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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Buffalo

Buffalo is a city in upstate New York. The city is the 2nd-most populous in the state, after New York City. It is most popular as the base city on the US side for those visiting the Niagara Falls, about a 40 minute drive from Buffalo downtown. However, the city has enough tourist attractions of its own that can engage the good part of your weekend. From numerous museums and historical sites to beautifully landscaped parks and a zoo, Buffalo has a wide array of attractions for all ages and interests. Here is our pick of the top attractions of the city of Buffalo.


  1. Darwin D Martin House
Darwin D Martin House

The Darwin D Martin House is one of the prominent attractions in the city of Buffalo. The house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1904 and is considered to be one of the finest examples of the Prairie School of architecture. The style involves an extensive use of horizontal lines and integration with the landscape. The horizontal lines evoke a relation with the prairie landscape, hence the name. You can take a tour of the house and the garden to have a better understanding of this distinctive style of architecture.


  1. Anchor Bar
Anchor Bar

This attraction is a must-visit for the foodies, especially for those familiar with chicken wings, one of the most popular delicacies in the US. The Anchor Bar is the birthplace of the famous spicy chicken wings, often known by the name Buffalo wings. This bar-cum-restaurant is located on Main Street. It was established in 1935 and has since opened a number of branches in Canada and the US. The popular spicy chicken wings dish was created in 1964 by then-owner Teresa Bellissimo.


  1. Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens
Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens is located inside South Park in the city of Buffalo. It was created in 1900 and presently covers an area of almost 11.6 acres. The tri-dome Victorian-styled greenhouse was one of the largest public greenhouses in the US when it was built. The complex also has a conservatory, arboretum, pinetum, bog garden, and a shrub garden. Although some of the plants are native to upstate New York region, most of the collection in the garden are plants from the tropical and subtropical parts of the world. The whole complex is beautifully landscaped and ideal for a casual stroll.


  1. Edward M Cotter Fireboat
Edward M Cotter Fireboat

This unique attraction is a must-visit if you are in Buffalo. The Edward M Cotter Fireboat is considered to be the oldest active fireboat in the world. The fireboat was originally built in 1900 and was named William S Grattan. It was rebuilt in 1953 and renamed Firefighter. It got its present moniker a year later after the name of a local firefighting leader who had died recently.  This US National Historic Landmark can still be seen patrolling the waters of Lake Erie. In the winter months, it is also used for ice breaking.


  1. Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site
Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site

The Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site is the place where Theodore Roosevelt took the oath of office as the 26th President of the USA on September 14th, 1901, after the assassination of William McKinley. The house is originally called the Ansley Wilcox House and is located on Delaware Avenue. There is a museum inside the house which not only focuses on the oath taking and the historical events from that time, but also on the 1901 Pan American Exposition.


  1. Shea’s Performing Arts Center
Shea’s Performing Arts Center

Shea’s Performing Arts Center is a movie palace that was built in 1926. It was originally called Shea’s Buffalo and was the venue for touring Broadway musicals, as well as several cultural events of the city. In the early days, it was a venue for screening silent films. The theater still has a fully functioning theater organ of yesteryear to provide supporting music for the silent movies. The Neo Spanish Baroque interior of the center is a sight to behold. The mission statement of the center calls it ‘a working historic theatre providing a wide variety of live performing acts.’


  1. Buffalo Museum of Science
Buffalo Museum of Science

The Buffalo Museum of Science is located in Martin Luther King Jr Park near the Kensington Expressway. This science museum was opened in 1861 and is presently housed in a building from 1929, which is an attraction in itself. There is a collection of over 700,000 artifacts which are displayed in a world-class ambiance. The emphasis is on natural and physical sciences covering zoology, botany, anthropology, mycology, and paleontology.


  1. Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park
Aerial view of the Buffalo and Erie Country Naval & Military Park

The Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park is a museum that is located on the eastern shore of Lake Erie, right next to the Erie Basin Marina. The museum features three historically prominent decommissioned vessels from the US Navy. These exhibits are the USS Croaker submarine, the USS Little Rock Cleveland-class cruiser, and the USS The Sullivans Fletcher class destroyer. It was established in 1979 and allows self guided tours to the public.


  1. Buffalo Zoo
Arctic Edge at the Buffalo Zoo

The Buffalo Zoo was opened in 1875, making it the third-oldest zoo in the USA. It attracts around 400,000 visitors every year, making it the most-popular attraction in that region after Niagara Falls. The zoo is located in the Delaware park and covers an area of 23.5 acres. It has a collection of about 1200 animals. It is also home to about 320 different species of plants. Popular exhibits in the Buffalo Zoo include Siberian tiger, snow leopard, polar bear, golden frog, and Indian rhinoceros.


  1. Niagara Falls
US side of the Niagara Falls

No trip to Buffalo is complete without a visit to  Niagara Falls. Located in upstate New York,  Niagara Falls is undoubtedly the most famous waterfalls in the world. The best way to get to Niagara Falls – which is about 25 miles away – is to drive or take a tour from the city of Buffalo. Niagara Falls is made up of 3 falls – Horseshoe, American, and Bridal Veil – that are straddled between the border of USA and Canada. While some of the best views are reserved for the Canadian side, tourists on the American side can still have a feel of the power and beauty of the falls. Those who want to enjoy the view of the falls from a closer range can take a boat ride to the base of the falls.

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