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Top 10 Scenic Islands of Africa

When you think of Africa, the idea of beaches or islands doesn’t really come to mind. You are more likely to think of jungles, lions, elephants and the like. But Africa is not limited to its wildlife or jungles only. It is also home to numerous beautiful, preserved beaches. Some have a rich history while some others have been inhabited from only the 18th century. However, the one common factor that binds all of them is that they are breathtakingly beautiful.  Here is our pick of 10 of the most beautiful beaches in Africa.


Sao Tome, Sao Tope and Principe

Sao Tome is the biggest island of Sao Tope and Principe. The residents of the island speak Portuguese and it is a relatively isolated destination. The lack of tourists means you can enjoy many activities without the hassles of a crowd. You can enjoy snorkeling or diving in the uncharted water. Or you can explore any of the small fishing villages on foot. The island is also home to a chocolate making factory and serves some of the world’s best coffee.


Sal, Cape Verde

Sal belongs to the Cape Verde group of islands. The latter is an archipelago of ten islands on the Atlantic Ocean. The name of the island translates to “salt.” Sal receives a fair number of tourists every year. You can sit on the sandy beaches and watch the sun rise. Or you can go to the town of Santa Maria to enjoy some food and nightlife. There is also the option of taking a quiet walk on the island and looking at the pastel-colored houses.


Moheli, Comoros

Moheli belongs to Comoros, a small country made up of only three islands. The landscape is wild and the population is sparse. Moheli is home to the Mohéli Marine Park, which is the only national park in Comoros. The island is a good place for snorkelers because of the abundance of coral reefs. It is also a good place for marine life enthusiasts as you can easily spot dolphins, sea turtles, and whales.


Djerba, Tunisia

Djerba is the largest island in North Africa. It is located just off the coast of southern Tunisia. The beaches are golden and the countryside is silent. Some of the residents of the island speak a language known as Berber, which is rare. The island is home to Ajim, a small town which was featured in the first ever Star Wars movie.


Reunion, French Overseas Territory

The name itself draws you towards the island. The place can be truly described as a reunion between man and nature. Located towards the east of Madagascar, the island is a French Overseas Territory. The nearest island is Mauritius, which is another beautiful destination. The island is home to the ‘Piton des Neiges’ volcano which reaches up to a height of 10,070 feet.


Lamu, Kenya

Lamu belongs to the archipelago of Lamu. Located in Kenya, Lamu is one of the best preserved destinations in Africa. It was home to one of the oldest civilizations and some of it can still be seen. The houses in Lamu are made from mangrove wood and coral stones. The doors of these houses are like pieces of artwork with elaborate carvings on them. The most unique thing about the island is that it has no roads. There are only trails and alleys. Walk through any of them and experience the best of nature.



Mauritius is a widely popular tourist destination. But did you know that it had no residents till 1598? That is when the Dutch arrived and made it their home. Almost 200 years later, they left the island due to extreme weather conditions. However, the weather in Mauritius now is anything but extreme. The island was the only home to the now extinct bird, Dodo.


Praslin, Seychelles

Praslin belongs to the Seychelles group of islands. It a small island with a population of about 6500. The island was widely used by pirates at one time. It was also used as a gateway for Arab merchants. Now it is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. The top beaches are the ‘Anse Georgette’ and the ‘Anse Lazio’. Praslin is also home to expansive tropical forests and to a rare bird species, the ‘Seychelles Bulbul’. You can simply relax at the beach or head to the ‘Vallée de Mai Nature Preserve’ for seeing some beautiful orchids. The ‘Coco De Mer’ is a type of palm tree which grows only at Praslin and Curieuse islands. The plant is known for having the heaviest seed in the world.


Curieuse, Seychelles

Curieuse belongs to the Seychelles islands and is located near Praslin. It is the second largest island in the group and is a protected bio-reserve. The reserve is managed by the ‘Seychelles Centre for Marine Technology.’ The island can be fully explored on a day trip. Because of its protected status, it hasn’t been exploited as a tourist destination and you won’t find any accommodation on the island. The best way to explore it is to take a boat tour from Praslin. These tours usually combine Curieuse with other islands as well. The biggest attraction of the island is the ‘National Marine Park’ which is open even on public holidays.  Curieuse is also home to Aldabra tortoises, green sea turtles, mangrove forests, and takamaka trees. There is also the indigenous ‘Black Parrot’ of Seychelles.


Bazaruto, Mozambique

Bazaruto is the type of place where you can escape reality and give in to your dreams. It belongs to an archipelago which looks like a jewel from afar. The island is a place for peaceful walks, for gazing at natural beauty, and for making some unforgettable memories. The beach on the island is named “44” and has plenty of villas. The best thing about these villas is that they are completely in sync with the natural beauty of the island. Bazaruto is also a scuba diving, water skiing, and wake boarding destination. You can also do some deep sea fishing or go in search of whales and turtles. In addition, there is also the ‘Anantara Spa’ where you can indulge in some relaxing massages.

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