Sylvenstein Lake, Upper Bavaria
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Must-See Attractions In The Alps

You might need a doctor’s prescription for taking a mist bath at this site.   Brienzer Rothorn Railway, Switzerland . Brienzer Rothorn Railway. Ever imagine hiking on a scenic mountain while a red colored train passes by you? This scenario is entirely possible at the Brienzer Rothorn Railway. Located at the Emmental Alps, the railway track ...
Rheinfall Waterfall
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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Zurich

Often listed as a city with the highest standard of living in the world, Zurich is not only the largest and most populous city in Switzerland, but also the favorite tourist destination in the country. Located on the northern banks of Lake Zurich, this scenic city attracts millions of visitors for its proximity to the Alps, ...
Narrow Falls In Lauterbrunnen
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26 Startling Photos That Will Unquestionably Lure You to Switzerland

Most famous for the majestic Swiss Alps with incredible snowy peaks, Switzerland is home to some of the most unbelievable natural scenery in Europe. This compensates for its tiny and landlocked self. From the gushing waterfall views to magical peaks and medieval quarters, Switzerland offers you a diverse array of attractions and activities. . Switzerland is divided ...
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10 Stunning Natural Wonders in Australia

This UNESCO World Heritage Site covers an area of over 19,000 sq km — which is nearly half the size of Switzerland. The park is home to many rivers, lowlands, floodplains, hills, and the stone country which makes it a must-visit for those who love the outdoors. It is also home to a wide variety of ...

Top 10 Stunning Hiking Trails In The World

It spans across not one, but three countries – France, Italy and Switzerland. Popular hiking trails are the Matterhorn Circuit, the Grand Combin Traverse, the Dolomites Guided Walk, and the climb to Mt. Triglav. Guided walks are available for most of the routes. In between the trails, you will have to stop plenty of times to ...
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One Sentence That Can Annoy Europeans

Let's check it out. Austria: Are you Germans? Bosnia and Herzegovina: Muslim Serbs Bulgaria: Still use the Russian alphabet? Croatia: Catholic Serbs Czech Republic: Are you eastern Europeans? England: Los Malvinas son Argentinas Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania: Baltics? You’re Russian Right? France: American wines are better Hungary: Are you hungry hahaha Germany: This video is not ...
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Photos of Feminine Beauty from Around the Globe

Elisabeth from Zurich - Switzerland. She is hopeful therefore that her well-worked portraits of strong beauties from all across the earth will inspire a paragon shift toward narrowing the inequality gaps. To accord our women more Respect . Woman in Black - Petra, Jordan. The symbols of societal strength deserve much more veneration than they are accorded.
Dragon Cliff Skywalk
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11 Most Frightening Tourist Attractions

While most vacationers would prefer a comfortable luxury ship cruise or a relaxed poolside cocktail, a few others love their voyages just a little spiced up —"Frightening" is the word the rest of us would use. These are  definitely not for the travelers wishing for peaceful stays at peaceful tour locations.They are for adrenaline junkies who will let ...