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Gloria Atanmo

10 Tips For Traveling Alone From Gloria Atanmo

What do you think when you hear about traveling alone? Maybe you think  it will be dangerous or risky because you’ll be far away  by yourself. That isn’t completely wrong or right. The important thing,  whatever the journey is, solo traveling or not, is that you have to make enough preparations. Once you prepare for it, your journey is going to be okay.

Gloria Atanmo is a travel blogger who has traveled through 45 countries,  more than half of them solo. All those journeys taught her much about herself and the universe. To help you figure out how to travel alone, here are 10 tips based on Glo’s experiences. By sharing these tips, she hopes it will encourage you to explore the world. Let’s check it out!


1. Look at The People, Not Your Guidebook

Whenever and wherever you are traveling, you will meet new people. According to Glo’s experience, going to a busy place is the very first thing you should do. By spending an hour people-watching while enjoying coffee, you’ll know more about the culture and customs of a new country. It’s better than just looking at your guidebook. After that, use what you’ve learned to interact with the people you meet during traveling. You have to make an effort to understand and adapt to their culture. It will help you to make friends in a new country or city.


2. Start Saying YES

Traveling alone will always give you a lot of surprises. Meeting new people, visiting a new place and tasting food you’ve never eaten before are exciting part of traveling. So, don’t be afraid to say yes when you are traveling. Try to get out of your comfort zone. Your trip means nothing if you aren’t exploring the new place.  Let’s say yes to a new adventure!

3. Learning How to Meet People While Traveling Solo

Traveling solo requires you to interact with people. By making new friends, you will not end up lonely. And the best thing is, you might learn many things from their story. Whether they are also a traveler or just a local, no one knows who might inspire you and change your whole life. Glo said that you must show the world you’re open to new connections. Her recommended places to hang out are coffee shops, public squares, museums, and the hostel bar. People can easily approach you in those places. Don’t forget to bring your book. For her, taking a book is much more likely to spark a conversation rather than looking at your phone.


4. Know Your Limits When It Comes to Alcohol

According to her experiences, it is important to understand your tolerance levels while out drinking, both for the ladies and men. You are traveling to enjoy the adventure, not to spend your time in a hostel dorm because of a hangover. It also will make a bad impression on your new hostel buddies. It might be not easy, but you should know your limit and be a responsible adult while traveling.


5. If It’s Your First Solo Trip, You’ll Need to Unlearn Stranger Danger

If we’re traveling solo, we should have the courage to make friends and interact with the strangers. They could be the local people or other travelers. But it isn’t easy for some people, especially if it is their first solo trip. Sometimes we are afraid those strangers will put us in danger. That’s reasonable. Glo said this part is probably the hardest to achieve. People tend to be closed and defensive with strangers they meet during their first solo trip. But don’t worry. The more you travel, you will realize that there are still many good people in this world. She believes that strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet. 


6. Have A 10-Second Intro

‘Where are you from?’ is the first question you ask when meeting new people during traveling. After you’ve asked the basic questions, you should have a little 10-second spiel that opens the floor for deeper conversation. Glo recommended you to talk about what you love about the other person’s country and how it compares to your experiences in other countries you’ve visited. It could be a good way to show your appreciation for the country you’re visiting. 


7. Smile More

Glo said that this is the important tips for traveling alone. One smile could change everything. For her, smiles are friendly, inviting, and universal. Don’t forget to smile more when you’re traveling alone and see what happen next. It will easier for you to make friends.


8. Do Something You Wouldn’t Do at Home

Doing a new activity in a new place is a good idea. For Glo, learning how to travel alone means that you’re never really alone. You can meet new friends every time you join a new activity. It could be salsa dancing, paragliding, yoga, or eating a weird-looking food. Traveling alone offers you many interesting things to do in other parts of the world.


9. Always Keep A Couple Friends Updated on Your Whereabouts

This is also an important thing to do when you’re traveling alone. By keeping your social media updated, you let people know that you’re okay. If you’re not regularly updating it, keep someone in the loop so that there’s a point of reference or contact in the case of an emergency. This is a quick and easy safety precaution for traveling alone.


10. Never Underestimate The Power of “Hello”

A simple ‘hello’ can also change everything. We have to treat everyone with love, kindness, and respect. By doing that, you open yourself to new perspectives and possibilities. Be kind to everyone and another stash of good karma will come to you. It will help you so much, especially on your solo trip.

For more of Glo’s adventures, visit her blog at The Blog Abroad

Image source: Gloria Atanmo

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