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Eindhoven Museum
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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Eindhoven

From being an unimportant, battle-ravaged town for centuries to becoming the 5th largest city of the Netherlands in a few decades, the transformation of Eindhoven has truly been fascinating. Eindhoven is most famously related to Philips, the global electronic giant  founded here in 1891. The following few decades saw a manifold growth in the fortune of the city. Today, Eindhoven is the largest city in south Netherlands, with attractions that range from stunning new-age architecture to a vibrant cultural scene. Eindhoven is a hidden tourist gem in Netherlands ready to be explored and enjoyed.


  1. Vanabbemuseum of Art
Vanabbemuseum of Art

Located on the east bank of the River Dommel, this is a museum dedicated to contemporary and modern art. The museum opened its doors in 1936 and has grown into one of the most prestigious in the Netherlands with its collection of over 2700 works of art from artists that include Pablo Picasso, El Lissitzky, and Kandinsky. The museum has nearly 10,000 sq m of display area where it holds many permanent and temporary exhibitions.


  1. Stadswandelpark

Eindhoven is one of the greenest major cities in Netherlands. The popular green areas in the city are Genepper Park, Stadswandelpark, the Strijp, and Dommeldal. However, Stadswandelpark stands apart for its innovative futuristic offering. If you have a smartphone, go for a walk at the Stadswandelpark at Alberdingk Thijmlaan. After downloading ‘Spacewalk in the Park’ app, the whole park becomes a virtual spacewalk with images of astronauts and celestial bodies!


  1. Frits Philips Concert Hall
Frits Philips Concert Hall

Known locally as Muziekgebouw Frits Philips, this is one of the most popular music venues in the city with annual ticket sales in excess of 150,000. It first opened its doors in 1992 and went through extensive renovations in 2010. Located in the busy Market Square, this concert hall has attracted many major artists and performances over the years ranging from jazz and classical music to innovative musical performances from upcoming talents.


  1. PSV and Philips Stadium
Philips Stadium Tour

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of independence of the Netherlands in 1913, Philips founded the Philips Sports Vereniging – Philips Sports Club – popularly known as PSV. Although the club is involved in many sports, it is most famous for its soccer team – PSV Eindhoven. The company holds the naming rights of the 35,000-capacity stadium and the home ground of PSV Eindhoven,  Philips Stadium. Guided tours are available of the stadium when booked in advance. If you are not able to book a tour and still want to have a glimpse of the stadium, try entering it through the de Verlenging restaurant which is located on the stadium’s south east side.


  1. Eindhoven Museum
Eindhoven Museum

Opened in 1982, this is an open air museum with a focus on archaeology. It has reconstructions of villages from the Iron Age and the Middle Ages of the North Brabant area – where Eindhoven is located. The reconstructions and recreations have been done to display the daily social lives of the people from that period. The museum has become a popular cultural attraction in town and attracts over 60,000 people every year. The whole set-up is completed with live models dressed in period costumes and ‘working’ with historic tools. It also has a medieval restaurant, alas, with modern-day prices!


  1. DAF Museum
DAF MUseum

Other than Philips, the one company which has helped Eindhoven stay on the global map is DAF, popular the world over for the DAF Trucks. The colorful history and growth of this corporate giant is showcased in the DAF Museum. The tour starts with a recreation of a village of the 1930s when the company was founded. The upper level has a fascinating collection of cars, including some stunning prototypes that never went into production. This museum is a must visit for any car lover.


  1. Hovenring

Eindhoven is one of the major cities in the world when it comes to industrial designing. It is certainly no wonder that there are numerous buildings spread all across the city which highlight this side of Eindhoven. One of the most popular landmarks of the city is the Hovenring – a stunning suspended circular cycle bridge – the only one of its kind in the world. The bridge has a 70m high pylon and connects Eindhoven, Meerhoven, and Veldhoven – prompting the name Hovenring. Try to visit the bridge in the nighttime when it is lit up, giving it a stunning futuristic look.


  1. Den Bosch
Den Bosch

‘s-Hertogenbosch, commonly called Den Bosch, is a medieval city located just 30 km north of Eindhoven. It is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and  has preserved much of its character and buildings over the centuries. To get to Den Bosch from Eindhoven, take the 20 minute intercity train-ride towards Alkmaar or Schipol. Once in the city, proceed to the city center where all the attractions are concentrated. Fortifying walls and ramparts were built in its early days, parts of which can be seen even today.  The city was given the European Fortress of the Year award in 2004. The city was voted the Flavor Capital in 2010, so do not forget to have a drink or a meal at any of the numerous restaurants or cafes at the city center.


  1. Philips Museum
Philips Museum

Located at Emmasingel 31, this is the first factory of Philips, where they manufactured their first electric bulb. Today, it has been transformed into a museum and showcases the history and growth of the company. The ‘Little Old Factory’ was given a modern and chic look by GSG Architects by giving it a beautiful glass façade. The museum not only has a number of historic displays, it also has unique interactive sessions with its visitors to make the visit more exciting and informative. Special workshops for children are also organized.


  1. Evoluon

One of the most striking architectural landmarks in Eindhoven is the Evoluon conference center. Designed like a huge flying saucer as if from a science fiction movie, the building created ripples for such futuristic designing during its opening in 1966. It was conceived by Frit Philips, the then-Chairman of Philips. The building was a gift to the people of Eindhoven by Philips on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the company’s founding. It was originally used as a museum and an exhibition center but was transformed into a conference center in 1998. The Evoluon deserves a visit even if there is no conference scheduled, simply to admire such futuristic and bold designing.

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