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Wineglass Bay
Australia and Oceania Best Beaches

Top 10 Beaches In Australia

  1. Bondi Beach, Sydney
Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is equally popular among tourists and locals. The lively atmosphere of the beach, the green water of the sea and the rocks are nothing but iconic. This is where the first ever ‘Surf Life Saving Club’ in the world was founded. Opened more than a hundred years ago, the club saves thousands of lives every year. On a typical day, you will find Bondi Beach crowded with beach-goers, swimmers, walkers, and even nature lovers. Its proximity to Sydney means that people just love to come here and have a good time. Go to Bondi Beach and sit on any of the rocks near the shore and gaze at the water, which changes from blue to green as it nears the shore.


  1. Hyams Beach, New South Wales
Hyams Beach

The Hyams Beach is located in the Boodeere National Park and the Jervis Bay Marine Park area of Australia. It is surrounded by plenty of cliffs and forests. The cliffs attract a lot of hikers because of their numerous walking trails. The beach itself is known for its incredible white sand and for the water sports on offer. Some of the popular options include kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. Other activities include watching dolphins and whales. Nature lovers can take a walk inside the Boodeere National Park.


  1. Noosa Main Beach, Noosa
Sunrise at Noosa Main Beach

Have you ever dreamt of heaps of soft pinkish golden sand? The Noosa Beach in Australia is where you will find it. The Noosa Beach is a north facing beach and as a result, has a very gentle seaside. The waves are soft and gentle and are ideal for swimming. Water sports like surfing is another favorite activity with tourists. The beach is located near a busy restaurant and shopping district, making it a very popular destination. For nature lovers, the Noosa Beach is home to dolphins which often show themselves near the shore. For the surfers, there can be nothing better than navigating the gentle waves of the sea. Fishing and sunbathing are also quite popular at Noosa Main Beach.


  1. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays
Whitehaven Beach

The Whitehaven Beach is a beautiful combination of blue water and pink sand. The colors are soft and warm on the eyes. The waves are perfect for some snorkeling. The beach is reportedly the most photograpged beach in the country.  The best view of the beach can be seen from the ‘Tongue Point’, from where you can witness a show of various colors.


  1. Wineglass Bay, Tasmania
Wineglass Bay

From afar, the Wineglass Bay looks like a quiet, serene piece of clear water tucked in between rocks and hills. Go closer and you will find that the water has many colors other than the blue and green. The sky above is almost always clear, with fluffy ‘cotton’ clouds floating around. The Wineglass Bay belongs to the ‘Freycinet National Park’ and could be easily the subject of a romantic poem. Nestled against sharp white peaks made of granite, the sea always looks like a rainbow of various colors. Tourists come here for doing some fishing and sailing. The area is also popular with rock climbers.  Other popular activities include kayaking, sunbathing and sailing. The Wineglass Bay, being a sheltered location, is perfect for swimming.


  1. Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas
Four Mile Beach

When you look at the Four Mile Beach from a distance, the first thing you notice is the abundance of greenery. Then you notice the mountains surrounding the sea. Finally you notice the sea, which looks so calm that you feel like freezing the moment right there. It is hard to believe that the area used to be a sleepy town at one time. Now it is quite a tourist destination with life guards always patrolling the beach. Swimming is a very popular activity here, especially during high tide. The beach is flat and wide and seems to be endless.


  1. Turquoise Bay, Exmouth
Turquoise Bay

Just like the name says, the Turquoise Bay is the sea at its turquoise best. Popular throughout Australia for its snorkeling opportunities, the Turquoise Bay is a beauty of contrasts. On one hand, you have the deeply turquoise sea; on the other hand you have pure deep golden sand. It is no wonder that the bay has been declared as the second best beach in Australia. Stand near the water and gaze inside to spot creatures like reef sharks, anemones, starfish and parrotfish.


  1. Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold Coast
Burleigh Heads Beach

The Burleigh Heads Beach looks like an endless expanse of frothing water and clear sky. Located at the Gold Coast of Australia, the Burleigh Heads Beach is one of the best beaches in the area. It is so beautiful and so calm that it is quite hard to believe that it is near a busy highway. The Burleigh Heads Beach is a clean and pristine piece of paradise with zero pollution. The sea is perfect for surfing and swimming. Numerous walking trails on the beach makes it perfect for exploring. The beach can be accurately described as a total family destination. The parkland area near the beach is also quite popular with tourists and attracts many picnickers. Wildlife enthusiasts also like to frequent the beach for spotting brush turkeys, sea eagles and dolphin pods. The pine trees nearby give out a sweet fragrance, as if forcing you to lose yourself in the moment.


  1. Bells Beach, Victoria
Bells Beach

The Bells Beach in the Victoria state of Australia has a contrasting seascape. The sea is a light blue in color and the surrounding cliffs are deep brown. Known for its perfect surfing conditions, the Bells Beach is not so good for swimming. However, the beach more than makes up for it because of its ideal surfing conditions. The annual Rip Curl Pro Surf Competition is held here every year on Easter, attracting some of the best surfers in the world. The deep brown cliffs surrounding the beach add a touch of drama to the seascape.


  1. Cable Beach, Broome
Cable Beach

Imagine you are standing on a beach and you see several camels coming towards you. They are walking slowly, as if, even they want to stop and admire the beauty. If you thought camels can only be found in deserts, then you need to visit the Cable Beach in Australia. Famous for its camel rides, the Cable Beach is truly on a league of its own. Surrounded by red colored hills and graced with clear blue water, the beach is quite a sight to behold. Along with taking a camel ride along the beach, you can also swim in the calm waters of the sea. Towards the southern end of the Cable Beach lies the ‘Gantheaume Point’, which is home to several dinosaur footprints. They are over 130 million years old and are visible only during low tide.

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