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  Li River Cruise The Li River flows through the south eastern part of China, passing through some of the most beautiful natural landscapes of the country. The best way to explore this beauty is to take a boat cruise on this river. The best stretch is from Guilin to Yangshuo, which is about 83 km ...
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The city is home to several shopping districts, hotels, restaurants and glamorous events.   Go boating on the Li River, Guangxi, China . Li River Cruise, Guangxi, China. The Li River flows for almost 85 kilometers. The best way to explore this river and its surrounding landscape is through a cruise. There are many hills, pagodas ...
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Watch the sun go down at the Li River, Guangxi, China . Li River. Li River is a picturesque river in China. It’s quite an extraordinary experience to watch the sunset from the middle of this river. Once you go on a cruise on the Li, you will hear guides talking about various mythical stories about ...