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Bangkok – The Most Visited City in the World

It is the capital and the largest city in Thailand. This small trading town of yesteryear has grown into a booming metropolis and a major cultural, financial, and entertainment hub of South East Asia. From ancient Buddhist temples to magnificent royal palaces, and from swanky shopping centers and parks to its pounding nightlife, the list of tourist ...
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Best Places to Visit in Thailand

Do you want to visit Thailand, but feel confused to choose the best destination to visit? This article will help you to know the best places in Thailand. Thailand is best known for its culture, street food, shopping places, and the coast. As a tropical country, Thailand has many beautiful beaches and rain forest. Talking about the ...
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Top 6 Sanctuaries to See Elephants in Thailand

Thailand is a favorite destinations for travelers, especially for backpackers. They love to spend several days and months for exploring this country. Maybe the affordable cost of living is the reason why they like to stay in Thailand. Interesting cultures, great destinations, and the elephants are also reasons. Elephant riding and bathing are a popular attraction here.
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10 Best Places on Earth for Animal Watching

These venues are open throughout the year. Tiger Temple, Thailand . . Tiger Temple, Thailand. It’s a tiger sanctuary with a difference and it’s located at Saiyok in Kanchanburi Province in Thailand. The tiger temple has been around since 1994. The animals, Indochine tigers, Bengal tigers, and Malayan tigers are released into the wild after they ...
The Viceroy Bali, Ubud, Indonesia
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Experience Tropical Paradise in These 10 Magnificent Asian Resorts

Anantara Phuket Villas, Thailand Are you someone with a taste both for luxury and privacy? This breathtakingly beautiful resort in Thailand is the ideal destination for you. Located on the unspoiled prime stretch of Phuket's Mai Khao beach, this place has 91 private pool villas for those who want to relax without having to worry about the ...