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Top 10 Incredibly Beautiful Islands Of Asia

Islands in Asia, whether big or small, have something in common. They are all top destinations where a tourist can get lost in its beauty. Be it a hidden island or one that is bustling with tourists, Asia has it all. Whether it is snorkeling or want or some relaxing yoga, you can find all of it in Asia. Let us take a look at the top islands in Asia.


Gili Islands, Indonesia

The Gili Islands are a perfect holiday destination for all ages. The beaches are powdery white and the water is a clear blue in color. There are of course water sports like diving and snorkeling on offer. Sunbathing and bar hopping are popular activities with tourists. The islands have enough in them to keep a tourist of any age and interest entertained and amused. There is also a golf course with a picturesque setting. And if you want, you can go for horse riding.


Phi Phi, Thailand

The Phi Phi is not one, but two islands. The two islands became world famous after “The Beach” was shot here. So as soon you as get there, you are bound to get a feeling of ‘déjà vu’. The beaches are quite breath-taking and the water is turquoise in color. As you look down the water, you can see colorful tropical marine life. If you aren’t a fan of those, then you can take photos of the various rock formations. In addition to all these attractions, there is also diving and rock climbing.


Boracay, Philippines

Boracay was voted as one of the best island destinations in the world in 2013. Since then, the beauty of Boracay has only increased. Almost all the tourist action in the island is centered on its very popular ‘white beach’. Because of the increase in the number of tourists, the beach is now lined with plenty of bars, diving shops, and restaurants. Other than that, there are glorious sunsets and a bustling nightlife on offer to the visitors.


Koh Lipe, Thailand

Koh Lipe is a part of the Tarutao National Marine Park. The island has everything that you need for spending a perfect holiday. Want to save your money for other things? You can rent one of the bamboo huts and stay there. Not so adventurous? Then you can go for the luxury resorts. You can head to the white beaches for doing some sunbathing or snorkeling. In the evening, you can go to any of the coffee shops or bars. The Koh Lipe is also popular with divers as it has plenty of diving sites.


Havelock Island, India

The Havelock Island is the most popular in the group of Andaman islands. The island is known for offering premium snorkeling and scuba diving experiences. Unlike many other islands, you can actually camp here and go for jungle trekking. For those who can afford it, there are plenty of luxury resorts. The two best things about Havelock Island are the fresh seafood and fresh, creamy coconut milk.


Langkawi Permata Kedah, Malaysia

The Langkawi Permata Kedah, popularly known just as Langkawi, is just one in a group of 99 islands! Located at Malaysia’s western coast, the island is part of an archipelago. Because of its diverse wildlife, the island has been given the status of UNESCO World Geopark. It is also known for its clean, clear beaches and clear waters. Then there are the jungles and the diving sites.


Bali, Indonesia

There is hardly anybody in this world who hasn’t heard of this island. Dotted with temples and relaxation centers, Bali is the place for rejuvenating yourself. Bali is also the place for capturing some tropical beauty. It was made even more popular by the movie ‘Eat Pray Love’ starring Julia Roberts. The beaches stretch for miles and are ideal for long walks and pleasant conversations. You can also opt for yoga classes and make your experience worth remembering.


Jeju, South Korea

One of the hottest tourist attractions, Jeju can be easily described as a natural wonder. It is the place for a quiet romantic getaway. Enjoy romantic sunrises and quiet sunsets amidst an inviting climate. Then there are the sandy beaches and attractions like the Baeknok Lake. The latter is located at the top of a mountain and is worth the trip. For a more romantic experience, go to the ‘Loveland’, which is an adult sculptures park. Are you travelling solo? No problem. Simply take the Jeju Olle Trails and start hiking.


Ko Tao, Thailand

Ko Tao is named after its resident sea turtles. Located in southern Thailand, the island is slowly climbing up the popularity charts. As a result of its increasing popularity, the island is slowly turning into an upscale tourist destination. On a perfect day in Ko Tao, you can lay on the beach while sipping on a cocktail. Or you can stand at the edge of the water and watch the rays and sharks. You can even leave the beach altogether and go for some hiking.


Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Phu Quoc used to be a quiet, sleepy island, even a few years ago. Now it has turned into a hub of constant activity. However, some parts are still not developed and there are enough opportunities for exploration. Hire a kayak and sail on the bays. Or take a dive through the reefs. For those who want to take it easy, there is the option of relaxing on the beach and getting a back massage. There is also fresh seafood on offer from several restaurants by the beaches.


Krabi, Thailand

Made famous by various movies, Krabi is a group of 200 islets and islands. Many of them are completely inaccessible and look like outcrops rising from the sea. There are also many big islands which are devoid of residents. Krabi can be easily described as many destinations in one. You can go for any of the islands, whether big or small and explore them. Several options are available for tourists. You can hire a boat and explore them yourself. Or you can hire a boat with a guide. There is also the option of kayaking and snorkeling around these islands.

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