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Top 10 Stunning Caribbean Islands


Aruba is a destination for all ages. On one hand, you will find family friendly resorts and on the other, you will find casinos and a bustling nightlife. Aruba differs from the rest of the Caribbean islands in terms of the landscape as it has a desert-like appearance. This is not found in any of the other islands. But if you want a different experience of Aruba, you have to venture a little away from the touristy places. Small isolated beaches are located at the extreme ends of the island. The terrain is slightly rugged and is coupled by a constant strong breeze. These small beaches are perfect for taking a hike or for going on a horse ride. If history is what catches your eye, then you can feast your eyes on the many shipwrecks. Or you can simply stand quietly on the beach and enjoy the tropical breeze.



Barbados is a multifaceted destination. Apart from a multitude of accommodation options, it offers plenty of activities to tourists. The best thing about Barbados is that it can accommodate every type of tourist – whether budget or luxury. The most popular tourist attraction on the island is the capital city of Bridgetown. Dating back to the 17th century, the town is quite the historical attraction. Another popular attraction is  ‘Harrison’s Cave’, which is an amazing natural formation. Local residents, known as Bajans, are down-to-earth and friendly souls. Known to welcome visitors with a smile, they will make you feel special. Once you travel to Barbados, you will feel like going back there again and again.



Anguilla is a small island and is home to almost 30 sandy beaches. The whole island can be explored within a few days. Anguilla is perfect for you if you want to stay away from the crowd. It is not as crowded as the other destinations and you can easily find complete solace. But this doesn’t mean that Anguilla is boring. The island boasts of a very interesting nightlife! Spend your mornings on the beach and your evenings at any of the clubs or bars.


St. John

St. John is the perfect place for budget travelers. The ‘trunk bay’ area of the island is known as one of the best snorkeling spots in the world. The island is also good for spotting some exotic marine life. It is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands and Americans can travel there without a passport!



Bermuda is known worldwide for the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Although the mystery behind it has been debunked, there is still a lot of curiosity. Keeping the triangle aside, Bermuda is actually quite an elegant tourist destination. Do you want to sit on a pink sandy beach? You will find it here. Do you want to sit down for an afternoon tea? You will easily find it at many of the restaurants and hotels at Bermuda. As you go on exploring the island, you will find local residents playing cricket. Bermuda is also a destination for golf players and is home to several excellent golf courses.  Barring the climate, everything on the island is almost British. However, there are also influences of African, Portuguese, West Indian, and North American cultures.  Bermuda is also known for attracting history buffs because of the abundance of art galleries and museums on the island.



Antigua, along with its neighbor Barbuda, is a destination for gamblers. It consists of a good number of casinos and also offers exciting nightlife options. There are also plenty of hotels, restaurants, discos and cafes. Antigua is also home to more than 100 beaches, most of them having pink and white sand.



Vieques is not as popular as the other destinations and that’s considered to be a good thing! Tourists travelling to this island love the solace and the anonymity it offers. It can be truly described as a total getaway destination. With less than 10,000 residents, the island wears a virtually deserted look at all times. One of the most popular tourist spots is the ‘Mosquito Bay,’ which is a protected area. The island is also a perfect honeymoon destination.


Puerto Rico

Just like St. John, Puerto Rico also belongs to the US. Unlike the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico is a hub of constant activity. Popular destinations include the cities of Ponce and San Juan.  While Ponce offers historical attractions, San Juan is known for its casinos and nightclubs. Puerto Rico is home to all kinds of beaches, whether small or big. Whether you are a lover of water sports or just want a quick dip, the beaches offers it all. If you get tired of the beaches, then you can take a trip to the thick forests of the island. The mangroves inside these forests have grown in such a manner that they resemble labyrinths. If you go inside the forests, you will be able to see the green hills which surround them. Puerto Rico is home to the ‘El Yunque’, which is the only tropical rainforest in the US.



Jamaica is a well known destination and attracts different types of tourists. Many nature lovers come to the island for bird watching. Many others come to witness the Reggae music culture, which was founded on the island. Many budget travelers come because Jamaica offers many options to suit their pockets. Golfers are drawn to the Montego Bay golf course, which is one of the best in the world. Whatever might be the reason for travelling to Jamaica, the island is a must-visit Caribbean island.


St. Lucia

Many people consider St. Lucia to be the most beautiful Caribbean island. The island is popular as a honeymoon destination and draws couples in hordes. Resorts are plentiful with many of the rooms facing the pristine beaches. In addition, the mountains surrounding the beaches make for an awe-inspiring sight. The best time to visit St. Lucia is during spring, when it hosts the annual jazz festival.


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