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Israel – Top 10 Tourist Sites

Dead Sea. Jaffa. Each of these places is a holiday destination in itself. And here is this one country which brings all of them and more in one package. Israel. Located in the Middle East, Israel is a haven for any traveler, especially if you are historically inclined. It is home to some of the holiest ...
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Jordan Middle East

10 Must-Visit Attractions In Jordan

The Dead Sea and the city of Petra are likely what come to mind when you think of Jordan. While these two are indeed the most popular attractions of Jordan, the country also has many others that deserve to be on your checklist. In this blog we will list 10 attractions that should surely feature in ...
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Family Vacation

Top Aquatic Attractions For The Whole Family

Just like the Dead Sea, the Great Barrier Reef needs no introduction. It’s the greatest and the biggest coral reef in the world. Located at the Coral Sea, it is home to all types of marine life. Divers regard the site as nothing short of a pilgrimage. The crystal clear waters are home to all types ...