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Top 10 Spiciest Dishes in the World

Let’s begin with a simple question — what do you mean by good and tasty food? Taste varies from person to person, but a common answer could be “one where the ingredients are cooked properly, the spices are well balanced and just by taking a spoonful you feel your spirit soar.” But what happens if the food is too hot? Will you still call it tasty? Oh yes,  there are people who would be ready to die for having spicy hot foods. Surprised? Didn’t we begin by saying that taste is subjective? Let’s go through some mouth-watering hot dishes across the world that would set your tongue on fire.


  1. Vindaloo Lamb, India
Lamb Vindaloo

Indian dishes are known for its stinging spicy taste, but Vindaloo Lamb might well defeat its competitors by a few notches. Originated in Goa, it is a traditional Indian dish made with coconut, vinegar and a whole lot of red hot chili peppers. To add to the sting of chili, it is also a common practice to throw in a handful of peppercorn into the gravy. Vindaloo is considered to be the oldest dish in India that used chili peppers. This dish is meant only for those who are daring enough to put their taste buds into a tough challenge. And yes, for those who love to get all weepy at the dinner table.


  1. Sichuan Hot Pot, China
Sichuan Hot Pot

If you thought Chinese cuisine is all bland, think again. The Sichuan province in Southern part of China is particularly known for its signature spicy dishes where it is a norm to add dash of peppers. The sting will progressively get stronger as you delve deeper into it. Hot pot is one such signature dish, where a handful of ingredients like sliced meat, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, seafood, egg dumplings and wanton are thrown into a large simmering pot of stock loaded with a lot of peppers and spices. The cooked food is eaten with a dipping sauce and everything is burning hot. It is advisable to keep a wad of paper napkins handy.


  1. Jerk Chicken, Caribbean Islands
Jerk Chicken

At the first sight Jerk Chicken will look inviting and mouth watering, but approach it with caution! This super hot dish has got almost all the top Caribbean ingredients and spices, including cinnamon, thyme, nutmeg, cloves and garlic. But the source of all the heat is an immensely hot spice mixture known as the Jamaican jerk spice. This spice is dry-rubbed on the meat before cooking. Sometimes the meat is left to marinade in wet jerk spice and the heat is just mind-blowing. If you are brave enough, go taste it but be prepared to get that ‘jerk.’


  1. Phaal Curry, New York City
Phaal Curry
Phaal Curry

Welcome to the wild side of New York City. Phaal Curry is known as the hottest curry in this world and it contains 10 different types of peppers including Bhut Jolakia, the hottest pepper in the world. If that information didn’t mean much to you, here is another anecdote. Restaurants serving this curry provide their customers a certificate of recognition if they can finish a whole bowl of Phaal Curry. We wish you good luck!


  1. Papa a la Huancaína, Peru
Papa a la Huancaína

Potato, milk, yogurt, white cheese, all innocuous ingredients – how can they make a dish burning hot?  Aji Amarillo (yellow Peruvian pepper) is thrown in between to up the spice quotient. Papa a la Huancaína is a Peruvian appetizer that is served cold over a bed of lettuce leaves, black olives and hardboiled egg quarters. It has a cheesy, creamy sauce which is burningly spicy, thanks to the Amarillo chili. This is a very popular dish among the Peruvians and often an accompaniment during picnics and short trips.


  1. Datil Pepper, St. Augustine
Datil Pepper Sauce

Agreed, it is not a dish. But Dalit pepper is the prime ingredient in making a number of products and dishes. These small peppers are used to make a variety of edible items like pepper jellies, dry rubs and sauces. If that name sounds unfamiliar, here are the details. Datil pepper is a small hot pepper grown in abundance in the St. Augustine area of Louisiana. It is rarely found outside St. Augustine. It has a pretty yellowish orange color, but don’t be fooled by the color as they are burning hot. It is a hot favorite among locals. Every year St. Augustine celebrates a Datil Pepper Festival as an acknowledgement to the spicy glory of its very own crop.


  1. Wot, Ethiopia

A very popular dish among Africans, Wot originates from Ethiopia and is one of the sub-Saharan African preparations. It is known as one of the hottest foods in the world. The dish can be prepared with meat, fish, vegetables or legumes, but is always loaded with onions, garlic, ginger and huge amounts of berbere. The dish draws its fiery character from ginger and berbere — a mixture of a handful of dried spices and chilies. The food tastes delicious only if you can withstand a burning mouth. Pair your Wot with spongy Ethiopian bread to give some respite to your tongue.


  1. Otak-Otak, Indonesia

Indonesian foods can be real fiery. If you don’t believe it, try Otak-Otak. A spicy grilled or steamed fish cake, Otak-Otak is popular in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The dish is prepared from minced fish blended with a range of hot spices that includes loads of dried chilies, belacan and galangal. Galangal is a root that looks like ginger but is packed with pepper-like heat. Try balancing the heat by pairing Otak-Otak with steamed rice. It is, however, best enjoyed as a snack.


  1. Suicide Burrito, Korea
Suicide Burrito

Korean Suicide Burrito is so intensely hot that it might be impossible for you to remain upright after tasting it. Introduced in San Francisco, USA by John’s Snack & Deli, this killer dish has come up as one of the world’s hottest food across the globe. Surviving the Suicide Burrito is so tough that restaurants put an open challenge that anyone who can finish this dish doesn’t have to pay for it. And if that challenge doesn’t mean much, here is a blogger’s confession who tried to eat Suicide Burrito – he felt like curling up in a fetal position to endure the blazing heat!


  1. Griot with Sauce Ti-Malice, Haiti
Griot with Sauce Ti-Malice

Made of pork shoulder and soaked in Haitian hot sauce, Griot is not only the spiciest dish among the local cuisine, but it has grabbed its place as one of the hottest foods in the world. The fiery flavor of the dish is derived from the Ti-Malice sauce which is prepared from habanero chili peppers and spicy pickled peppers. The dish also looks brilliantly red-hot, keeping in tune with its flavor. Approach it with caution and as a safe option, keep some bread or rice as an accompaniment to tackle the spicy taste.

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