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Top 10 Island Destinations Of Europe

Islands in Europe provide a different experience from islands of other continents. There are islands steeped in history, there are islands with great food, and there are also islands with iconic shipwrecks. There are also hidden islands which most people do not know about. It can be easily said that European islands offer an enchanting experience to their visitors.  Following is a list of the most beautiful islands in Europe. It contains everything from volcanic islands to hidden ones.


10. Zakynthos, Greece

Zakynthos, located on the Ionian Sea, is a Greek island. Along with a relaxed ambiance, it also offers several opportunities to divers and snorkelers. The island is home to a number of beaches. The region is blessed with a scenic landscape which is a photographer’s dream. In addition, there are several underwater caves which showcase the geology and the marine life of the island. There is also the Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos, which displays a number of Renaissance-era paintings. Zakynthos is sometimes lovingly referred to as Zante, and is home to the Caretta-Caretta, a type of loggerhead sea turtles. Top beaches in Zakynthos include the Gerakas, Vassilikos and Spiantza.


9. Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia is a scenic island located in Greece. Just like Zakynthos, it is located on the Ionian Sea. The island is mostly a natural settlement with a few urban areas. One of the most popular attractions is the Melissani Caves, which start on the ground level and then go downwards. As a visitor, you can take boat rides inside the caves. Another popular attraction is Mount Ainos. If you get tired of sightseeing, then you can visit the beautiful boutiques at Vallianos Square for some shopping.


8. Isle of Skye, Scotland

Located in Scotland, the Isle of Skye is a prominent tourist destination. It is popular because of the scenic beaches and the Cuillins range of mountains. The latter offers perfect hiking trails for hikers and climbers. However, it is recommended only for skilled hikers because the terrain can be quite dangerous at times. The island is also a good place for watching birds from any of the heather moors. If you are a fan of folk music, then you can enjoy listening to it in the towns on the island.


7. Jersey, UK

The Jersey Island is the biggest one in the group of Channel Islands. It is a place of natural beauty and is relatively untouched by modernity. One of the biggest attractions is the Durrell Wildlife Park. Founded by author Gerald Durrell, it is the ideal place for spotting endangered wild animals. Other than the park and the beaches, there are also many historic museums and buildings. One of the most interesting museums is the Jersey War Tunnels Museum, which has been constructed around tunnels of World War II.


6. Fuerteventura, Spain

Fuerteventura is part of the Canary Islands. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, it is known for its picturesque white sandy beaches. It is also a popular venue for holding large music concerts. Fuerteventura is considered a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Some of the popular sports include diving, wind surfing, sport fishing, and surfing. The biggest festival of the island is the Festival of Canarian Music. Large concerts are organized on a regular basis as a part of this festival.


5. Naxos, Greece

The Naxos Island is the largest of all in the Cyclades group of islands. It was the center of Cycladic culture and the remnants are still there. The island is mainly popular because of the many historical ruins. These ruins are spread all across the island. Some of the popular attractions include the Crispi Tower and the entrance to the Temple of Apollo. Naxos Island is a treasure trove of Greek culture and mythology. Top beaches in Naxos include Mikri Vigla, Agios Prokopios, Plaka, and Orkos. The western coast of Naxos is the perfect place for doing some kite surfing and wind surfing.  When you get tired of all the surfing, you can take a drive into the inland to see tiny picturesque villages.


4. Mainland, Scotland

While the name is quite a dull one, the island is anything but. Part of the Orkney Islands of Scotland, Mainland is a beautiful place to explore. If you are interested in learning about the Vikings, then this is where you need to be. The settlement of Brough of Birsay showcases how they lived. Then there is the Skara Brae settlement, which is even older. Mainland is also a paradise for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts.


3. Smugglers Cove, Greece

Smugglers Cove is a hidden beach in Greece. While it is quite difficult to get there, the experience is totally worth it. The name of the island comes from a shipwreck which occurred in 1983. The island is dominated by huge, menacing cliffs, surrounded by the Agios Georgios Bay. You can only go there by taking a boat trip because every other type of transport is blocked by the cliffs. Boat trips are very frequent and are conducted almost every hour. The Smugglers Cove is a great place for base jumping as well.


2. Azores Islands, Portugal

While we are on the topic of hidden islands, the Azros Islands certainly deserve a mention. They are remote islands and part of a Portugal chain of islands. The chain consists of nine islands, all of which have been created by volcanoes. The best thing about these nine islands is that all of them are different from each other. While the smallest island, Corvo, consists of only 400 residents,  Sao Miguel is a paradise in green. The Azores is scattered with crater lakes and lava tubes, which are good for hiking. After you get tired of the hiking, you can gorge on locally made seafood, cheese, and wine.


1. Capri, Italy

Capri is a one of the most popular island destinations in the world. Located in Italy, it is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea. Villa Jovis, the historic residence of Emperor Tiberius, is a popular tourist attraction of Capri. Another popular spot is the Blue Grotto, an underwater sea cave surrounded by strikingly blue water. Along with these two attractions, tourists also flock the historic Church of San Michele Arcangelo.

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