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Cozumel Diving – Mexico
Carribean Diving

Top 10 Caribbean Diving Sites

  1. Discover a drowned submarine at the Grand Cayman Islands
Kittiwake shipwreck at the Grand Cayman Islands

The Kittiwake is a shipwreck in the Grand Cayman Islands. It was a decommissioned submarine which sank off the coast. The ruins are in an upright position and are surrounded by shallow waters. This makes the USS Kittiwake one of the most perfect wreck-diving sites in the world. The underwater wreck can be easily reached via boat. All boats for the site start from the ‘Seven Mile Beach’.


  1. Explore the untouched Glovers’ Reef at Belize
Glover’s Reef

Glovers’ Reef is an untouched piece of beauty located off the Belize coast. It is quite a remote destination and that is what makes it a great diving spot. Glovers’ Reef is an atoll which remains partially submerged under water. It forms a part of the ‘Belize Barrier Reef’ and offers a wide variety of diving sites. In fact, there is just so much variety inside the reef that you can spend weeks here.


  1. Dive over the Tent Reef Wall – Saba
Tent Reef Saba

Saba is a part of the Caribbean Netherlands. It is the smallest municipality in that area and is home to a big and active volcano, known as ‘Mount Scenery’. The latter is the highest point in the Netherlands. Saba only recently became a part of Netherlands Antilles in the year 2010. Saba consists of a huge variety of diving sites. Scuba diving is one of the favorite activities on this island. The waters feel very welcoming and the bottom of the sea is reportedly very beautiful. The most popular diving site in Saba is the ‘Tent Reef Wall’. As you dive along the wall, you get to see giant barrel sponges and mollusks clinging from the top.


  1. Get friendly with a Hammerhead shark at the Bahamas
Hammerhead Shark in the Bahamas

Giant Hammerhead sharks visit the Bimini Island coast every year in February. These creatures are usually known to be reclusive and shy in nature. However, the funny thing is that the Hammerhead sharks at Bimini are completely different! They seem to love divers and come close to them. Visit the Bahamas to see how friendly sharks can be.


  1. Get an incredible mix of diving sites at Cozumel – Mexico

Cozumel offers spectacular wall dives and clear visibility, making it one of the best diving sites in the world. Cozumel is part of the ‘Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park’, which is a protected area in Mexico. Made up of the ‘Meso-American reef’, the park — created in 1996 — protects the second largest barrier reef in the world. Most of the diving sites at Cozumel are part of this park. Some of the popular spots include the ‘Punta Tunich’, ‘Palancar Reef’, and the ‘Colombia Wall’. There is a good mix of both easy and difficult dives at the site. There are also many challenging dives for experienced divers.


  1. Swim along with whale sharks at Utila, Honduras
Swimming along with whale shark at Utila

Utila is known as one of the best places to swim in the world. It is also home to one of the biggest fishes on earth — the mighty whale shark. They are most frequently seen in the period from August to September and again from March to April. However, some rare sightings have also been reported during the other months of the year. These creatures appear right in front of you when you are just diving. In spite of the frequent sightings, not much information is available about whale sharks. A visit to Utila will give you the opportunity to learn more about these huge marine creatures.


  1. Spot a Caribbean Reef shark at Roatan, Honduras
Scuba Diving in Roatan

Sharks aren’t exactly frequently spotted at Roatan. However, it is home to one diving site, where sharks can be frequently spotted. Known as ‘Cara Cara’, the name of the site literally translates to ‘face to face’. And it is indeed the best place for coming face to face with a Caribbean Reef shark. Unlike other types of sharks, these aren’t afraid of humans at all. They are actually curious about divers and come quite close to them. Visit Roatan for coming face to face with a friendly shark!


  1. Dive with sperm whales only at Dominica
Diving with Sperm Whale in Dominica

Sperm whales can be spotted with their babies throughout the year at Dominica. The male sperm whales usually show up only during the months of January and February. The whales often get curious and come close to the divers. Scuba diving is not allowed at the site but snorkeling is. Diving with Sperm whales gives you a pretty good idea about how large they really are. When viewed from the coast, only a part of their body is visible. But when you are almost face to face with them, they look really huge! It might take some time to get close to them. You may have to swim really hard and push yourself. But the end results are totally worth it.


  1. Shore dive at Bonaire Marine Park, Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands
Shore dive at Bonaire Marine Park

Bonaire Marine Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Center and offers almost 90 diving sites. Almost half of these diving sites are filled with stony and soft corals. The park is also home to almost 350 species of fish. All of these diving sites are easily accessible and that’s what makes Bonaire a popular shore diving destination. Most of the sites are located at close distances to each other. Some popular diving sites include ‘Alice in Wonderland, ‘1000 steps’ and ‘Bari Reef’.


  1. Diving along with singing humpback whales – Dominican Republic
Diving with humpback whales in the Dominican Republic

Here is your chance to get up close with humpback whales. Swimming around with a knobbly head, humpback whales are known for their ‘singing.’ The male whales produce a distinct singing sound for about 20 minutes. It is a cause of much intrigue which surrounds these giant creatures. However, you are more likely to come across a female humpback whale while diving in the waters of the Dominican Republic. The warm water off the Silver Bank coast offers the best experience in this regard. Pregnant humpback whales migrate to the Silver Bank every year during spring. They give birth to cute baby humpback whales which are extremely curious about human divers. Sometimes they come up to divers and swim alongside them.

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