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Top 10 Things To Do In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not only a major financial and commercial hub of Asia, it is also a popular tourist destination of the region. Administratively an ‘autonomous territory’ of China, Hong Kong is an eclectic mix of traditional and modern lifestyle. Stunning skyscrapers and ancient Chinese temples hold equal importance in this vibrant city. On one hand it boasts of some of the trendiest shopping malls and most expensive real estate in the world, while on the other hand the streets are lined with food stalls and hawkers selling local crafts and wares. Go just an hour away from the business center, and you can  enjoy several nature attractions of the region. Hong Kong has so much to explore and enjoy that visitors are often spoiled for choice. In this blog, we will list 10 such attractions and activities that will let you discover the charm of Hong Kong.


  1. Having a Skyscraper View of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city of skyscrapers. Even those who are used to an urban life will be left breathless with the stunning line of skyscrapers Hong Kong boasts of. What better way to get a feel of the city skyline than climbing one of these stunning skyscrapers? There are several buildings which have viewpoints which are open to public access like the Peak Tower and International Commerce Center (ICC). The sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck is a 360 degree viewpoint set up on the 100th floor of the ICC.


  1. Riding the Double-Decker Tram

Hong Kong is one of the very few cities in the world where you can ride a tram — locally known as ding ding — and a double-decker tram at that! This is one of the most best ways to enjoy a view of the city life. Although there are several tram routes, take the one from the Kennedy Tram Terminus. Find yourself a seat on the upper deck and enjoy the great views of the city as the tram takes you from the vibrant glitzy business district to the more tranquil suburban area of Shau Kei Wan on Hong Kong Island.


  1. Hitting the Beach

Yes, you read that right! In stark contrast to the image of Hong Kong that we usually have, there is a strikingly different side of this city. It has several beaches on its shorelines and some of those are very well equipped for visitors. In fact, Lantau Island has a number of luxurious beach resorts for those who want to stay away from the city traffic. While most of the beaches are ideal for swimming and picnics, there are a few where you can trying surfing and beach volleyball, like the Stanley and St/ Stephen Beaches. If you are in Lamma Island, south west of Hong Kong Island, try to visit the Turtle Beach for turtle watching.


  1. Taking the Cable Car Ride to the Tian Tan Buddha

The 34 m high Tian Tan Buddha — also known as the Big Buddha — is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong, and one of the best ways to get to this site is by taking the Ngong Ping cable car ride — the Ngong Ping 360. This aerial cable car ride is 5.7 km long and takes about 25 minutes. During the ride, you can have stunning views of the Lantau Island and its surroundings, including the Lantau North Country Park and the Hong Kong International Airport.


  1. Staying at one of the Luxurious Hong Kong Hotels

Hong Kong is a major financial, commercial, and shopping hub of Asia and it attracts tourists from all corners of the globe. No wonder it is home to some of the best hotels from some of the top hotel chains in the world. Make your Hong Kong trip special by staying at one of these luxurious hotels, which are coupled with impeccable Chinese hospitality. Try the add-on services like spas and cooking workshops that these hotels offer to make your stay truly memorable.


  1. Shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a prime shopping mecca in South east Asia. Depending upon your interests, you can choose what and where to shop in Hong Kong. If you are looking for street side stalls to buy bargain stuff, the try Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Sham Sui Po, and Kowloon East and West in Kowloon district. If you like antiques, try the Cat Street on Hong Kong Island. However, if you’re looking for designer products and you’re ready to splurge, then head to Causeway Bay, Sheung Wan, Soho, and Admiralty on Hong Kong Island.


  1. Teasing your Taste Buds in Hong Kong

With its wide range of street-side food stalls to lavish 5-star restaurants, Hong Kong is an ideal place to take your taste buds on a culinary journey. There are over 14,000 restaurants in Hong Kong, enough to suit every pocket and taste. Here are some of our picks in Hong Kong: Head to Pak She Praya Road to try fresh seafood with the backdrop of the scenic seafront. Gold Coast Piazza and Discovery Bay also serve sea food, albeit with a pricey décor and menu. In Lei Yue Moon in the Kowloon district, you have the unique experience of choosing your live fish from a fish tank and then taking it to a nearby restaurant to cook it for you! If you are looking to try international cuisine, then head to Ashley Road or Knutsford Terrace. Aberdeen in Hong Kong Island is home to the largest floating restaurant in the world.


  1. Meditating in a Chinese Temple

Although skyscrapers dominate the cityscape of Hong Kong, it is a city which has truly preserved its tradition and culture. Tucked away in street corners and narrow alleys you will come across several Chinese temples with their typical design and décor that cannot go unnoticed. Further away from the urban areas, Hong Kong is home to many monasteries and sanctuaries. Most of these are associated with the Buddhist and Taoist philosophies. Visit a sanctuary in the outskirts of the city which are often set up amidst lush greenery and serene tranquility.


  1. Witnessing ‘A Symphony of Lights’

Listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the “World’s largest Permanent Light and Sound Show,” this is a spectacle that is not to be missed when visiting Hong Kong. This multimedia show involves about 40 buildings on the 2 banks of the Victoria Harbor. The best way to experience this free show is to take a ferry ride of the Victoria harbor. Our pick would be the Star Ferry, which has been in action since 1888 and remains a top tourist draw!


  1. Viewing Hong Kong from The Peak

The Peak in Hong Kong Island will give you one of the most enduring and everlasting images of Hong Kong. At 552 m, The Peak is the highest point of the city and gives a bird’s eye view of the city and its surrounding scenery. The Peak Galleria at the observation deck has a 3.5 km long Peak Circle Walk and some shops and restaurants. You can take the bus to the top. However, the preferable option would be to take the iconic Peak Tram which has been transporting passengers since 1888.

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