a theater floor space of 21,000 sq m. The cutting-edge architectural design of the theater was done by local architect Muhammad Kamar Yaakub.


  1. Masjid Jamek
Masjid Jamek

Masjid Jamek, or the Jamek Mosque, is one of the oldest mosques in the city and is located at the confluence of the Gombak and Klang rivers. It was designed by British architect Arthur Hubback and has a fusion of Indo-Saracenic and Moorish style of architecture. The construction of the mosque was completed in 1907 and it was officially opened for public worship in 1909. It predates the building of the national mosque and was the main mosque in the city during its completion. The mosque is located right next to the Masjid Jamek LRT station.


  1. Central Market Kuala Lumpur
Central Market

Central Market Kuala Lumpur is one the most popular shopping places  for visiting tourists in Kuala Lumpur. The popularity of Central Market not only lies in its shopping stalls but also in its history. It was originally built in 1888 as a wet market by the ruling British. Over the years it went through various remodeling and expansions, the last being in 1985. In 2006, the Annexe Central Market building was added to the main building to house art exhibitions. The original building of the Central Market Kuala Lumpur was declared a Heritage Site in the 1970s.


  1. Batu Caves
Batu Caves

The Batu Caves is one of the most prominent attractions in Kuala Lumpur and should certainly not be missed. It is a limestone series of caves. Batu Caves is home to a popular Hindu shrine that is dedicated to Lord Murugan. At the entrance of the cave, there is a huge 42.7 meter high statue of Lord Murugan in golden color. There is a steep 272-step climb to reach the entrance of the cave. At the top, not only can you explore the inside of the caves, but also have a spectacular sweeping view of northern Kuala Lumpur.


  1. KLCC Park

The KLCC Park is the green area that surrounds the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. The park spreads over 20 hectares and was designed by Brazilian architect Roberto Marx. Opened in 1998 to the public, the park area has a serene ambiance in contrast to the neighboring twin towers and the busy Surya Mall complex. Trees for the park were chosen to attract migratory birds. The park is landscaped in a manner that gives a feeling of open space. It is an ideal place to take a quiet breather after visiting the towers or doing a round of shopping in the adjacent mall.


  1. Kuala Lumpur Tower
KL Tower – Menara Kuala Lumpur

Menara Kuala Lumpur, or the Kuala Lumpur Tower is a 431 m tall tower that is ranked as the 7th tallest free-standing tower in the world. Dominating the Kuala Lumpur skyline along with the Petronas Twin Towers, the Kuala Lumpur Tower — or KL Tower — is one of the major attractions in the city. Other than holding a telecommunications antennae, the tower also acts as an Islamic falak observatory. There is a revolving restaurant, a mall, and souvenir shops in the tower. The observation platform in the KL Tower is the highest viewpoint that is open to the public in the city.


  1. Petronas Twin Towers
Aerial View of the Petronas Twin Towers

The one thing that any tourist looks out for when visiting the city of Kuala Lumpur is the Petronas Twin Towers — the tallest buildings in the world between 2004 and 2008, and presently the tallest twin buildings in the world. Along with the KL Tower — which is one of the tallest free standing structures in the world — the Petronas Towers dominate the skyline of Kuala Lumpur. Both towers were completed in 1998, have 88 floors, and reach a height of 452 m. There is a 2-story skybridge joining the 41st and 42nd floors of the two towers. Visitors are given free guided tours of the skybridge from where they can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the city.

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