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The Top 10 Winners of Best Safari Park 2018

Lion Country Safari - Loxahatchee, Florida Lion Country Safari was established in 1967 and offers a safari experience with 900 animals. Though it may be far from Africa, this is a great place and the only place where you can drive-through safari in Florida. There are seven sections of the park. The Serengeti Plains is a good ...
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Top 10 Activities at West Palm Beach Florida

Florida is home to almost 6000 manatees, more than any other place in America. Manatees are known as gentle creatures who love humans. If they see you nearby, they will swim right up to you. Manatees are even known to ask for belly scratches. Unfortunately, these gentle giants have been endangered for years now. However, now ...
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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Miami

It is located on the southeastern shoreline of the Florida Peninsula. Although Miami is mostly known for its beaches and nightlife, there is much more that the city has to offer. Stunning Art Deco buildings,  several museums and a zoo make Miami an ideal destination even for families with kids. Predominantly sunny weather means that Miami ...
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Top 10 Cities To Visit In Florida

Pensacola is a port town located at the largest harbor of Florida. Its history goes back a long way, even more than 400 years. The restored Historic Village of the city preserves buildings made during the British, French and Spanish colonial periods. Other attractions include Fort Pickens, the U.S. Naval Aviation Museum and Pensacola Beach. The ...
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12 Classic Florida Tourist Destinations You Should Definitely Experience

Florida beckons visitors with its sunshine, orange orchards, mangroves, world-class offshore fishing, historic monuments, delectable food, and many natural attractions. If you’re planning a Florida vacation, then consider these twelve destinations that encompass the best of what Florida has to offer. 12. Salvador Dali Museum . . Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg. The Salvador Dali Museum ...
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Ranking the 20 most Popular US tourist destinations of 2018

Similarly trek down the Frenchman Street as well as Bourbon Street for a feel of the good times. Key West – Florida . Key West, Florida. At number 10, the timeless Florida’s blue-skied, turquoise-watered Island Key West City. Key activities include diving and snorkeling at the coral reefs. The beach city’s mainland is further accessible via ...
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Top 10 Must-Visit Islands In USA

The festival has been graced by several prominent musicians like Nina Simone and Duke Ellington over the years.   Long Boat Key, Florida . While the other keys are already well known, the Long Boat Key in southern USA is yet to get that much fame. It is quite a private island, just like the islands ...
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10 Top Places to See Animals Outside of Zoos

Alligators in Florida If you're a reptile lover, this place is perfect for you. Around 1.25 million alligators live in Florida, the southeastern-most state of USA. You can find plenty of farms and parks there where you can see and observe the alligators safely. After having fun and spending your time at the beach, it would ...