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Top 10 Family Holiday Destinations In Europe

  1. Prater, Vienna, Austria

The Prater is an amusement park. Now, you may think that amusement parks are everywhere in the world, so what is so special about this one? Prater has some truly amazing rides which are not found anywhere else in the world. For example, it has a 117 meter flying swing! It is the tallest of its kind in the world. Then there are numerous rides like the Turbo Boost, Ghost trains, Go Karts and Bumper cars. There is of course a giant Ferris wheel — the Wiener Riesenrad. It was built in the 19th century and is one of the largest in the world. Along with all of this, there are plenty of snack bars, restaurants, a planetarium, and a museum.


  1. Lenvos Gites, Central Brittany, France
Lenvos Gites

Lenvos Gites provides one of the most peaceful vacations in the world. Surrounded with nature, it is a small village comprising cozy and warm cottages. There are also meadows, rivers, woods and lakes all around these cottages. The resort is home to many pools, camp sites and climbing walls. Lenvos Gites was actually a medieval village dating back to the 15th century. It used to be a thriving village with its own pools, bakeries, and water mills. What remains today is a remnant of that bygone era. It’s a beautiful vacation spot ensuring a completely stress-free holiday.


  1. Bounce Below, Wales, UK
Bounce Below

Bouncing on trampolines is passé. Bounce Below is the real thing! Bounce Below is a playground which is located under a mine! A fully family-friendly site, it consists of caverns and massive slides and is accessible only by train. There are three massive trampolines located inside a 175 year-old cavern. The trampolines hang from different heights and are connected to each other through walkways. Once you are done with the trampolines, you can take a ride on the sixty foot long slides.


  1. Gardaland, Lake Garda, Italy

Gardaland is the biggest amusement park in Italy. It comprises various water-based rides, roller coasters and aquariums. It is also home to sculptures and a hotel which looks like a castle. The aquarium inside the park is known as ‘Sea Life Aquarium’ and keeps marine life in recreated natural habitats. The most popular ride at the park is the ‘Oblivion – The Black Hole’. Then there is ‘Madagascar Live’ which is for adventure lovers. It takes at least one whole day to explore the entirety of the park.


  1. Antalya, Turkey

Antalya is one of the most popular summer holiday spots in Turkey. The best time for visiting the city is during the spring and summer months. As a vacation destination, Antalya is known to impress even cynics. Antalya is located on the western Mediterranean coast. It is modern and classical at the same time. At its core lies the old city of Kaleici, which has been preserved wonderfully over the centuries. As a guest you can stay inside any of the preserved Ottoman houses. The old city wraps itself around a harbor. Just outside of Kaleici, you will find a museum and two pristine white sandy beaches.


  1. Finca Sa Rota d’en Palerm, Mallorca, Spain
Finca Sa Rota d’en Palerm

The Finca Sa Rota d’en Palerm is a resort located in Mallorca. Unlike many other resorts, it is meant for both families and party goers. The resort is surrounded by beaches and offers entertainment for both kids and adults. Located at one of the exclusive areas of Mallorca, you are guaranteed to have an authentic Majorcan experience. At one time, the Finca Sa Rota d’en Palerm was dedicated to producing wine. It was much later that it was turned into a resort. Other than the beaches, it is surrounded with 30 acres of pinewood trees and several farming areas.


  1. Tropical Islands Resort, Berlin, Germany
Tropical Islands Resort

The Tropical Islands Resort is unique because it is open 24/7. Located at Spreewald, which is a recreation spot, the site is a UNESCO protected reserve. The resort stands at the location of an airfield which once belonged to the Russians. Tropical Islands Resort is divided into themes like ‘Tropical village,’ ‘Tropical sea,’ ‘the rain forest,’ and ‘the Bali lagoon.’ The indoor rainforest inside the resort is the biggest of its kind. It is filled with waterslides, artificial waterfalls, palm trees, beaches and even a shopping arcade. There are also many bars, hotels, and restaurants. The temperature inside the resort is always around 26 degrees.


  1. Monte Sixeri Farm, Sardinia, Italy
Monte Sixeri Farm

The Monte Sixeri Farm is one of the most exciting summer destinations in the world. Comprising  numerous sandy beaches and pristine coastlines, the farm is a huge attraction for kids and families. As a guest, you can try living inside the farm. It gives you a sense of living independently, which is truly exciting. The farm combines the slow leisurely pace of a holiday with the excitement of tasting delicious dishes you have never had before. You also get to have massive amount of privacy and unlimited access to the beaches nearby. If you get bored of the farm, you can always visit nearby attractions like the ‘Regional Natural Park of Porto Conte’.


  1. Port Aventura Mediterrània, Spain
Port Aventura Mediterrània

The Port Aventura Mediterrània is an amusement park surrounded with villages. It is home to a popular ride known as the ‘Furius Baco’ which catapults people at a speed of 135 kilometer per hour! The park is divided into themes like Mexico, Polynesia, Mediterrania, Far West and China. Port Aventura Mediterrània opens with the Mediterrania theme which features three rides. There are also several shops and restaurants recreating a small Catalonian town. The park is a perfect summer destination for families and large groups.


  1. Disneyland, Paris, France
Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland is located only 20 miles from downtown Paris. It is the most popular amusement park in Europe. All of your favorite Disney cartoon characters come to life at this park. The park is not just for Disney lovers. There are many options for shopping, dining and entertainment. Disneyland Paris is also home to many hotels and a golf course. Spread over 20 kilometers, the park was only the second Disneyland to be opened outside of USA.

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