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The Top 10 Fastest-Growing Tourist Destinations So Far This Year

The 10 most popular tourist cities and countries in the whole world of 2017 were recently documented by Kayak. The places appearing here have either witnessed a dramatic upsurge in searches or just an influx in foreign vacationers.

According to an official release of the travel hacker guide of 2017 – collecting data from well over a billion searches all over the web – we have 10 of the most asked-for places the world over.

The tremendous rise in interest by voyagers in these locations is a consequence of a variety of factors, most essential being uplifting views and fun activities.There’s also the unique features of some destinations. Cuba, for instance, is still vastly unexplored as it is only now opening its borders to the USA.

Straight to it then, here are the most popular spots you must book a flight to in 2017; ranked by their increase in percentage searches:

  1. Sydney – Australia

The best time to visit Australia is actually the winter. The popular Australian city of Sydney offers a pleasant winter with fascinating activities to choose from. You could either bush-walk in the outskirts of the city or ski at the snowy slopes at select locations.

Better still, August is also the cheapest time to visit the country sandwiched between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

With a percentage rise of 26% in searches, book your advance ticket 2 months early to visit the home to kangaroos and duck-billed platypuses.

  1. Calgary – Canada

Tying with Sydney at 26% search increase, the cosmopolitan Canadian city Calgary is still extremely entrenched in the western culture. Calgary is home to a stunning skyline but also farming exhibitions!

The cheapest time to visit is in October and you be sure to book your trip at least three months prior.

  1. Medellin – Colombia

Take a short flight to the culture-rich popular capital city of the Antioquia Department — following a five-month advance booking.

You then get yourself in the midst of picturesque views of beautifully colored buildings alongside amazing Colombian artwork. Furthermore you can you get to bask in the awesome presence of beautiful terrains and a pleasant temperature.

Medellin has had a boost in search rating this year by an incredible 28%

  1. Lisbon – Portugal

Lisbon is home to yellow trams and impressive architecture. Moreover its untapped natural beauty has pushed it into the top popular destinations of 2017 list. Ranging from hilly terrains to the imposing Sao Jorge Castle, you will have your touring job cut out for you in Lisbon this year.

No surprise that it make the newly- popular list with a respectable 30% search upsurge. A cheap flight in October after a five-month advance booking will probably offer you the moments of your life.

  1. Cartagena – Columbia

Columbia is fast becoming a tourists’ hot spot of 2017 and beyond.

If you are not searching for the awesome Medellin, then you are busy looking out for the laid-back cultural and historical Cartagena. Located off the Colombian Caribbean coast, this port city is also lined with cobbled streets and amazing colonial edifices.

With a 31% rise in search frequency, Cartagena is easily sixth in the prestigious popular list. You may visit the relaxed city in January from an advance booking of two months and see it for yourself.

  1. Tokyo – Japan

Looks like most of you voyagers brushed up on their Japanese this year. Tokyo saw a 34% increase in people checking out the incredible capital of Japan.

This is possibly partly because of the exciting Japanese culture and largely for the attractive view of the home to the Japanese Emperor.

You could all in all book your cheap five-month advance ticket to visit in November this year and fall in love with the Japanese old-meets-new magnificent nation.

  1. Bali – Indonesia

Or you could just opt for the greens of Balinese Island of Indonesia.

With 37% increase in searches, Bali is most definitely about to be home to thousands of explorers this year. You are offered pristine views of magical religious sites as well as iconic beaches and coral reefs.

Furthermore, Bali is lined with lively bars and resorts to satisfy your travel urges. Six month advance booking for a great tour in November is not too much to ask, is it?

So set out touring and you could even get yoga classes and meditation retreats as welcome bonuses.

  1. Auckland – New Zealand

Beautiful Auckland is home to magnificent natural scenery and seaside enchantment. From the sky-kissing Sky Tower to the city’s oldest park and down to downtown Mission Bay Beach, you have plennty of places to see. It’s no coincidence that 44% more of you are searching for New Zealand this year.

Book a flight in April this year to visit in June and see the unspoken wonders the Kiwis have in store.

  1. Reykjavik – Iceland

Visit the moon-like Iceland’s popular capital and witness the wonders only Iceland can display.

From the candy-colored town houses to the breathtaking moon-like views, you simply have to visit to believe us when we say Iceland is pure magic off a fairy-tale story.

It’s no surprise there has been a 77% increase of people now searching for the world’s most beautifu,l happy country’s capital.

A short six-month wait to explore in October is no big prize to pay.

  1. Havana – Cuba

With a whopping 191% increase in searches, Cuba’s Havana City is this year’s most popular destination! And do you even need to ask why?

Well for those of you just recently arriving from Mars, recently the US diplomatic ties with Cuba were re-established after a 50-year wait.

You can now can go drive that classy Chevy Cadillac you’ve imagining with the help of old movies. Havana is now home to untarnished culture and friendly people.

Better still, a cheap visit in November lets you experience first-hand the fairy-tale Cuban Style in the midst of the Gothic Spanish-themed architecture.



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