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Bangkok – The Most Visited City in the World

It is the capital and the largest city in Thailand. This small trading town of yesteryear has grown into a booming metropolis and a major cultural, financial, and entertainment hub of South East Asia. From ancient Buddhist temples to magnificent royal palaces, and from swanky shopping centers and parks to its pounding nightlife, the list of tourist ...
Khao Sok National Park
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Best Places to Visit in Thailand

Do you want to visit Thailand, but feel confused to choose the best destination to visit? This article will help you to know the best places in Thailand. Thailand is best known for its culture, street food, shopping places, and the coast. As a tropical country, Thailand has many beautiful beaches and rain forest. Talking about the ...
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Top 6 Sanctuaries to See Elephants in Thailand

Thailand is a favorite destinations for travelers, especially for backpackers. They love to spend several days and months for exploring this country. Maybe the affordable cost of living is the reason why they like to stay in Thailand. Interesting cultures, great destinations, and the elephants are also reasons. Elephant riding and bathing are a popular attraction here.
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Relax on Sunny Days in These 10 Beautiful Summer Villas

This is the place to go if you want an Italian summer to remember. 7. Anantara Phuket Villas, Thailand You will feel like you are in a refuge surrounded by lush vegetation and white sand beaches when you step into the summer villas of this luxury hotel in Phuket, Thailand. Each villa is equipped with a private ...
Sapa, Vietnam
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Top Nature Attractions in South East Asia for the Whole Family

Chiang Mai, Thailand . Elephant Safari in Chiang Mai. An elephant safari is a very memorable experience in Thailand. Along with riding the elephants, you get to see the lush interior of the jungles and also get to interact with tribes residing in the hills. The elephant safaris take you to the Maetaman River Valley, home of ...
The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant
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Top 10 Unusual Restaurants in the World

It is for these reasons that eating out is becoming so increasingly popular among travel bugs. Here is a list of top 10 unusual restaurants that are bound to blow your mind with  their sheer extraordinary location and offerings.   Bird’s Nest Restaurant, Soneva Kirl Eco Resort, Thailand . Bird’s Nest Restaurant. Ever thought of dining in ...
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10 Must-Visit Countries For Food Lovers

And if you are looking for some drinks, Japanese tea is there to infuse you with renewed vigor and energy.   Thailand . Thai Red Curry with chicken and prawns. Crystal clear sea, sandy beaches, gleaming pinnacles of Buddhist temples touching the sky and ever-smiling people are going to greet you as you set foot in ...