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Jellyfish Lake, Eil Malk Island, Palau
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Top 10 Destinations For Water Sports Activities

  1. Scuba diving or snorkeling at Lake Powell, USA
Sunset at Lake Powell

Lake Powell is one of the most beautiful manmade lakes. Located between Arizona and Utah, it is a very popular tourist destination. Millions of tourists visit the lake every year. Popular activities at the lake include snorkeling, swimming, fishing. Diving and scuba diving are also very popular activities. Other than the water activities, many people also visit the area for admiring the natural beauty. Hiking is another popular activity at the areas surrounding the lake. Taking tours on a plane and going on a boat ride are other options of exploring the lake.


9. Kayaking at the remote Aleutian Islands, USA and Russia

Kayaking at Aleutian Islands

The Aleutian Islands are unique because they belong to both Russia and the USA. One of the most remote parts in the whole world, the islands are home to unspoiled natural beauty. The Aleutian Islands are actually home to thousands of islands. All of them were created by volcanoes on the Pacific Ocean. This truly makes the destination an adventurous one. Popular activities at the island include kayaking, bird watching and hiking. There is also surfing and wildlife watching. There are a few museums which provide a glimpse behind this distant group of islands.


  1. Exploring Lake Garda, Italy
Lake Garda

Lake Garda is most popular as a diving destination. It is also popular as a site of natural beauty. Surrounded with canyons and rocks, the lake is truly worth a visit. The bed of the lake contains many historic wrecks. Dive down to the incredible underwater world of Lake Garda and discover these attractions. One of the most prominent underwater attractions is the sunken statue of ‘Silent Christ’. Lake Garda is the largest freshwater lake in Italy. It is best visited during the months of autumn and spring. A visit to the lake truly means a call of adventure. During winter, the water turns even clearer than in summer. Other than diving, the lake is also a hotspot for windsurfing and sailing.


7. Staying in ancient fish cabins at Hamnøy, Norway


You might wonder about what is so interesting about fishing? It is just catching fish! However, fishing at Hamnoy is a slightly different experience. It is one of the oldest fishing villages in the world. The beautiful locales are a much loved bonus. Fishing at the Hamnoy means you get to stay at one of the many fishing cabins. There is a cabin which was made in the 19th century. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no facilities for tourists. All of the cabins are equipped with internet and other modern amenities. Other than fishing, you can also go for hiking or simply admiring the beauty of the village.


6. Windsurfing at Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy

Windsurfing at Lake Como

Lake Como might make you feel like that life is standing still. It truly takes some time to take in all that beauty. Once you have admired the beauty, you can look forward to participating in exciting activities like kite surfing and windsurfing. There are also golf resorts, tennis clubs and spas, and of course there are the numerous stunning beaches. There are also some museums nearby. Most of them are housed inside luxury villas. One of the best ways of exploring the lake is to take a ferry. It gives you a chance to explore the many small villages surrounding the lake.


5. Sailing in Antigua, West Indies

Sailing in Antigua

Antigua is home to an unspoiled coastline filled with dramatic beauty. It is scattered with beautiful white beaches and quaint little harbors. The town proudly celebrates Sailing Week, which attracts many sailors from all over West Indies and beyond. Antigua happens to be one of the Caribbean islands which receive the most sunlight. There is very little rain throughout the year. Antigua is also popular with snorkelers and divers and attracts many water sports enthusiasts.


4. Swimming in Maldives


Maldives is one of the most desirable vacation destinations. It is ideal for families, couples and for the single traveler. Of course it is also an immensely popular honeymoon destination. Maldives is made up of more than hundred islands which are scattered throughout the ocean. All the islands are home to lush green groves, perfect sandy beaches and beautiful resorts. The water is great for swimming, whether its morning or evening. Visit the Maldives for the holiday of a lifetime.


3. Snorkeling at the Hanauma Bay, Oʻahu, Hawaii

Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay

The Hanauma Bay is considered as a natural wonder of Hawaii. A popular tourist destination, it is known to attract almost 3 million people every year. The bay is a nature reserve and very rich in marine life. Most visitors come to the bay for swimming and sunbathing. But the real adventure lies in exploring the abundance of marine life at the area. Go snorkeling at the bay if you want to see colorful corals, turtles and fish. It is a totally different world under the water. Many snorkeling tours are available at the bay.


2. Swimming amongst jelly fish at the Jellyfish Lake, Eil Malk Island, Palau

Jellyfish Lake

The specialty about the jellyfish at the Jellyfish Lake is that they don’t sting. One more special thing about them is that all of them come up to the surface every morning. You can easily dive in between the numerous jellyfish and explore the lake. The location of the lake makes it even more intriguing. It is placed at an island which is completely uninhabited. At one point of time the lake used to be connected to the ocean, along with 70 other neighboring lakes! While swimming at the lake is permitted, scuba diving isn’t allowed.


1. Sailing at Capri, Italy

Lake Capri

Capri is a city of colors. There is the deep blue water contrasting the colorful houses along the slopes. There are also numerous beaches boasting of various natural colors. A visit to Capri means a feast for your senses.  Some parts of the coast are covered with all types of rock formations, jutting out of the clear water. One of the best ways to explore these rocks is to take a boat ride. Capri is also home to steep hills and glamorous villas.


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