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Top 10 Most Beautiful Island Destinations In The World

With so many islands in the world, it is difficult to name the most beautiful. It might seem like they are all the same because they all have beaches and the sea. However, all islands have their own characteristics. Some have their unique culture while some others have unique weather. In some places, the beaches are golden while some others are sparkling white. There are islands which are blessed with a picturesque landscape, and then again, there are others which are known for their wildlife. No island is the same. In our list of top 10 most beautiful islands of the world, we have picked 10 such islands from across the globe. These islands have consistently made it into the list of favorites of global travelers.


Kauaʻi , Hawaii

Kauaʻi is known as the ‘garden isle.’ Much of it is covered with rainforests and waterfalls. A constant smell of tropical flowers always hangs in the air. But the island is not limited to these things only. It has a coastline which is nothing short of breathtaking. It is quite hard to believe that the island has been created by lava. The beaches are beautiful, the sea is cobalt blue, and turtles are in plenty. Divers take delight in swimming among tropical fish and coral reefs. The whole island has a low key vibe attached to it which makes it all the more attractive. Top attractions include the Waimea Canyon, Hanalei Bay, and the Na Pali coast.


Dalmatian Islands, Croatia

The Dalmatian Islands exude a charm which is a mix of history and pleasure. The island is covered with small villages, sparkling beaches, and restaurants. Top attractions include the Gothic churches and the fishing harbor of Hvar, along with the old town. The latter is completely free from cars and is good for a casual stroll. There is also Brac which is home to the famous ‘Golden Horn’ beach strip. Other attractions include the saltwater lakes of Mljet and the white-washed buildings of Korcula.


The Cook Islands

Named after the man who discovered them, the Cook Islands are a place where you want to be stranded! Located close to New Zealand, the island is known for its palm trees, quiet beaches, beautiful lagoons, and volcanoes. The locals are extremely friendly and add to your traveling experience. The most popular tourist destination is Rarotonga which consists of many beaches and resorts. There is also Aitutaki, which can be easily compared to the Bora Bora islands. The Cook Islands is one of those places which compel you to fulfill your travel fantasies.


Santorini, Greece

At first glance, the houses of Santorini can really dazzle your eyes. So much white huddled together at one place is bound to do that. The splash of white is beautifully countered by the blue rooftops. Santorini has been featured in many movies and you might be familiar with the sight already. The whitewashed houses with the blue roofs seem to tumble through the cliffs created by volcanoes. It is quite a sight to take in. This is why there are cafes where you can sit and simply stare! When you get tired of staring, you can explore the settlements of Oia and Fira. Other attractions include the Ancient Thira, the black beach of Perissa and the Akrotiri Archaeological Site.


Agatti island, India

Agatti Island is located on a coral atoll of the same name. Stunningly beautiful from afar, it is beautiful on the inside as well. It is the gateway to the island group of Lakshawdeep. However, some parts of the island is restricted to visitors. Regardless of the restrictions, Agatti is truly an unique experience. The beaches are so white that you might mistake the sand as sugar. Then there are swaying palm trees, mesmerizing coral reefs and deep blue lagoons. Agatti Island is a good place for water sports like snorkeling, diving , and scuba diving. There are also rides available on glass bottomed boats to watch the marine life below. If you are adventurous about food, then you can try to taste some shark meat as well!


Bora Bora Island, French Polynesia

Much has been said about  Bora Bora Island already. The best thing about this island is the lagoon. The water is so clear you can see turtles, fish, and rays swim across. The island is distinctively French, with food and culture resembling that of France. It is a good place for hikers as there are numerous hiking trails through forests. Then there are those over-the-water bungalows for those who can afford it.


The Maldives

The Maldives can be best described as ravishing. The islands shine because of their beauty. The Maldives is one of lowest lying nations in the world and is spread across 26 coral atolls. These island are reportedly shrinking every year but there is nothing to worry yet. It is quite popular with water sports enthusiasts, families, and couples alike.


Zanzibar, Africa

Africa doesn’t readily come to the mind when you think of beaches. That is the reason why you need to visit Zanzibar. It is a UNESO World Heritage Site and contains some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The houses are built in a typical Arab style of architecture, with doors which are intricately decorated. Even the alleys of the island seem beautiful because they never seem to end. Zanzibar is also the best place for buying or tasting spices. It is home to many rare plants and fruits. And of course, there are the scenic beaches.


Moheli, Comoros

Moheli is the smallest island belonging to Comoros. The latter is a country made up of just three beautiful islands. Like many other islands, residents are few and locations are relatively untouched by modernity. Perhaps the best thing about Moheli is that it is still traditional. There is also a wild, carefree quality attached to the island. The biggest attraction is the ‘Mohéli Marine Park’, which is home to whales, turtles, and dolphins. It is also a good place for snorkeling.


Nosy Be, Madagascar

The name Madagascar conjures up an image of large trees by the beach. But that is not all there is to Madagascar. It is home to the Nosy Be Island, which attracts many tourists all year long. Loosely translating to ‘big island’ Nosy Be is the most popular resort of Madagascar and is located on the northern coastline. It has a volcanic landscape with a thick green cover. You can just sit on the beach, get some food from any of the restaurants nearby and relax. The best thing about Nosy Be is that it just lets you be. There is also the inviting turquoise water of the sea.

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